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Colt 1911a1

FreeFall89 Blog 1 comment

Just a quick update, Been test baking the colt on the lowpoly for a bit now, details like the pattern on the grip and text will be done in photoshop. But I hope to get the final bake down together with the detailing tomorrow :)

MP412 REX update and more!

FreeFall89 Blog

Man it's been a while and the 412 has been done for some time but didn't have the time to update the blog at all so sorry about that :p

So, here's some pictures of the gun in it's full glory!

I've also been working on a Colt 1911a1, the highpoly is almost done now.. Just needs some fixes all around but the lowpoly shouldn't take long to be made.

And that's it for this update. I promise to update this place more often from now on :p

MP412 REX *update*

FreeFall89 Blog

Just a small update, Finished the game mesh, and started to do final bakes of the normal map..
Here's some pictures with test bakes.

MP-412 Rex revolver

FreeFall89 Blog 2 comments

So a few days ago I started working on the MP-412 Rex revolver, a double action revolver that was designed by a company called Izhevsk for the national market, but it was cancelled because there was a lack of market for the gun so little information is to be found about this gun.

Full article can be found here : World.guns.ru

Now for some renders of the highpoly mesh.

Also made a start on the game spec mesh, with a test back (mesh might also be changed, not sure yet)

Thats it for now!

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