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ChestyMcGee Dec 26 2010, 7:55am says:

Weird *** stance to do the render in.

Sweet model though. Technically the bone structure of the hands/arms wouldn't allow theropods like Dilophosaurus to have their hands and arms in the position you have shown here.... but I guess you're trying to do it like Jurassic Park and they had that error to so whatever. It looks cool anyways.

+2 votes   media: Dilophosaurus WIP
ChestyMcGee Mar 24 2010, 5:39pm says:

The reflections look rather to strong here.

0 votes   media: wip map
ChestyMcGee Mar 24 2010, 5:38pm says:

Nice deformation on the bars.

+1 vote   media: jp 3 fence
ChestyMcGee Mar 24 2010, 5:38pm says:

Great design work here.

+1 vote   media: early poster concept
ChestyMcGee Feb 5 2010, 5:06pm says:

I'm not as clued up on the First World War as I am on the Second, but are Australasia, South-East Asia, South Africa and South America really necessary?

Actually, as far as I know, fighting only took places in Europe and Turkey so I'm not sure why you would need any other areas. I understand that Commonwealth Troops from around the British Empire were used (from India, Australia, Canada and New Zealand, amongst others) but they would simply be under the command of Britain. America fought too obviously, but it seems pointless having American on the map as no fighting was taking place there.

+2 votes   media: Map/trade zones
ChestyMcGee Jan 7 2010, 1:47pm replied:

Err... no? Lucas Arts weren't even making BF3. Have you not seen the leaked BF3 footage by Free Radical before they went bust? That stuff was incredible.

+2 votes   media: Jundland Wastes
ChestyMcGee Jan 7 2010, 11:17am says:


+1 vote   media: M4 attachment
ChestyMcGee Jan 6 2010, 5:00pm says:

WiP I assume? The basic shape is pretty much perfect - well done. I can't wait to see all the details.

+1 vote   media: Dreadnaught
ChestyMcGee Jan 5 2010, 9:41am says:


+1 vote   media: WIP Unanounced map
ChestyMcGee Dec 29 2009, 6:14pm replied:

I mean the muscle movements are very realistic. I don't have to have seen a T-Rex to understand basic anatomy.

+1 vote   media: T-Rex Animation - WIP
ChestyMcGee Dec 29 2009, 5:59am says:

Great work. Very fluid and fairly realistic.

+2 votes   media: T-Rex Animation - WIP
ChestyMcGee Dec 24 2009, 8:32am says:

Great model and texture.

+3 votes   media: Insurgent
ChestyMcGee Dec 18 2009, 3:03am says:

That's awesome.

+1 vote   media: Chaos Spawn
ChestyMcGee Nov 3 2009, 11:14am says:

It's not quite perfect, but it's still damn nice. I think his eyes are a little too big and far apart; makes him look like he has downs syndrome.

+7 votes   media: finnished Ian Malcom Head Model
ChestyMcGee Nov 1 2009, 2:05pm replied:


+5 votes   media: concep07
ChestyMcGee Oct 17 2009, 11:11am says:

that looks so badass

+2 votes   media: Alien Plasma Gun
ChestyMcGee Oct 17 2009, 11:11am says:

damn nice model and design

+1 vote   media: Plasma Gun
ChestyMcGee Oct 13 2009, 10:32am says:

Great lighting.

+1 vote   media: Al Saad
ChestyMcGee Sep 2 2009, 11:51am says:

Haha not bad. Not perfect... but I can't work out what it is that looks wrong. Something about the upper lip or maybe the nose.

+2 votes   media: Ian Malcolm - Jeff Goldblum *WIP*
ChestyMcGee Jul 4 2009, 1:36pm says:


+1 vote   media: Natural Selection 2: Meet the Onos
ChestyMcGee Jun 21 2009, 8:11am says:

Very nice.

+3 votes   media: A Lament For An Old Friend
ChestyMcGee May 30 2009, 5:30pm says:

Looks fantastic.

+3 votes   media: W.I.P. Compy Model
ChestyMcGee Mar 20 2009, 11:44am says:

Nice to see lots of British stuff.

-1 votes   media: new media
ChestyMcGee Feb 19 2009, 4:25pm says:

Haha, this is good.

+4 votes   media: [Music] After Hours
ChestyMcGee Feb 19 2009, 4:23pm says:

Wow. Looks awesome.

+4 votes   media: Nissan Skyline R33 Model
ChestyMcGee Jan 18 2009, 6:22am says:

Nice. Love the characters' armour and camo.

+2 votes   media: Media
ChestyMcGee Jan 7 2009, 12:26pm says:

Wow, they look really good. Never been a big fan of the Dwarves as a fighting force - I'll be more inclined to play as the other races.

What were your references for making the Dwarves? Games Workshop's range of miniatures perhaps? That's the only place I can remember seeing a Lord of the Rings Dwarven army.

+1 vote   media: Dragonslayers of Ered Mithrin (AOR Unit)
ChestyMcGee Dec 19 2008, 8:05am says:

Simply superb.

+1 vote   media: New Images
ChestyMcGee Dec 19 2008, 8:04am replied:

Meh. It's a mod they can do as they please so long as it's free.

+1 vote   media: New Images
ChestyMcGee Dec 3 2008, 1:50pm says:

And this applies even to those defending on, say, Search & Destroy? If so that's just dumb - there's a difference between camping and defending.

-3 votes   media: Frontlines 4.0 with War Server
ChestyMcGee Nov 25 2008, 1:37pm says:

Think there's enough bloom?

+1 vote   media: Loadingscreens
ChestyMcGee Nov 22 2008, 3:52pm says:

Mingebag pose!

+2 votes   media: Damn it Barney!
ChestyMcGee Nov 21 2008, 1:11pm replied:

I was just thinking that.

+2 votes   media: Torn apart
ChestyMcGee Nov 14 2008, 11:02am says:

Damn, gotta love that tank. And this screen for that matter.

+2 votes   media: Challenger 2
ChestyMcGee Nov 14 2008, 11:01am says:

Arn't you supposed to keep both eyes open... or is that only for looking down iron sights?

+1 vote   media: US Army M4 Carbine M68 Aimpoint
ChestyMcGee Aug 31 2008, 11:49am says:

Nice lighting.

+2 votes   media: Old Street
ChestyMcGee Aug 31 2008, 11:48am replied:

Surely if you use models from CSS you're again limiting the amount of people who can play this mod? I suppose a lot of people DO have CSS, but one of things that's so succesful about mods like Insurgency is that you can have any Source game to play it, not even Half-Life 2 if you don't want it!

+1 vote   media: Alley and street
ChestyMcGee Aug 31 2008, 11:46am says:

Nice bloom there.

+1 vote   media: Industrial Area
ChestyMcGee Aug 31 2008, 11:46am says:

WiP? Looks a bit empty...though I suppose not every where in the world is covered in little random objects.

+1 vote   media: Industrial Area
ChestyMcGee Aug 31 2008, 11:45am says:

Great logo, although I agree with danw on the detail on it. Users with small icon sizes, especially those on XP, won't be able to make out any of the detail. Mabye a version with just the foreground buildings and none of the mortars or background buildings would work better for that.

+1 vote   media: Seven Logo
ChestyMcGee Aug 31 2008, 11:43am says:

I love the amount of small crap lying around, really adds detail and makes the map immersive.

But if it's all fully physics capable (not sure if that's the right term, but what I mean is; if you walk into it it moves and you have to jump over it or whatever rather than just being able to walk through it) you need to spare a though for those with much lower-end systems - it can be quite hardware intensive!

+1 vote   media: Subway Maintainence WIP
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