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First half of 2013

ChineseDemocracy Blog

2012 was a successful year for me in Deus Ex modding, we had great success with the 2MB mapping challenge, I released some very detailed multiplayer maps (perhaps some of the best looking maps seen in the multiplayer scene, that were actually playable!), I finally released Cozmo RPG v2 to the community and I even had time to convert a few of my 2011 maps to daytime versions and also release a fun zombie map thanks to mdoa's mod. Other things started in 2012 were a multiplayer map based on UT's Peak, lots of work completed on Cozmo RPG v3, and I also started the Hengsha City RPG map!

2013 will be a very busy year for me for Deus Ex mapping (nothing new there then). I've recently purchased a proper URL for my site which is now called, here I will turn the site from mainly about maps by myself and the Deus Ex community to something that covers all aspects of Deus Ex. This site will include story and plot about the single player game, items and characters info as well as FAQ's and modifications both old and new. The multiplayer section I'm hoping to have how to guides for augged death-matches, information on past and present clans, current server information and also multiplayer mods.

Regarding fight maps for Deus Ex online multiplayer, this year will see me going through UT maps and picking out those I like to make a Deus Ex version of (started from scratch ofcourse). These maps I will trickle out every so often, I hope to get at least four out in 2013, I'm also considering making a conversion of Fast Line from Counterstrike Condition Zero.

Also this year (hopefully first quarter), will see the completion of the Hengsha City RPG map (and hopefully the full mod shortly after) - something that will resemble the Hengsha map from Deus Ex: Human Revolution (albeit within obvious limits). Already the map's basic layouts are approaching 40% complete, this giant map will be the biggest map ever seen in Deus Ex online multiplayer and will feature every area from Hengsha including the Hengsha streets with The Hive, Hung Hua Hotel, Hengsha Court Gardens, Alice Garden Pods, Limb Clinic, Sewers, as well as Tai Yong Medical, Construction Site, Harvester's Hideout and Hengsha Seaport!

Recently an old mod I have worked on back in 2009/2010 seems to have awoken again DXSM (online Deus Ex zombie mod) and TREM (a 3D recreation of Resident Evil). Resident Evil will always have a soft spot in my heart and so it was a pleasure to map out most of the areas from the original Resident Evil. So hopefully DXSM will see the light of day in 2013 and then afterwards TREM to follow suit, although I'll need to update these maps ;)

Another mod I've started from last year is Cozmo RPG v3, this is a revamped Cozmo RPG v2 and will hopefully include lots of missions as well as updated areas and an improved map. And finally another mod I began working with last year called Summer 101, here I am contributing one map so far, this I will complete in early 2013 at which point we can begin thinking about updating the community on it's status.

All in all I believe 2013 will be the year of the RPG mods in Deus Ex Online Multiplayer - Cozmo RPG v3, Hengsha City RPG, Undead Revolution and Facetown all in the works.

First half of 2012

ChineseDemocracy Blog

I've had my Deus Ex mapping forum for one year now so it's already outlasted alot of Deus Ex forums believe it or not! My plans this year are to carry on hosting a 0 aug Deus Ex server (which went live on the 1st Jan '12) and continue to make maps for it as well as hosting work from the Deus Ex community. Currently I've just finished DXMP_Office and I'm working on DXMP_Turnpike (from Urban Terror).

I have recently started the ball rolling on a mapping challenge that is open to the whole community, which has received a suprising amount of entries from the community which is fantastic to see. These maps will be handed in on the deadline of June 1st, and the mappers will have feedback and scoring from judges that will look at several criteria. The contest is to create a Deus Ex multiplayer map which doesn't exceed 2 megabytes, the idea of this is to encourage those new to mapping to join as the 2 MB limit shouldn't seem too daunting. As well as those new to mapping there are also some with several years experience taking up the challenge including people who haven't released a map in years so overall it's had a very positive response. The challenge has got people talking about mapping and playing again and is one of the few true Deus Ex community projects that has entries from all different clans and modding corners.

I will finally be publicly releasing Cozmo RPG v2012, this map will hopefully be released around late April/early May. It is an updated version of v2, which will be the first map I have released to feature models. The map was a major cause of headaches and myself and Shadowrunner hit a proverbial brick wall So I had the idea of replacing brushwork with models to give the map some much needed stability which worked with surprising results. The map will now have the polish that it didn't have before due to stability issues which made it nigh on impossible to add further brushwork.

I am also working on three other projects, the newest of these is a Hengsha RPG project. Hengsha RPG will be a Deus Ex multiplayer mod that will feature Hengsha from Deus Ex: Human Revolution. We have several members already involved in this project and work has begun in coding, character skins and mapping.


ChineseDemocracy Blog



I've finally got around to creating my Deus Ex mapping forums last month, here you will see build pictures of my maps at various stages and download links of finished released maps. I've been releasing new maps regularly, currently I'm focusing on porting Counterstrike and Urban Terror maps. I have converted classics such as Pool Night, Mini Dust and Snow from counterstrike.


Many thanks to Nerdenstein as his letter to PC Gamer about the Deus Ex Multiplayer: Human Revolution mod was published in the June 2011 edition of PC Gamer. The letter came with a small picture of my DXMP_Hengsha_Dockside map built for the mod, this was a very strange experience to see it in print!


It was nice to see two minutes of my co-made map for the Cozmo RPG mod on Giant Bomb's Quick look Throwback: Deus Ex feature. The Giantbomb guys were playing around on Deus Ex multiplayer for a couple of minutes before heading into the game, and they just happened to enter the server that was hosting the map and mod made by Cozmo, myself and Shadowrunner. What they saw was an early version of the Cozmo RPG v2 map, the map is still undergoing improvements both visually and in code.

One last thing is I've started to attach my finished Deus Ex multiplayer maps on the "add ons" tab near the top of this page. I've uploaded several at one time and in future I will do the same again.
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