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Mitthrawnuruodo Jun 19 2014, 6:42am replied:

Yea if you do the helmet from inside you could easily do a HUD. But the reflection on the helmet is a great idea, mayby, if not too much, you could add a sort of 'control panel' that would also reflect on his helmet from his ship. If that would be possible, it could seriously be awsome.

+1 vote     media: Menu Overlay Art
Mitthrawnuruodo Jun 17 2014, 4:07pm says:

You sure the game engine will work. I feel like the models are gonna crash the game. That's how much they're amazing!

+3 votes     media: T-47 Airspeeder
Mitthrawnuruodo Jun 14 2014, 6:49am says:

The thing is, if you try to stay as cannon as possible, the Republic and CIS are seriously outdated, then you could balance it of course. This mod is awsome, unfortunatly my hardware doesn't always agree with me, and I get sooooo many crashes. :/ I hope your fix will work.

+2 votes     media: Progress
Mitthrawnuruodo Jun 11 2014, 9:05am replied:

I don't recall doing a mod, apart from working with SilverJoe on Foc_Enhancements, not much. I am still working with The_Darker_Side on doing maps for his mod but after that I will go back on working on the other one.

+1 vote     media: The Galactic Civil War(Main Campaign)
Mitthrawnuruodo Jun 9 2014, 3:57am says:

Something you could do to play faster is make taskgroups with the selected forces. Select your forces and press 'CTRL+#(number on keybad)'.

+1 vote     media: The Galactic Civil War(Main Campaign)
Mitthrawnuruodo Jun 6 2014, 4:40pm replied:

Well I'm pure french, but I sure as hell don't know my precise lineage. I think I had a grandmother who was chinese.

+1 vote     media: Mando Assault Rifle
Mitthrawnuruodo Jun 4 2014, 3:22am replied:

Yes very well then, would still be cool if that could be possible.

+3 votes     media: Rebel Star Base
Mitthrawnuruodo Jun 4 2014, 3:10am replied:

France has created some of the best weapons in the world during a decade, they also created french kissing. You gotta love a french guy :)

-1 votes     media: Mando Assault Rifle
Mitthrawnuruodo Jun 2 2014, 12:51pm says:

Nice, love the idea of starships docking. If possible and if you don't mind, a death clone of the ships falling with the starbase would be nice. Not juste the starbase then the ships, but more like everything. It would also be nice if the ships could actually be optional hardpoints. Like you blow the docked ship up but it doesnt affect the starbase. Or if you blow the starbase, the ships go down together. If you manage, you're coding and modding abilities are beyond godlike.

+3 votes     media: Rebel Star Base
Mitthrawnuruodo May 31 2014, 4:04am says:

Mandalorians units should have a jetpack as well. At least one unit, that would be awsome (excluding Boba Fett)

+1 vote     media: Mandalorians
Mitthrawnuruodo May 30 2014, 5:38am says:

It is not, I want to get the Industrial/Factory feeling, This is set during nightime.

+2 votes     media: Welcome to Rendili
Mitthrawnuruodo May 29 2014, 2:31am says:

The_Farseer, I know this may sound crazy, but, will you marry me? :p

+11 votes     media: Mandalorian
Mitthrawnuruodo May 27 2014, 10:05am says:

This mod looks good. Might help out in mapping if you would like to. But maps for the mass effect universe should have different props then the vanilla ones, they don't have the same air.

+2 votes     mod: Mass Effect Dark Worlds
Mitthrawnuruodo May 13 2014, 2:18pm says:

EAW is an old game and somehow is still very popular. I wonder if a third installement could be released, mayby that would wake up some old fans of the game.

+4 votes     media: The lag from a realistic perspective, without lie.
Mitthrawnuruodo May 9 2014, 7:50am replied:

Ah ok.

+1 vote     media: May 9! I remember, I'm proud!
Mitthrawnuruodo May 9 2014, 4:18am says:

I don't understand this, so I will still celebrate this. Is this something related to the russian revolution in October 1917?

-2 votes     media: May 9! I remember, I'm proud!
Mitthrawnuruodo May 9 2014, 4:09am says:

You should make its shields powerful, and its hard points pretty weak. If I remember correctly, the ship had great shields, but its hull wasn't that good. That could give you a balance between factions.

+3 votes     media: Lucrehulk Class Battleship
Mitthrawnuruodo May 2 2014, 3:01am says:

You should do two things. One thing should be to code one of the Mando heroes to be able to take out the death star if that hero participates in a battle against the Death Star (like rogue squadron). If you have trouble with ISDs, I think they have a weak spot or mayby that's only on the Imperial Civil War mod, flank em and hit them on the back and they shouldn't be able to hit you.

+3 votes     media: This is Bad (or good) if you play on Hard in GC
Mitthrawnuruodo Apr 29 2014, 5:12am says:

Beautiful. Enough said.

+4 votes     media: Not Dead
Mitthrawnuruodo Mar 31 2014, 12:09pm says:

You should do something with the rebels. Make take some time but could make it a bit more cannon. Seeing as the Rebellion was a ragtag band of rebels who would use guerilla attacks to succeed, they didn't really have a 'uniform' in their army. You could vary a bit the types of rebels there could be. Like for exemple the rebel stormtrooper squad. You could make one have only one chest piece and the rest is free or another one could have something completly different. A little variaty is all I'm saying, if it's possible of course. Anyways, NIIIIIIIIIIIICCCCCCCCCEEEEEE!!!!

+1 vote     media: Star Wars BattleFront Commander 1.2 Teaser
Mitthrawnuruodo Mar 18 2014, 11:45am says:

This is beautiful. I swear you have an amazing talent, even if you went to art school. Top marks!!!

+1 vote     media: A Galaxy Divided: The Clone Wars
Mitthrawnuruodo Mar 18 2014, 11:40am says:

Three questions:
1- Will it be able to garrison infantry?
2- If yes, will we able to see some Geth units appear on the turrets to be able to use them?
3- Can it outrun a Reaper?

+2 votes     media: Screenshots of mod version 1.2
Mitthrawnuruodo Mar 10 2014, 1:45pm replied:

Nomada supports by sharing most of his work, the only problem is some people don't give him credit and that's just plain stealing.

0 votes     mod: FOC Alliance-Star Wars from the Clone Wars to GCE
Mitthrawnuruodo Feb 12 2014, 5:22am says:

get'shuck (brutal, fast and painful in Mandalorian) or the Reaper (inspired by the Reapers in Mass Effect). Or a Taung (http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Taung).

+1 vote     media: MAW Finalized
Mitthrawnuruodo Feb 7 2014, 6:04pm says:

I'm thinking a tank?

+1 vote     media: Something coming!
Mitthrawnuruodo Jan 29 2014, 11:42am replied:

Or more simpler version. Simply click on C.

+3 votes     media: Imperial arsenal
Mitthrawnuruodo Jan 25 2014, 2:46am says:

You know you could upload this error to the rest of the EAW community. Such a fix could change the game altogether. Good job anyways, very good!!

+3 votes     media: A new hope
Mitthrawnuruodo Jan 17 2014, 1:25pm says:

The turrets on the side look awsome.

+6 votes     media: New turrets for the Victory, and shadows
Mitthrawnuruodo Jan 14 2014, 4:02pm replied:

Oh no it's great, but I figured the pieces wouldnt disapear, but just stay there floting in space. That would mayby break the game engine wouldnt it?

+1 vote     media: Edited ISD deathclone
Mitthrawnuruodo Jan 10 2014, 5:02pm replied:

Nvm I seem to have problems with connecting to your website but it works sometimes.

+1 vote     mod: FOC Alliance-Star Wars from the Clone Wars to GCE
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