I'm a full time Chemist (it's not my passion but it pays the bills) but I have modding to make me happy. I have bachelor's degrees in Biochemistry and Fine Art(the reason I like doing this type of mod):) I have always drawn(comics, video game art, and anime etc...) I love science fiction. I play a bit of guitar(blues and rock mostly). I practice+help teach Goju Karate as a 1st degree black belt. I like having hobbies. My latest hobby is modding. The Mass Effect Updated/Improved Textures Mod is my first mod. I was inspired by JeanLuc's work on ME2 and the handful of ME1 textures he did. I wanted to give ME1 the graphics it deserves and seeing his work showed me it was more than possible. I am new to modding and very much still learning, open to suggestions/constructive criticism. I also will tackle requests to the best of my ability. I am happy to be a part of and share my work with the modding community :)

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