Hello stranger! I am Claudio Ficara, AKA SysOp. I am cool, fresh guy who loves to convert imagination into real shit. I've developed diferrent skills such as programming, level design, game design, modelling, animating and so on. I currently work as game developer and live on Argentina with my family that I love so much. My goal is helping others to achieve what they want! Add me as a friend or track me down on Facebook. Later!

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EDIT2: lol, please find me over Steam Steamcommunity.com -ktnxbai

EDIT: I always forgot to pay the host/domains in time, heh. Here's a version of the site hosted on Dropbox for those that are interested (might be a bit broken): bit.ly/claudioficara ClaudioFicara.CF

Hey peeps!

Just wanted to share the new version of my site. I designed it myself and did the code and such. There are ugly things inside but, hey, works!

Inside you'd be able to find my released games and play those if you want to.

Here's some pictures:

Here's the link: Claudio Ficara : Home
Feel free to add comments! smack


Nice work!

I am myself studying in web integration, and I have, of course, a web design class.

But there are some errors/missing things on your website.

On your skills page some images are not showing, you should do something with the blue links and we can't see the dots of your lists.

In your play what I do page, you should replace the buttons for something darker, because I think the contrast is a bit too big, and it become a bit hard to read.

On your see what I play page, you should only cut the steam screenshot because its way too long :P

i don't know if your website is finished, but I really hope its not. I really like your design.

P.S. There are css errors on all your pages and javascript errors on some of them. Use this tool on firefox to see your errors(https://addons.mozilla.org/fr/firefox/addon/web-developer/) ;)

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SysOp. Author

Hey, thanks a lot for sharing your knowledge!

Actually, the site is kinda finished. There are a few things to add, to tweak here and there. Your comments will come really really handy next time I open Kompozer. Thanks again!

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Looking good, I like the "See what I play" section. ;)

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