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Dungeon Prospector

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It's early days for this game, but Dungeon Prospector is one of the few first-person "free-look" Dungeon Crawlers in the style of King's Field or Ultima Underworld. There's not a lot to do just yet, but it is tremendously pleasing to see such a game being developed. Updates look promising, let's hope this game continues to grow!



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Teleglitch is one of the most creative, immersive, satisfying, deep and memorable gaming experiences I've had in years. The retro visual style engages the imagination, the core shooting action is visceral and satisfying, and the audio design further enhances that distinct sense of eldritch unknown malignance that hides around every corner. The random level "engine" is also genius. Each level has a distinct feel to it, but being made up of many parts "bolted" together in a random way adds just enough variety without feeling cobbled together. This game is brilliant. Please, please PLEASE make more levels, EPCC. I'm very much wishing to play more.

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