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I like to play PC and Xbox. My two favorite Xbox games are Skyrim and Halo 4, and my two favorite PC games are Minecraft and Amnesia.

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I thought about this after reading the book, The Hunger Games, there should be an xbox game where you play as your avatar, and can play either online, against computers, or up to 4 local players. You and the other players are placed in a randomly selected arena, and like the hunger games, you fight to the death and try to survive. At the start of a match, you rise out of the tubes and must wait 60 seconds for the match to start (so late players can join and get themselves ready) or else you explode. Theres a stash of weapons and survival gear lying in a building that you can either risk your life to get, or rough it. You can find food throughout the map, such as berries and roots, but also deadly berries and plants. If you have a weapon, you can kill deer and rabbits to cook and eat. If you're the last player standing, the next time you play a match, you instantly receive a camping kit containing medicine, flint and steel, and a water pouch, or receive one weapon of choice. For the achievements, you earn "Survivor" if you win a match, "Oops" if you eat a deadly plant, "Medic!" if you use medicine, "Noob" if you die within the first 30 seconds of playing, and "Champion" if you win a total of 10 matches. This is just an idea, but I'm hoping this idea is spread, new ideas are added, and it becomes an official Xbox Live Aracade game. Comment on what you think of this idea, or if you have any suggestions or ideas.

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