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On my way home I had a certain thing on my mind. I've had about 4-5 people who tell me that they want to learn how to use 3ds max and photoshop to learn how to model and texture and not long after I've given them links to the programs, communication drops to zero and I don't hear from them again. Now I understand that people can be busy, but 4-5 people in a row isn't a coincidence (something I don't believe in anyway) but a standard. I think that in future cases I will need to somehow make sure people are dedicated to learn. Maybe by setting some requirements; they need to get 3ds max and photoshop on their own and have msn and/or skype to maintain regular contact. I prefer to get an update of whatever is being done from time to time. Besides, from First Offensive I've learned that regular personal contact can lead to good friends. :)

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