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CiforDayZServer @ The uncertain future of paid mods


You are seeing this as too black or white. If, IF I were to ever sell mods on Steam, they would still be freely available in the existing routes that I've always supplied them.

This is about modders being able to sustain their free modding with mass market consumption sales.

How many new players would rather pay 3-10 dollars on mod subscriptions in steam instead of having to learn all the ins and outs of launchers, download sites, patching etc etc.

It's a convenience charge, one which you DO NOT HAVE TO PAY. Which is the same thing as an optional donation.

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CiforDayZServer @ DayZ Sahrani

As mentioned there are already lots of added building (Hospitals, ATC's, Markets, Barracks, Factories, castles,) We are currently adding even more via outright removal of the existing buildings and replacement of them with enter able buildings.

Further we are replacing the narrow hallway buildings from A1 with their A2 counterparts.

Lastly for now we have added loots spawns to the walkway areas/porches of LOTS of the non-enter able buildings.

Our next release coming soon will be a very well honed version of the 1.7.6 DayZ base code heavily stripped and optimized. We are also adding LOTS of vehicles and allowing for some "OP" wheeled vehicles isolated to the far SW and NE islands so as not to spoil normal gameplay/restrictions on the 2 mainlands.

MUCH time is and will continue to be spent trying to make this a very robust and well thought out DayZ mod that does this amazing A1 map justice...

I have actually started playing A1 in order to know it's past better.

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