I have been a gamer ever since i got my hands on my first joystick in 1992. My first pc game i ever played was Duke Nukum 1. i am an artist and a rpg game designer, and i am also a modder. not only am i an big fan of Hello Kitty and many other Sanrio characters, but am an big fan of Duke Nukem and the Unreal games too. Transformers G1 is also gold :) Old games from the 90s are in my personal opinion, much more challanging and fun and unique. I dont really like newer games (Crysis 2 is an exeption) since they dont give any challange due to all the scripted events lol. My main projects so far are listed, Duke Nukem Fallever for Fallout 3, Crysis 2 CryFever TC for Crysis2, Ue2 Jake Logan player model for Ut2004, and my own RPG game Galactic Alpha. ----

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Duke Nukem Forever 2013
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A neat looking game wiht quite some cuteness to it. I love it :D

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