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CitizenLand Mar 23 2009 says:

I'd love to see someone port this game to the Source engine. At least the multiplayer anyhow.

+1 vote   game: Gunman Chronicles
CitizenLand Feb 26 2009 says:

God I can't wait until this fascination with sim-based tactical gameplay is passed.

No fault against the Project Reality guys, they've done a fine job, but its time to bring back a little more mindless fun into games.

0 votes   media: Best Multiplayer Mod
CitizenLand Feb 22 2009 says:

you're using one of the most iconic Mechs from Battletech with no credit given?

The rabidity of BT fans is almost on par with that of Star Wars geeks. You'll end up with a whole lot of ****** off people spreading bad PR unless you start giving some credit to whatever source you are borrowing from.

Just a heads up.

-1 votes   mod: 23rd Century Warfare
CitizenLand Feb 21 2009 says:

The best thing you guys did is to increase the player speed. I had been playing the mod on and off since the first release but the speed ultimately killed the fun factor for me and I would drop it until the next release hoping it would change. By the looks of the video it seems you guys have finally done it. Can't wait to check it out all over again.

+1 vote   mod: Fistful of Frags
CitizenLand Feb 17 2009 says:

I applaud all efforts to make content but you really need to describe what this is better. I still have no idea of precisely what this is.

0 votes   game: OverDose
CitizenLand Feb 3 2009 says:

looks great but get yourself a new character animator.

+1 vote   media: Decadence Trailer
CitizenLand Jan 28 2009 says:

Congrats guys. This is long overdue.

+2 votes   mod: Eternal Silence
CitizenLand Jan 27 2009 says:

which makes sense since the guys doing the mod are old-school mech fans :)

Be happy we're finally getting to pilot mechs in a current game engine at

+1 vote   media: Size Comparison - Selected Clan Mechs and Vehicles
CitizenLand Jan 27 2009 says:

and here I thought that Longinus just wanted to wash his windshield after a fill-up.....

+3 votes   news: MechWarrior: Living Legends - January Update 3
CitizenLand Dec 1 2008 says:

tremendous work guys. Been waiting on this for such a long time. Great to see the tanks will be implemented.

0 votes   news: NeoTokyo: Source - November Media
CitizenLand Nov 26 2008 says:

Kurt, great job. You just may want to shorten it (movie) up a bit.

+1 vote   news: The Sewers Await You
CitizenLand Nov 9 2008 says:

Just bought the registered version. Such a great MP game but it makes me angry that no one is playing online. Theres so much garbage out there being passed off as "innovative" but when something truly cool and groundbreaking comes along (like this) no one pays attention.

+1 vote   game: Iron Grip: Warlord
CitizenLand Sep 29 2008 replied:

QUOTE---->"My real objection is that I think it shouldn't be TOO easy to use... all that grunt work required for mod developing builds character."<---END QUOTE



+3 votes   feature: Far Cry 2 - Mapping made easy?
CitizenLand Sep 29 2008 replied:

Not neccessarily. I'll go back to the punk era analogy. many bands used about 4-5 chords tops. It didn't stop great music from being made. The same with the map editor. Give folks credit for having an imagination. For instance, I've seen some great maps made for BF2 using default assets.

Also, having a full toolset doesn't necessarily mean we'll get quality user made content. Go play UT2k4 and see how many custom maps being played are utter garbage. Poorly done giant bathrooms, kitchens, etc (yes, such things were cool back around, oh, 1997)along with endless servers playing on blank simple geometry.

Lastly, I have no doubt if the game sells well and the map community grows that Ubi will release some advance tools for PC users.

+4 votes   feature: Far Cry 2 - Mapping made easy?
CitizenLand Sep 28 2008 says:

my compliments to your concept artist

+1 vote   media: Decadence Concept #3
CitizenLand Sep 28 2008 says:

You guys absolutely deserve it. Congrats.

+1 vote   news: D.I.P.R.I.P. available on Steam next week
CitizenLand Sep 28 2008 says:

only the French.....

+1 vote   news: ze video
CitizenLand Sep 28 2008 says:

wow, there are some real elitist slobs out there. I had to listen to this same kind of mentality when server browsers came out...that somehow having to take extra steps using complex cvars and such somehow made the gaming community better. Or how about the ones that complain when a game interface is streamlined for consoles? Cries of "consolized" echo in every forum.

The best analogy though is when punk rock came out. All the classic rock douchebags whined that "they got no talent". You know what? I'd rather hear some dude play a few chords badly but the song has something fresh and fun rather some staid boring crap played well. Its the same with the editor. There are plenty of folks out there who probably have some awesome ideas for maps that don't want to have to spend weeks on learning some complex skill set. It's completely retarded to cry about this editor. Rather, we should applaud Ubi for taking the extra time and cash to make it so more people can experience the fun of map creation. No one is going to get put out of a job nor experience anything negative because of existence. Get ahold of yourself.

+9 votes   feature: Far Cry 2 - Mapping made easy?
CitizenLand Sep 25 2008 says:

OMG I wasn't aware of just how cool this was. Are there a lot of people playing the beta or at least enough to enjoy a game?

+2 votes   news: The Premiere Trailer
CitizenLand Sep 14 2008 says:

just tried it. Greatjob on the weapons feedback and FX. Personally I think developers of shooters don't pay nearly enough attention to the actual shooting aspect. Shooting should be fun and as addictive as possible just pulling the trigger. Impact sounds (particulalry when striking an should have a meaty and satisfying sound), reaction FX and the like all add up to making you feel like you have something powerful in your hands, not just a pea-shooter.

Obviously you guys have quite a ways to go but getting the basics down like this is what will make the game shine later on.

+1 vote   news: Aurora MP Beta Released
CitizenLand Aug 3 2008 says:

absolutely brilliant idea. Good luck!

+1 vote   mod: Perfect Stride Continuum
CitizenLand Jul 23 2008 says:

I don't get impressed very easily. When I first read about this I said to myself " here we go, another bunch of well meaning kids who will work on it for about 3 months then quit"

I wasn't prepared for the level of quality being shown here. you guys deserve well earned kudos from the Ren community.

Its really unfortunate that EA doesn't see the level of interest in a 6 yr old multiplayer game and act on it by finally doing at least a MP sequel to the original. we are all fortunate to have you guys here.

best of luck!


+1 vote   news: Renegade X Gameplay Trailer + Huge Update!
CitizenLand Jul 13 2008 says:

I hope I'm not being insulting by asking this but are the tank textures in the video simply placeholder or are they final?

Otherwise, great job as usual folks. Keep it comin' :)

+1 vote   mod: MechWarrior: Living Legends
CitizenLand Jun 22 2008 replied:

whoa, thats looking fantastic!

anyone know if they're keeping the weapon upgrading the same as the 2k4 version?

I felt that particular method of upgrading by earning points keeps the combat at a high energy level

+1 vote   mod: NEOTOKYO┬░
CitizenLand Jun 22 2008 says:

I gotta hand it to you guys, ya'll really bust *** to get content out.

+1 vote   news: Eternal Silence: 3.1 Released
CitizenLand May 17 2008 says:

BTW, the detail on that PUMA is just insane.

+1 vote   news: MechWarrior: Living Legends April Newsletter!
CitizenLand May 17 2008 says:

another amazing newsletter. Nice.

Sherrell, you and the team will no doubt find work when this is all said and done. Just the fact that you guys may very well be the first mod team to stick it out to the end and actually release a Mechwarrior/BT mod should give you guys the red carpet treatment ;)

+1 vote   news: MechWarrior: Living Legends April Newsletter!
CitizenLand May 14 2008 says:

great particle FX my friend. Also, Some of the weaponry reminds me of the armaments from GSC's "Firestarter" (an underappreciated quake style shooter that came out about 4 years ago).

+1 vote   mod: Gunreal
CitizenLand May 12 2008 says:

EA/Crytek should bite the bullet and allow guys like yourselves to release this as a standalone .exe. The biggest worry I have is that this will turn out to be a great mod and only a few people will bother to reinstall Crysis to play it. UT2k4 has some fantastic mods, most of which ended up not being played due to the community leaving 2k4 long ago.

+1 vote   mod: MechWarrior: Living Legends
CitizenLand May 4 2008 says:

Truly great stuff guys. It has always baffled me why EA never followed up Renegade with a dedicated multiplayer sequel given the success of combined arms games like Battlefield etc.

+1 vote   news: Renegade X - Ingame/CG Trailer
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