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CitizenLand Apr 7 2008 says:

Tremendous work as usual guys. Kind of a bummer that theres no movie this month but I'm sure you have enough to do as it is.

BTW, why the ad for new level people? Did you lose some warm bodies?

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CitizenLand Apr 2 2008 replied:

Your game left an impression on a lot of us. theres no other mod that I keep checking back on like this one. Not even many AAA game developers have that kind of public awareness so you should probably take advantage of it as much as possible.

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CitizenLand Mar 25 2008 says:

I'm here because I'm a cheap bastiage and like free games! ;)

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CitizenLand Mar 15 2008 says:

Probably one of the most underrated shooters I can think of. Keep up the good work guys. This game deserved more attention.

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CitizenLand Mar 8 2008 says:

Just to let you know, the only reason I'm keeping UT3 installed on my rig is for this mod. Keep up the good work guys.

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CitizenLand Mar 8 2008 says:

I was pleasantly surprised at how polished and fun this was. Great work guys.

I think the secret here is the mod authors kept the scope of the game manageable rather than attempt to match a full sized retail product. They also kept the learning curve low and intuitive. The art style reminds me somewhat of Bandits: Phoenix Rising (one og GRIN interactive's early and underappreciated post-apocalyptic car combat game).

I would like to see mouse steering implemented with a dedicated mouselook button that would switch one to weapon aiming when used.

Otherwise, just a fantastic effort all around, kudos!

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CitizenLand Mar 5 2008 says:

"tease" is an understatement.....yeesh! You guys are giving me the gaming equivalent of blue balls.

Awesome mesh work, my kudos to the 3D team. In particular I love the Odin.

Keep it up!


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CitizenLand Feb 22 2008 replied:

look at the "major feature" list. I'll be ecstatic if they can get even half of that, never mind SP....heh.

I'm crossing my fingers that if they do well enough perhaps Crytek or even EA might help fund them.

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CitizenLand Feb 22 2008 replied:

you ARE aware that Firearms came before CS, correct?

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CitizenLand Feb 22 2008 says:

Excellent guys. One of my favorite MP maps from the original.

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CitizenLand Feb 16 2008 says:

great job guys, the maps look particularly impressive.

speaking of legalities, please tell me ya'll have permission to use the taunts from the original? the game just wouldn't feel the same without a "F*CK YOU, YA F*CK!!" for autheticities sake ;)

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CitizenLand Feb 3 2008 says:

Absolutely fantastic guys. I had so little faith and that this would end up as another group of know-it-alls who started a Battletech mod only to drop it once things got difficult. Glad to see myself proven wrong.

Also, the new laser FX looks fantastic! The biggest problem with laser FX in most games is that there is no reaction at the hit point. You guys seem to have put in some smoke and flashing FX which should give great visual feedback. Ya'll should Amp it up even more with Particles and a loud "*crack* on impact. Just firing a weapon in any game should be fun and addictive in and of itself. You want to feel powerful and that you are doing damage. It's the one thing many devs seem to not understand.

anyhow, good luck and keep up the good work.


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CitizenLand Jan 21 2008 says:

Fantastic work guys. Can't wait to see what a Battlemech looks like standing in the sunshine....

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CitizenLand Jan 19 2008 says:

I'm constantly amazed at the quality of work from this ambitious mod.

Great job guys. keep 'em coming.

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CitizenLand Jan 19 2008 says:

Super idea for a mod guys. Tower defense flash games are my favorite time waster during the day so I'm completely stoked for this.

good luck.

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CitizenLand Jan 19 2008 replied:

^"Why would we change the name, we have written legal consent from the copyright holder of the game and consent from the games original creator. In addition to that Firearms is a multiplayer cooperative deathmatch game, there is no story line. To make a long story short, we refuse to be bullied or slandered away from this project and our work will speak for us."^

You seem to keep harping the fact that you have the support of one of the principles. No one knows what you did to convince him, whether he was paid off or whatever (laugh, but crazier stuff has happened in other mods). The basic fact is you backdoored a teams forums, stole their assets and took over. You may have legal rights now but morally and ethically you are still ....well....a piece of sh*t.

All I can say is you better hope your mod is flawless because you've set yourself up to look like complete jackasses if it isn't.

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