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Christopher1989 Jul 30 2014, 6:32am says:

all hail the emperor

+1 vote   media: Ships of the Unity
Christopher1989 Jul 9 2014, 5:54pm says:

reminds me of a patrolship form the anime seikai no senki

+1 vote   media: Sins of the Fallen: 2014
Christopher1989 Mar 3 2014, 2:08pm says:

1.reason i do my one 3d models for mods
2. i love rtssg (real time space strategie games)
3. i played the old versions of many of your mods like the first stargate mod
4. i am a big ME fan and love the ship desing

+1 vote   media: Release information
Christopher1989 Feb 17 2014, 2:36am says:

nice lightß´s .. is there a allianz ship on the left

can´t wait to try it my selfe

good look and ceep on the good work

+1 vote   media: Our graphic improvements work well with ME:R
Christopher1989 Feb 7 2014, 4:01pm says:

it looks like the battlebarge of the space marines but i miss the rear fin

+1 vote   media: Emperors battle barge model
Christopher1989 Dec 22 2013, 4:13pm says:

das sieht so geil aus .. wo kann ich mich bei der allianz einschreiben um den reapern in den arsch zu tretten

+3 votes   media: Promotional pictures
Christopher1989 Apr 5 2013, 3:36am says:

looks awsome ... good work man . you can use the sd platforms from killzone 1 as base for the isa

+3 votes   media: Helghast Research Station
Christopher1989 Apr 1 2013, 8:20am replied:

you can make a more small hangers on the back like the one in killzone 2 with the small storm fighters for trooper

+1 vote   media: ISA carrier WIP
Christopher1989 Apr 1 2013, 7:37am says:

i think it will be bad for fighters and bomberst do lanch at the fornt because enemy fire will hit them direct. can you make some small hangers on the back?

+1 vote   media: ISA carrier WIP
Christopher1989 Feb 21 2013, 3:10am says:

is this a ship from O.R.B

+1 vote   media: Cruiser Firing
Christopher1989 Jan 6 2013, 6:26am says:

looks like teh arty in ground controll 2 but cool mod

+1 vote   media: Tech 1 Uef Mobile Arty
Christopher1989 Jan 4 2013, 6:34pm says:

it´s a space mariene battlecrouser

+1 vote   media: Imperium possible titan 2
Christopher1989 Dec 6 2011, 8:13pm says:

that is form genesis rising but i don´t know form humans or resistens ??

+1 vote   media: Beyond Good and Evil
Christopher1989 Nov 22 2011, 5:19am says:

do you want to build the transporter to ??
bdw necrons are badass evil:D

+2 votes   media: Demetrius - Questions anyone?
Christopher1989 Oct 14 2011, 4:56pm replied:

cool the problem is i am from munich and no one here plays bfg

+1 vote   media: Imperial Cruiser 3
Christopher1989 Oct 13 2011, 7:23pm says:

do you want go give him abiliti to upgrade him with nova cannons and lance weapons ??

sorry if i´m ask but i play battlefleet gothick :D

+1 vote   media: Imperial Cruiser 3
Christopher1989 Sep 24 2011, 3:24am says:

it is from space truckers and if i´m right there cargo was some killer cyborg !

+1 vote   media: Puffing Pachyderm
Christopher1989 Sep 6 2011, 8:38am says:

it is the angelwing from nexus the jupiter incident nice to see this ship in one more game kicking the enemy in his ***

+2 votes   media: Yggdrasil Battleship
Christopher1989 Mar 3 2011, 5:18am says:

is it a oni ship??

+1 vote   media: What is This ship?
Christopher1989 Jan 23 2011, 6:07pm says:

i love the abh ships

+2 votes   media: Abh Fortune-class Cruiser
Christopher1989 Dec 16 2010, 3:32pm says:

can you make a beta download !!
i want to command the abh ships !!
i love the abh empire !!

+2 votes   mod: Vermillion Sector
Christopher1989 Nov 27 2010, 5:21am says:

i love the abh ships they are so cool and the abh himself are so nice.
i hope the best for the mod and good wrok

+2 votes   mod: Vermillion Sector
Christopher1989 Nov 25 2010, 1:02pm says:

why didn´t you use the drop pods from odst the can be use as marine frigate from the riginal like the one from the vager

+1 vote   media: Hanger Bay
Christopher1989 Nov 24 2010, 9:15am says:

cool that yoou bring in the frigats from halo reach i love that , they looks faster than the big frigets from the other halos with there big cargo bay at the bagside

+1 vote   mod: Halo: Starside Intercept
Christopher1989 Oct 12 2010, 10:12am says:

coll ist das eine rail-gun auf der schulter

+1 vote   media: MGS OHU Concept
Christopher1989 Oct 10 2010, 5:02am says:

i love the abh empire , there ships looks so cool

+3 votes   mod: Vermillion Sector
Christopher1989 Oct 9 2010, 12:01pm says:

the one from reach loocks better , i like it

+3 votes   media: PoA or PoA?
Christopher1989 Jul 31 2010, 12:20pm says:

sieht aus wie aus bsg die tulium frachter der colonial flotte

+1 vote   media: Mallidax Scout Cruiser
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