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ChrPunx Feb 14 2015, 11:37am says:

looks fat :d

+1 vote   media: Daedalus Tweaks.
ChrPunx Feb 11 2015, 11:18pm says:

Pretty sure this DDG-52 is from my Earth Conflict mod. :v

+1 vote   media: coalition conflict
ChrPunx Feb 10 2015, 9:47am replied:

then a "long-neck" design doesn't make much of a sence :d


+1 vote   media: SC-305 Wallpaper
ChrPunx Feb 8 2015, 8:14pm replied:

well, the mod is development is paused due to parallel projects...And no one pm'd me yet willing to help, so...not anytime soon...Especially when the parallel projects are parts of a bigger universe.

Earth Conflict(RTS) and After Earth Conflict(Top-Down Space shooter).

Besides several other non-related projects...

+1 vote   mod: Earth Conflict
ChrPunx Feb 7 2015, 6:23pm says:

why two seperated bays on each side, and not 1 big bay on each side?

+1 vote   media: SC-305 Wallpaper
ChrPunx Jan 31 2015, 3:44pm says:

they are playing an animation and not actually dogfighting, right?

+1 vote   media: Fighter Battle
ChrPunx Jan 31 2015, 3:40pm says:

have you guys thought about moving to another engine? :d
it would be awesome to be able to play this as a stand alone title

+2 votes   media: New Goa'uld HD ControlBar
ChrPunx Jan 28 2015, 7:33pm says:

Thank you guys *--*

+3 votes   media: BSGFC YouTube teaser
ChrPunx Jan 20 2015, 1:55pm says:

So, what will we do with all that hardware? :V

+1 vote   media: Automatic Synthesizer HP 3330B
ChrPunx Jan 9 2015, 9:19pm replied:

Download here:

extract at your Generals Zero Hour folder.
you need version 1.04 of Zero Hour to run the mod.

+1 vote   mod: Earth Conflict
ChrPunx Jan 7 2015, 9:23am replied:

Ja havia postando na SWR e Sleipnir, ninguem se dispos.

+1 vote   mod: Earth Conflict
ChrPunx Jan 5 2015, 5:20pm says:

On Transcendence modding community we could request a extension prefix-code, which we would use on our mods to prevent mod to mod, and mod to expansions conflicts.
Something like a a AAAAALNNN, the N being a number from 0 to 999 and L a letter which would represent each mod extension.
like a shield could be named AAAAAA001 or something like that, it would mean 26 * 999 possible extensions p/ user.

You could do something like that around here, like


you would need to keep a database on a wiki with all registered user prefixs, and a way for user to register those codes.

+2 votes   tutorial: Naming Conventions
ChrPunx Jan 5 2015, 3:48pm says:

carrier group? :D

+1 vote   media: something at the horizon
ChrPunx Jan 2 2015, 8:49pm replied:

Isso iria atrapalhar o desenvolvimento daquele projeto.

Sem uma equipe propria não vejo como este mod podera continuar em desenvolvimento. No entando, o projeto para o MMORTS ainda esta de pé, assim que eu conseguir levantar fundos para um projeto nessa escala é claro ^^

Por enquanto, este projeto tera de se manter "pausado".

+1 vote   mod: Earth Conflict
ChrPunx Jan 2 2015, 1:59pm replied:

please, reduce the damn bloom

+1 vote   media: Command & Conquer: Generals Universe
ChrPunx Dec 30 2014, 11:41pm replied:

unfortunately as I'm working alone on some indie titles(3 games, which I'm coding and modeling), there is little free time, I've always searched for more help for this project, since the first to last month of development, till today, no one wanted to help...
I can't work at full time at it as I once did, so this project is paused, paused not dead, after I finish those 3 games I'm working right now I'll start working on the stand-alone version of this mod, as a MMORTS if I get the funding for it...
Thou, if there is people interesting on helping on this mod, I'll gladly teach them to mod this game, and coordinate the mod development as well as provide models and animations.

+1 vote   mod: Earth Conflict
ChrPunx Dec 30 2014, 11:35pm replied:

Infelizmente estou sem tempo para trabalhar neste projeto sem ajuda, durante meses trabalhei nele, sempre tentando trazer pessoas para o projeto, infelizmente nunca consegui ajuda, e como no momento estou desenvolvendo alguns jogos por conta propria, fiquei sem tempo para continuar a trabalhar neste mod.
Mas espero conseguir ajuda para poder continua-lo, só preciso de um coder modelos e animações tenho tempo para fazer.

E atualmente não possuo conhecimento suficiente para criar um launcher, se puder ajudar com isso(ou com o mod em si) seria de grande ajuda para continuar o desenvolvimento deste projeto(caso o launcher pudesse atualizar o mod é claro :D ).

+2 votes   mod: Earth Conflict
ChrPunx Dec 24 2014, 2:54pm says:

George Hammond Class-Battle ship

+3 votes   media: Advent calendar - Door 24
ChrPunx Dec 24 2014, 2:51pm says:

is it just me, or anyone else got a 2D feel out of it!?

+2 votes   media: Visual Test (terrain)
ChrPunx Dec 24 2014, 2:46pm replied:

I was referring to the canard, as it is sometimes aka delta-wing canard.
Canards increase Radar signature, that's why on the T-50 the canards are smoothly implemented along the wing itself.
preserving both stealth and performance.
and another point of why the chinese J-20 is a inferior design compared to both FA-22A and T-50.

+1 vote   media: EU drone concept
ChrPunx Dec 17 2014, 7:04pm says:

wow, a empty space...Nice!!!

+3 votes   media: Advent calendar - Door 17
ChrPunx Dec 17 2014, 4:52pm replied:

so...4 intakes, with different sizes and angles....that won't help much on stealth, and if it needs that many, its engine is quite inefficient.
Also, delta-wings increase radar signature, that is the worst in stealth in the A designs.

+1 vote   media: EU drone concept
ChrPunx Dec 17 2014, 4:41pm replied:

A1 would suffer less air resistance than A4 cause it doesn't have so many..."holes" on it...
So it would be a better "supersonic"...

+1 vote   media: EU drone concept
ChrPunx Dec 17 2014, 11:10am replied:

use GameRanger then :p

+3 votes   media: Russian infantries
ChrPunx Dec 17 2014, 1:58am says:

looks like that old USSR laser tank project

+1 vote   media: Russia General Tank "1К17 Szhatie"
ChrPunx Dec 14 2014, 10:59am says:

you need to improve grass volume, just duplicate and rotate, or work on the model

+2 votes   media: Ingame screenshot
ChrPunx Dec 13 2014, 1:36am replied:

you mean, all the two...? :v

+2 votes   mod: Tiberium
ChrPunx Dec 12 2014, 4:38pm says:

pretty sure there is nothing I want to see on 19,13,15,20,16,17,22,14,21...and they'll probably be opened sooner than 18,24,23 :v

+2 votes   media: Advent calendar - Door 12
ChrPunx Dec 12 2014, 11:15am replied:

probably 3DS Studio or blender....for textures probably Gimp, photoshop or illustrator...

+1 vote   media: EU Stealth Tank
ChrPunx Dec 5 2014, 5:10pm says:

ooh, less afterburn please :x

+1 vote   media: [ Generals Evolution ] MOTY 2014 Update
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