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cinco Nov 27 2014, 1:04pm says:

arena fps...what's the draw?

+1 vote   game: Reflex
cinco Sep 25 2014, 10:19pm says:

kind of dumb. they're strapped on.

-1 votes   media: Helmets can now be shot off!
cinco Aug 25 2014, 1:20am replied:

or nether, suvarium, h1z1, rust, the forest, etc, etc.

hint: it's not. it also looks nowhere near as good.

good luck on your dayz clone.

-3 votes   game: Survius
cinco Jun 23 2014, 2:46pm replied:

wtf are you talking about? it's cryengine. basically an ue3 knock off with better foliage.

-1 votes   media: Island Concept
cinco May 28 2014, 6:27pm says:

cliche supernatural storyline involving dead woman.

+2 votes   game: Crossing the line
cinco Apr 9 2014, 2:43pm replied:

the horror element can be turned off according to the devs. and yes, the monsters are retarded as hell. the cannibals maybe in small quantities would be alright.

0 votes   game: The Forest
cinco Jan 6 2014, 2:16pm says:

meh. please study rob cunningham's art

-3 votes   media: Bounty hunter ship
cinco Nov 3 2013, 2:05pm replied:

with how popular, and increasingly popular, retarded ******** like call of duty and battlefield are, i doubt it.

+4 votes   media: Current HUD Design
cinco Oct 28 2013, 2:27am replied:

battlefield without the unrealistic arcade ******** would basically be the perfect game. too bad those stupid ************* are always aiming to "broaden the audience", aka make money off stupid people who can tolerate retarded ******** like jumping out of a helicopter pilot seat in mid air then landing on a passing plane after shooting the pilot out of its cockpit. moronic nonsense like that dominates a typical battlefield round

0 votes   game: Black Market: Nemesis
cinco Oct 16 2013, 4:24am says:

furry ***

-2 votes   media: So i Drew a Draconian (not-really)
cinco Oct 15 2013, 11:06pm says:

right, that sounds idiotic. you have no idea what you're talking about.

-1 votes   media: New Map
cinco Oct 13 2013, 7:33am says:

yet it still looks like ****. refer to witcher 2 for realistic fantasy characters

+1 vote   media: Caele Official Screenshots
cinco Jun 9 2013, 4:56am says:

always nice to see what the coming generation of true talent brings to the table.

compare this to the crap you find in big budget titles like call of duty world at war and i challenge you not to bust out laughing. the midget pieces of **** in literally every single call of duty game pales in comparison to this perfectly formed and proportioned life-like human character.

+3 votes   media: Pea Dot 44 Camouflage
cinco Apr 30 2013, 10:00pm says:

a game almost as boring as real life. good job.

-4 votes   game: Corporatocracy
cinco Mar 19 2013, 9:28pm says:

look at the guy's arms. awful.

+2 votes   media: Screenshot 01
cinco Jan 1 2013, 2:34pm replied:


-2 votes   media: The Iron Fox
cinco Oct 17 2012, 10:47pm says:

a good thing, if the things in the game actually look good. what is this multiple spiked winged ****? sigh...anime influences.

+1 vote   article: Armada 2526 Gold Released on Desura
cinco Sep 15 2012, 2:41am says:

cool. remove pointless fins

-1 votes   media: Morningstar Engines
cinco Jul 4 2012, 6:30pm buried:


beautiful helmet and uniform. face is ******* digusting. bis cannot do anything right!

-8 votes   media: Motor-rifle troops.
cinco Jun 20 2012, 2:19am says:

vagina head.

witcher 2 did this better

-1 votes   media: Desert Harpy
cinco Apr 18 2012, 2:41am says:

the knee pad looks painful. i suggest you do some real world study and research how kneepads are actually constructed and worn. they're supposed to be ergonomic, not for decoration.

+1 vote   media: Character in development ! (WIP)
cinco Feb 24 2012, 6:27pm says:


-2 votes   media: Various Dare Concepts
cinco Jan 28 2012, 9:16am says:

the proportions are actually human. something i never thought i'd see for warband, aka medieval midgets

0 votes   media: 95th Rifles Update
cinco Jan 22 2012, 7:59pm buried:


nope. you wasted 10 years for nothing.

-13 votes   article: Santa's Revenge 2 Release
cinco Jan 8 2012, 1:52am buried:


if they're dead, they cannot produce energy, if you wave a rock around, it'll still be cold.

but then again zombies are one of the stupidest ideas in the world. totally expected for 50s and 60s. but well into the 2010s? i must say, society needs to grow up some.

-7 votes   media: Screenshots
cinco Dec 17 2011, 7:40am says:

why would prince zandagort think about conquering the entire universe when he hasn't even conquered outside of his own galaxy? does he understand the futility of the first goal?

+1 vote   game: Zandagort
cinco Dec 13 2011, 3:08am buried:


plate and basinet with great helm and mail? even in fantasy land, there's the concept of technological equivalence. why would people stick with great helms when bascinet helms and great bascinet helms exist?

your visual design concept is so ******* stupid as is your inability to imagine how warring factions in a fantasy/parallel universe wouldn't have generally comparable levels of technology.


-27 votes   media: Chivalry: Medieval Warfare In-action Screenshots
cinco Oct 5 2011, 2:15pm says:

are you guys serious? the proportions are much better.

+2 votes   media: Improved Human Warrior Variant #2
cinco Aug 28 2011, 4:42am buried:


midget crap

-8 votes   download: Public Area BETA*
cinco Aug 25 2011, 7:11pm replied:

no, stupid. it is the isu 152

0 votes   media: Name this tank
cinco Aug 17 2011, 1:43pm says:

****** arcade crap for idiots who use words like "cooleo"

+3 votes   media: Gameplay
cinco Aug 17 2011, 1:41pm says:

awful. are you using call of duty proportions? it looks like a midget or a plastic toy. open an anatomy book please. its body is way too small for its head.

-2 votes   media: German Heer Soldier #2
cinco Aug 12 2011, 10:21pm says:

why the **** did you make the helmets crap? this original concept looks a million times better

+3 votes   media: Concept Art #3
cinco Jul 21 2011, 12:21am says:

completely out of place. update the player models first.

-3 votes   media: The C96 ingame
cinco Jun 15 2011, 9:33pm says:

females do not get female sized kneepads. they get small, which are still larger than that.

problem with female models is everyone trying to make them look feminine or cute. cut that out. give them proper gear, for this is just the modern "tactical" equivalent of bikini armor.

0 votes   media: Swat Female - hi-res Still Pics
cinco May 16 2011, 3:49pm says:

mishant, just stop trying. you're not good enough to win.

+1 vote   media: Abraham Lincoln Shot by Geralt
cinco May 16 2011, 3:48pm says:

should be the kingslayer

+1 vote   media: Geralt the True Assasin Of King
cinco May 16 2011, 3:45pm says:


+1 vote   media: GET WIENERS
cinco May 7 2011, 3:20am says:

bahaha. if it comes down to this, geralt will deflect the hidden blade, force altair onto his knees and **** slap him into oblivion.

+1 vote   media: Geralt turns into Templar !!!
cinco Apr 30 2011, 2:25am says:

no they're not, because he has them raised up. learn perspective.

+2 votes   media: Otto images
cinco Apr 28 2011, 4:09am says:

meh, model your character designs off real life equipment imo. fantasy/sci fi stuff never has good logical basis and ends up looking silly.

+2 votes   download: SickJoe Marine Wallpapers
cinco Apr 27 2011, 3:14am says:

the proportions are completely wrong. i suggest you study anatomy more.

+1 vote   media: Mason grey
cinco Apr 21 2011, 3:12am says:

fear isn't subconscious. if it was subconscious, you wouldn't even feel it.

what do you want it to do? come out doing a handstand and whack the player that way?

+1 vote   media: SoD 2 - new screen 2
cinco Apr 1 2011, 9:13pm replied:

dust effect? those are default ground textures.


+2 votes   media: City 17: Episode One - New Years Update | Part 1
cinco Mar 25 2011, 4:05am says:

nice midgets

+1 vote   media: Frontlines - Commander Gametype
cinco Mar 18 2011, 7:55pm says:

what a jew

0 votes   media: Renegade Shepard
cinco Mar 18 2011, 7:50pm says:

nice pointy nipples. looks like the artist traced a nude model

+1 vote   media: Exclusive Mass Effect: Evolution #3 Preview
cinco Mar 18 2011, 7:50pm says:

kestrel looks like ****, so...yeah

0 votes   download: High Resolution Kestral Armor
cinco Mar 11 2011, 9:52pm says:

too "cool" for my taste. get some realistic clothing. thanks.

-4 votes   media: Contagion Eugene Orthographic
cinco Feb 24 2011, 2:53am buried:


that guy's fingers are too long. and his helmet is worthless. no smith would design something like that. make it wider so it doesn't clash with his ears and the mouth and nose section should be more pointed forward.

also, the shoulder armor is exactly that. why is it sitting way down near his elbow?

-15 votes   media: Chivalry: Medieval Warfare
cinco Feb 21 2011, 1:59am says:


+1 vote   media: Fifth face
cinco Feb 3 2011, 11:57pm buried:


an head blade bigger than his

-5 votes   media: Highlander Sergeant
cinco Dec 23 2010, 10:53pm says:

now if only they'd make some better guard models. the current ones look like plastic toys with their weird waists

0 votes   media: v1.03 New Human and Animal AI
cinco Dec 5 2010, 1:06am says:

huge boot=fail

get more realistic proportions and art direction. the concept art looks great. the character design, not so much. in fact it looks dismal. better fix it early in development.

+1 vote   game: Internal Malfunction
cinco Dec 3 2010, 10:39pm says:

awful anatomical proportions. consult an anatomy book please

-1 votes   media: Game Update #1 Renders
cinco Nov 29 2010, 12:44am says:

head too large

0 votes   media: Male civilian
cinco Nov 26 2010, 9:03pm says:

protip:the prongs needs to be thicker and have a better connection to the rest of the body. space debris and collisions tend to obliterate loosely attached objects

+1 vote   media: Angel Bomber
cinco Nov 24 2010, 11:34pm says:

favorite is nude rabbit

-1 votes   article: Animated gif of some new modular assets
cinco Nov 14 2010, 8:18pm says:

make this for crysis and you have my download. crysis wars=tard burger.

+2 votes   article: Wreckage - Announcement
cinco Nov 14 2010, 8:13pm replied:

windlab, you're kidding right? stop using video games as reference and actually google some of these guns you're utterly ignorant about.

+1 vote   media: Sniper concept
cinco Nov 1 2010, 2:31am says:

great design. in the same mold as the original vagyr fighters.

+1 vote   media: Vaygr Elite Fighter
cinco Oct 26 2010, 10:42pm says:

form the outline, it looks good. lets hope it doesn't end up being ridiculous. also, female swat? lol

+1 vote   media: Swat Male & Female Silhouettes
cinco Sep 25 2010, 2:19am says:

larger heads needed

0 votes   media: Prologue Ingame Session
cinco Aug 22 2010, 5:27pm says:

filmic is the kind of word morons use. and it's not even a real word. oh and the lighting is just a simple color correction. this game looked lie **** when it came out.

+3 votes   media: WIP In-game Screens
cinco Aug 20 2010, 9:07pm says:

why the stupid elf ears? and i don't imagine there's much mobility in the foot joint movement. also, armor that is skin tight sort of pointless. you need space between armor and body so that any dent or vibration does not immediately get transferred.

+1 vote   media: Character Concept by Mohzart
cinco Jun 28 2010, 6:11pm buried:


"Your(you're) (a) Trolling(,) failing dumb *** and(who) (needs to) learn your English before write(ing) something."

oh the irony...

-36 votes   member: cinco
cinco Jun 1 2010, 4:57pm says:

arms are too skinny. look at how the hand dwarfs the wrist and forearm.

-2 votes   media: Resistance and Liberation Open Beta 1.2 media
cinco Apr 25 2010, 9:39pm says:

his face looks russian due to the pronounced cheek and slender jaw.

+1 vote   media: Character Renders
cinco Apr 25 2010, 3:39pm says:


+3 votes   media: -
cinco Apr 23 2010, 2:15am says:

that's a mig 29 fyi

-4 votes   media: MiG-31 Interceptor
cinco Apr 20 2010, 2:43am says:

great tech. silly rabbits

+5 votes   article: Catching baked shadows
cinco Apr 4 2010, 5:17am says:

you can have fun and be authentic/realistic at the same time. really depends on how lazy you are, which judging by these ridiculous shots, the devs must be amazingly lazy.

+3 votes   media: NAM:WAW Version 2.0 Screenshots
cinco Apr 4 2010, 5:13am says:

because it wasn't used there. you actually had to ask what the problem was, idiot?

that's like including the m16 in the yam kippur war because it was "already invented during those years"

+1 vote   media: NAM:WAW Version 2.0 Screenshots
cinco Oct 13 2013, 7:32am says:

im betting the hero character is going to look like sgt elias. maybe the hero vietcong character could be a female.

+6 votes   mod: In Country: Vietnam
cinco Oct 13 2013, 7:31am replied:

how is an rpk a light weapon?

-2 votes   mod: In Country: Vietnam
cinco Oct 13 2013, 7:29am replied:

yes, anyone who doesn't think so is an abject moron.

-1 votes   media: GDC Screen 3
cinco Oct 8 2013, 12:11am says:

wtf this looks better than those bannerlord screenshots. it's just missing the marmalade hdr/post processing eefect

-1 votes   media: Bannerman
cinco Oct 6 2013, 3:28am says:

goddamn yes!

also needs grassy helmet for marines, ghillie suit for vietcong.

+3 votes   mod: In Country: Vietnam
cinco Oct 6 2013, 3:27am says:

looks like what suvarium is too ****** to be. 9/10. pending character model assessment.

0 votes   game: Raindrop
cinco Oct 1 2013, 11:10pm buried:


still looks like ****. i'll be waiting for warhorse's rpg.

-6 votes   game: Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord
cinco Sep 22 2013, 4:17pm replied:

you're an idiot. he looks like a freaking mutant. nobody has head to body ratio like that, not even ectomorphs and basketball players

+1 vote   media: British Soldiers - WIP
cinco Sep 22 2013, 4:16pm says:

cool. a real world vest. not another future fantasy hybrid vest #574565

-1 votes   media: Improved Outer Tactical Vest - WIP
cinco Sep 22 2013, 3:48pm says:

aka project "better than that disappointing one core using pos called arma3"

-2 votes   article: Project Reality 2 Game Announced!
cinco Sep 18 2013, 10:52pm says:

this is basically a reworking of the ro2 german soldier, but with good detailed changes. smart move since the proportions will match and the animations will mesh. and the ro2 soldiers are already very good quality as well.

though i would like to see the russian greatcoat reworked and fitted onto german infantry.

-1 votes   media: German Schütze
cinco Sep 6 2013, 12:16am says:

there are more rocks on mars, but the art is top notch. the rover is a clever design

+1 vote   game: Lacuna Passage
cinco Aug 29 2013, 10:28pm replied:

good luck organizing line battles and trying to play realistically. no snark, just fact.

0 votes   game: War of Rights
cinco Aug 25 2013, 4:02am says:

this wip contains better textures, aesthetics, and artistic direction than most triple a finished products.

-1 votes   media: WIP Art Assets
cinco Aug 17 2013, 1:05pm says:

and remember, when you become successful, never let ************* like ea take you over. we're bereft of good developers as it is.

+4 votes   game: Traction Wars
cinco Aug 14 2013, 11:02pm says:

the ONLY reason to reinstall ntw

+1 vote   mod: The Great War
cinco Jul 21 2013, 4:54pm buried:


wings....on a capital ship.

you sir, have failed at life.

-6 votes   media: Mother-ship Carrier
cinco Jul 21 2013, 4:53pm replied:

their desgns look like nonfunctional crap. the real genius is rob cunningham.

-3 votes   game: Sirius
cinco Jul 17 2013, 11:42pm says:

i guess bowflexes are still around

+1 vote   game: After Reset™ RPG
cinco Jul 7 2013, 4:04am buried:


this looks terribad like call of duty+any ****** f2p game

-17 votes   game: No Heroes
cinco Jul 4 2013, 1:47pm says:

another brilliant piece of art will be ruined b yshitty warband animations

-4 votes   media: Highlanders and Bavarians
cinco Jun 27 2013, 11:32pm says:

if you could make something like the "patrol" section of la noire, that'd be great. i thought that it ended way too soon and was treated as a mere tutorial when it could have been something more.

would be a challenge to keep it entertaining without either stooping to random violence or repetitive actions like "police force 2"

+2 votes   game: Enforcer: Police Crime Action
cinco Jun 27 2013, 11:23pm says:

i don't know if it's intentional on your part, but a lot of the ships look too "grainy", it's nice for that battle scarred look, after all, micro space debris brushing against the hull all the time tends to ablate it.

i think the problem is the outdated textures. i'm guessing they're real low resolution? and this the normal map you generated from them are also very low res, this means a lot of features aren't slick or angular enough.

imo, thta's very important for scale. these are massize ships, having them all dinged up looking makes them appear more like space capsules for 3 people.

-1 votes   mod: Homeworld 2 Ultra High Graphics
cinco Jun 26 2013, 12:24am says:

more realism please. the beat cop looks like a swole cliched aciton hero swat officer for no reason.

-1 votes   media: New actions, new car
cinco Jun 22 2013, 1:56pm replied:

learn to read, there will be customization, but only historical and realistic. if a sniper has a scope, he will be able to use it. tard

-4 votes   game: Traction Wars
cinco Jun 17 2013, 3:03am buried:


character models and animations still uber ****. /leaves

-10 votes   game: Resistance and Liberation
cinco Jun 9 2013, 4:50am buried:


terrible concept art, excellent models. there's a talent offset that needs to be addressed asap.

-20 votes   game: Festung Europa
cinco Jun 2 2013, 1:34pm buried:


model looks too a historical, thus ******. fail.

-6 votes   game: Slaves of Rome
cinco Aug 30 2014, 3:00am says:

zeltbahn working?

0 votes   article: Immersion Overhaul Mutator v.1.14 is out!
cinco Apr 16 2014, 2:58am replied:

dropped during combat

+7 votes   media: US Army Multiplayer Classes & Variations
cinco Apr 6 2014, 3:49pm buried:


so ******* lame. medievial zombies. and the armors look cartoon ****, not realistic or believable at all, even for fantasy standards.

as technology and visual fidelity advances, it seems taste and artistic sophistication is still stuck in the 80s.

trash. garbage.

-10 votes   game: Dead Crusade
cinco Jan 1 2014, 8:55pm buried:


it's ripped directly from mp3, duh

-5 votes   media: Killcam Moment
cinco Dec 19 2013, 11:09pm says:

never has a more realistic looking rifle been made for a game. full stop.

-2 votes   media: Enfield No.4 Mk I*
cinco Oct 21 2013, 10:27pm says:

good lord. cna you imagine this with parallax mapping, shader 3 effects, normal mapping, etc, etc? who needs gearbox?

0 votes   media: new Higi Powerstation
cinco Oct 16 2013, 3:51am says:

vagyr ships aren't boxes. i see the subtlety of cunningham's design as escaped you

-1 votes   media: Vaygr new Dreadnaught
cinco Oct 16 2013, 3:16am says:

sorry, sharp jet fighter nose is a no go.

-2 votes   media: Second Version of "Blade" MK15
cinco May 5 2013, 3:08pm says:

the pilots refer to it as ******

-4 votes   media: Unidentified Sentinel variant WIP
cinco Mar 19 2013, 12:00am says:

this like the game where they tricked all the stupid people who don't know about or can't appreciate arma

0 votes   article: This is War 2.5 update
cinco Oct 9 2012, 3:36am says:

how come native germans get ****** legs but these guys get pro normal map and all?

-2 votes   media: Ottomans, Arabian Rebels and Effects
cinco Sep 15 2012, 2:40am says:

black part:cool

white part: retarded nonsense. get rid of it.

-1 votes   media: ONI Prowler
cinco Mar 6 2012, 4:58am says:

make him white. nuff said

-1 votes   media: Marcus
cinco Feb 20 2012, 10:41pm says:

he's shooting at gign, you can tell by the pants and face plate.

0 votes   media: csgo_stmarc_01
cinco Feb 9 2012, 3:25am buried:


this looks absolutely awful. get someone else to do the character models

-5 votes   mod: Welcome to Vietnam
cinco Feb 8 2012, 5:05pm buried:


the guy in the middle is a retard. everyone's wearing chain and leather, he's got bare arms showing. ******* idiot.

-14 votes   media: Battle near Whiterun Ezhov
cinco Jan 11 2012, 8:27pm says:

lame. why is he wearing an apron? get rid of it and give him better attire. ridiculous.

-4 votes   media: Ravaged Grunt Character
cinco Jul 4 2011, 4:40pm says:

the nano suit character model is ugly and retarded. i suggest you switch it with that of a marine and then disable the other suit functions. to hell with story, it's a ****** cliche anyway.

+1 vote   article: Crysis 2 Co-op Progress Update #1
cinco Apr 30 2011, 9:23pm buried:


this is a bitch game, so it fits

-7 votes   game: Somnea
cinco Mar 18 2011, 7:53pm says:


+2 votes   media: Naughty Tali
cinco Feb 18 2011, 2:48am says:

this is idiotic. the blood looks fake and people don't fly around like that when they're shot. fail

-1 votes   download: Crysis CRY-HARD, MOD COMPILATION + Blood & Ragdoll
cinco Feb 5 2011, 1:25pm says:

whoop de ******* doo

-3 votes   article: Releasing IHM 1.2 for L4D1 and IHM2 for L4D2!
cinco Nov 18 2010, 9:40am says:

black guy with 8 pack...uh no thanks

-3 votes   media: IOTY Promotion
cinco Sep 7 2010, 6:26pm buried:


minecraft looks like ****, so a better looking version is welcome.

-5 votes   article: Cubelands is starting its private beta !
cinco Sep 3 2010, 3:52pm says:

even if we don't get pistols, why is it not possible to use improvised weapons? such as a piece of pipe, a butcher's knife. seems strange how your only option is to run and hide.

+2 votes   game: Amnesia: The Dark Descent
cinco Jul 6 2010, 5:06pm says:

arnold has a larger forehead. you should increase the length of the head and move up the hairline. right now the proportions are slightly off.

+1 vote   media: Model Render
cinco Jun 15 2010, 1:29am says:

what's the point of this?

-1 votes   download: Welrod Silenced Pistol
cinco Jun 12 2010, 8:18pm says:

big knife. yawn.

0 votes   article: About Garshasp Game
cinco Apr 15 2010, 10:57pm says:

amusing shape. the radome is cool. cannon looks precarious

+1 vote   media: Image Set 1
cinco Apr 14 2010, 7:30pm says:

i like the overall shape very much. it keeps to the original progenitor designs but still looks original.

however, more goblins please.

+1 vote   media: Image Set 1
cinco Mar 10 2010, 8:54pm says:

ughh, anime preview pictures. gotta love the mindless expression of that girl. typical anime rubbish.

-2 votes   download: The Two Assassin's Meet [WIP]
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