Hello!...my name is Stuart otherwise known has Clonest or StuartC in the gaming world....and has some people might be able to tell I LOVE video games!, especially the more action filled ones which involve the Cooperative feature for multiplayer and to me...is the best form of multiplayer ever to be released for any game and I strive for just about every good old classic game their is out there to include it someday and has I continued to do OK in school, I also continued to do my best at mofiying many PC games like switching files around..seeing if one game using another games engine is compatible with it and other stuff like that...and so far I have been quite successful in modifying 2 out of many video games I favor the most of in getting them re-worked for Cooperative gameplay. The Two games are "Starcraft" and a goofy james bond parody yet realistic graphics wise game titled "No One Lives Forever 2: A Spy in Harms Way"(don't be fooled if you find the game too girly at first!)

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The Complete Zerg Campaign Co-op Beta

The Complete Zerg Campaign Co-op Beta

Jan 14, 2011 Starcraft Coop Mode Multiplayer Map proprietary licence (46.51mb) 5 comments

You people, begged, and you whinned, and so for once you get what you want!, I present to all you starcraft fans THE COMPLETE ZERG COOP CAMPAIGN!! **I...

Classic Weapon Sounds
Unreal Tournament 2004

Classic Weapon Sounds

Dec 16, 2013 Unreal Tournament 2004 Weapons Audio proprietary licence (4.85mb) 0 comments

This is a simple mod that replaces many of the clunky and low sounding effects from the Unreal Tournament 2004's Weapons with those higher pitched ones...

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