At ease ladies. i am a modder. I lead the Operation: Rolling Thunder mod, which is a TC for CnC3 Tiberium Wars. Aside that, I like music, mostly rock and Gorillaz. I am also getting pretty good with photoshop. ASIDE that, I am joining the army. In fact, I take my test today, which is.... September 14, 2009. See you all soon.

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Carnage17 Sep 26 2009, 9:41pm says:

Hi. How are you? have a friend. :p

+1 vote   member: ttbdlord
Carnage17 Sep 21 2009, 9:35pm says:

Good, good. But a handle on a rifle like that...? Unethical. If you are just trying to add detail, put a picatinny rail system on all sides of the handgaurds. (where the holes are) This will allow you to add many different featres, and make your rifle way more versatile. You could make it bullpp style, but thats alot of effort... Or you could make it fire a round so big, you have to twist the pistol grip sideways, and pull it back to insert the round through there.

There is a russian rifle like that. 17mm round I think... Add maybe another cylinder so it can be gas-operated instead of recoil. This increases your accuracy and speed at reloading.

You will prolly put a bipod on there too, right? Thats always good for details. the stock of the weapon to the reciever is also a bit to straight. Give it just a little bit more height, and angle so it looks like it has all the normal room for the bolt, the spring, and all that goodness.

Now, I know it sounds like im just ranting, but im not. Just trying to give ideas, ya know. Plus I am in love with rifles. I go fire my M4 tomorow. It has an acog on it. :p And I am going to sniper school soon too. Yeah, im in the army. I love guns. I also have the biggest gun... 120 mm smoothbore! Abrams rules all...

Sorry for the rambling. Hope my ideas and advice helps... carry on?

+1 vote   media: WIP of barret
Carnage17 Sep 11 2009, 5:54pm says:

Not bad. Why so wide though? And with the side cannons, it looks cool, but it is almost impossible to do that with a tank. Think inner mechanism of the gun... Recoil... The breach would slam back through the outer wall and BAM! Done son!

But, then again... Nobody else has had a design like this one... :p So, kudos!

+1 vote   media: Rolling Doom
Carnage17 Oct 21 2008, 11:38am replied:

Allrighty. Not bad. I give it a 6/10.

+1 vote   media: The Meteor Mech
Carnage17 Oct 11 2008, 2:48am says:

Beware the drones! They have come to life, and control themselves!

+1 vote   media: My works...
Carnage17 Sep 28 2008, 8:16pm says:

Make the Iron sights bigger? O_o

+1 vote   media: MK-IIA4 Render
Carnage17 Sep 21 2008, 3:41pm says:

Getting better man, getting better. Keep trying though. you gotta optimize those polies alot to get it right.

Mind telling me which tank ur trying to make? I may be able to help you. :D

+1 vote   media: Tank redone.
Carnage17 Sep 4 2008, 1:52pm says:

Everyone needs a friend. I am your friend. How are we today? hehe.

+1 vote   member: dandi8
Carnage17 Aug 15 2008, 9:03pm says:

Wow. Boring profile mate. I say you upgrade this big beast. You have alot you could contribute, i know it. So get to contributing. NOW! D:

+2 votes   member: Strategia
Carnage17 Aug 12 2008, 5:22pm says:

lol, good job man. :D

+2 votes   media: The new face of C&C! Concept 01
Carnage17 Aug 7 2008, 7:44pm replied:

Nah. An incomplete Leopard... :D

+1 vote   media: More renders.
Carnage17 Jul 31 2008, 12:37pm says:

Keep it up my children... :D

+2 votes   game: PB3D
Carnage17 Jul 30 2008, 2:55am says:

Not quite the right image, but it was all I had at the time...

+1 vote   download: Land-Locked
Carnage17 Jul 21 2008, 12:22pm says:

YAY, I get first post. Lol, just kidding. Ya finally uploaded it eh Ferkhat? It looks sweet.

+1 vote   mod: Tiberian Wrath
Carnage17 Jul 16 2008, 9:09pm says:

I got first post! I love doing that, so much.....

+1 vote   group: Command & Conquer REDUX Development Team
Carnage17 Jun 17 2008, 11:21pm says:

And I see potential to help. I expect the people playing this mod not to complain, otherwise, they can help and see if they do better. They have no right to complain getting a free quality product. So, they should not be so picky. Not everyone will get what they want.

I will help.

But, if you want it to improve, less negative **** is what ya must do/say. Otherwise it is not going to be better. We modders do not work hard for you that cannot mod to get to sit back and complain. I learned to Code Model and map for my own reasons. Just take a look at my mod Delta for Zero Hour, and my other mod for CnC3 which is Cold war Conflict: War of the Future. That is all I can say...

+2 votes   article: The future of Tiberian Dawn Redux...
Carnage17 Jun 17 2008, 3:04am says:

Post some more info, man. We would love more stuffs.

+2 votes   game: Nihilirian Rebirth
Carnage17 Jun 15 2008, 12:25am replied:

I will correct the Issue when I update. (soon!!!!)

+1 vote   media: More renders.
Carnage17 Jun 13 2008, 6:03pm replied:

It is being done. In fact, should be done soon. I am actually surprised Sgt Myers hasn't had it done yet... Oh well. He works hard on this mod, and I do give him some help. See ya online comrades!

+2 votes   download: C&C Tiberian Dawn Redux v.1.1 (obsolete)
Carnage17 Jun 12 2008, 12:26pm says:

Thank you for the watch on the mod. The team appreciates it. CYA soon.

+2 votes   member: ElishaSweet
Carnage17 Jun 11 2008, 10:07pm replied:

Yes, and relatively low poly. Izzy is a damn good modeller. He just started a while ago...

+1 vote   media: Russian advanced T-90 tank WIP
Carnage17 Jun 11 2008, 7:44pm says:

Please leave a comment so we can enjoy what you think. Comments and suggestions are always welcome! We will also have a site for this mod shortly. See ya soon.

+1 vote   mod: Operation: Rolling Thunder
Carnage17 Jun 11 2008, 2:32pm says:

I believe that is a barracks of some sort. Looks like something from the Tiberian Universe. See ya soon.

+1 vote   media: Barracks model practise
Carnage17 May 27 2008, 2:41pm says:

Hello. You are watching my profile. May I ask why? I am not being rude, just curious. Thanks. Cya.

+1 vote   member: Crack21
Carnage17 May 22 2008, 8:59am says:

Maybe a segment of a rocket trooper versus a tank? Anyways, I am off to work. See ya soon.

+1 vote   media: The Code. better version :D
Carnage17 May 19 2008, 9:04pm says:

You need some pics. I will get ya some.

+1 vote   member: shockwave45
Carnage17 May 5 2008, 11:21pm says:

I hate busting balls, but my mod, Delta, will also be a sequel. Looks like we may have competition. I may have one impossible thing that you dont have. I don't have "it" yet, but soon. Either way, best of luck. Cheers.

0 votes   mod: Command and Conquer Generals: World at War
Carnage17 Apr 28 2008, 10:47am replied:

A mutant from the Delta toxins of the GLA.

+1 vote   media: Our first concepts for ya.
Carnage17 Apr 24 2008, 1:45am says:

alpine assault. My favorite. i can tell by the road, and the map. G'night.

+1 vote   media: SDI Cannon
Carnage17 Apr 24 2008, 1:41am says:

WOOT! First post! Yeah me. No? Well, whats up man?

+1 vote   member: RoDNoX
Carnage17 Apr 11 2008, 1:52am says:

Does it shoot nukes? Or just crappy uranium shells? Nukes would be better. lol.

0 votes   media: Nuke Overlord
Carnage17 Apr 7 2008, 11:52am says:

Im here loooool. waddup marc?

+1 vote   group: TAOW Team
Carnage17 Apr 5 2008, 4:38pm says:

This comment has been posted in a private group.

Carnage17 Apr 3 2008, 8:19pm says:

sup man?

+1 vote   member: The_Swimmer
Carnage17 Apr 2 2008, 8:51pm says:

tiny little bugger eh?

+1 vote   media: Micro Tank Size-Up
Carnage17 Apr 2 2008, 7:22pm says:

no comments and no friends so I figured I might as well, TTYL.

+1 vote   member: StillGrey
Carnage17 Mar 24 2008, 10:11pm says:

This is what I can do in about an hour, not much but it'll be something. By the way it is supposed to be an artilery unit. Let me know what you think it should be. Thanks for the comments.

+1 vote   media: Un-named
Carnage17 Mar 24 2008, 1:35am says:

Hi, you made a comment on my mod, if you can call it that, and i thought id get back to you. If it dont work, you may have other mods installed or something is wrong with your current install, also you need an updated version. Also if you know how to skin tanks for zero hour, let me know k? Later.

+1 vote   member: beju
Carnage17 Mar 22 2008, 7:37pm says:

I've seen your skinning skills and wanted to know if you would skin a tank I made? Look at it and let me know(it's on my profile).

+1 vote   member: Comrade-Woo
Carnage17 Mar 22 2008, 4:15pm says:

I made this beast(hellhound) so anyone who can skin it please let me know!

0 votes   media: Hellhound
Carnage17 Mar 22 2008, 1:06pm says:

Should be good. I wish you luck, and hope you don't fail.

+1 vote   mod: Command and Conquer Generals, Final Hour
Carnage17 Mar 19 2008, 12:11am says:

Wow, I am pretty excited for this to come out. Not many people play zero hour, because with a computer new stuff is released always. But I think zero hour is well worth the play time and I hope this mod is finished whenever it may be, since me and a friend have been with CNC since it was on playstation. Only question, will it have the zero hour build style or mcv and generals powers? Please dont die, others have because this game is getting old enough not to be played, but I have cnc tiberium wars and battlefield 2142 etc.. and I play zero hour more often.

+2 votes   mod: Command & Conquer Tiberian Dawn Redux
Carnage17 Feb 28 2008, 9:33pm says:

you play cnc3? let me know

+1 vote   member: CheeseFrog
Carnage17 Feb 28 2008, 9:16pm says:

hey you play cnc3? let me know please

+1 vote   member: Ragiko
Carnage17 Feb 28 2008, 9:10pm says:

hey, you play cnc3?

+1 vote   member: ussr1943
Carnage17 Jan 18 2008, 3:17pm says:

Let me know how you like these maps please.

+2 votes   download: Carnage17's mappack 2
Carnage17 Jan 11 2008, 3:08am says:

When and if anybody has a suggestion for a map, I'll make it to the best of my ability. As of now I'm working on a new mappack, which will include 7 more maps, so suggestions are key.

+1 vote   download: Carnage's mappack 1
Carnage17 Jul 21 2008, 12:15am replied:

Wow. Rezz, it has been a long time my friend. I hope to see you around more.

+1 vote   mod: Generals Delta
Carnage17 Jul 20 2008, 12:34am replied:

We could...
but only if we use them.

+1 vote   mod: Operation: Rolling Thunder
Carnage17 Jul 19 2008, 1:05am replied:


+1 vote   mod: Generals Delta
Carnage17 Jul 17 2008, 2:30pm says:

I would love to see this put ingame. However it is too high poly for the game to be able to run it efficiently. Oh wait...
I could easily reduce the poly, alot. I reduce a shotgun I made, a SPAS-12, from 30,000 poly to 3000 poly... I have just become that good. :)

+1 vote   media: GLA Scorpion
Carnage17 Jul 17 2008, 2:27pm replied:

I should only hope you wouldn't say that Ruby... Being since I am heavily supprting Aydynbek, and he is continuing my plans. I just have to be selective as to what I will do being since I will be a lot more busy then I had been when I started this mod. And no, I am not a noob at all. In fact, I have made some serious progress in my modelling skills and am keeping my coding skills sharp. The team just barely communicated and that was the cause for such petty updates. I was the focal point of the team and was the only one they really talked to for some reason, in that sense that is why Aydynbek is doing better.

1: he has more time then me.

2: he has modded alot more then me.

3: he has a relatively small team and it is easier to stay in touch.

So you are right, he is doing better, but I did good in my own sense. If you want, I could always take over again. I am sure you would like that. I do not plan on it though.

+1 vote   mod: Generals Delta
Carnage17 Jul 17 2008, 11:59am replied:

I don't mind.
Whats new with you, my son?

+1 vote   member: Carnage17
Carnage17 Jul 16 2008, 11:40pm says:

*** Is going to mod the **** out of this game ***

+1 vote   game: C&C: Red Alert 3
Carnage17 Jul 16 2008, 11:04pm replied:

I is making the SPAS-12. I might make the M4... That would be a good challenge.

+1 vote   game: Jurassic Park
Carnage17 Jul 16 2008, 4:16pm says:

I solved the issue. Now if i could just get my response... I am anxious to test my skills...

+1 vote   game: Jurassic Park
Carnage17 Jul 16 2008, 4:13pm says:


+1 vote   game: Jurassic Park
Carnage17 Jul 16 2008, 3:43pm replied:

In the meantime, is it possible to PM me the details as to what I will model and everything involving it?

+1 vote   game: Jurassic Park
Carnage17 Jul 16 2008, 1:58pm replied:

I applied. What next?

+1 vote   game: Jurassic Park
Carnage17 Jul 16 2008, 1:48pm replied:

Nothing really. I just love Jurassic park. Except the third movie. That one sucked. :)

+1 vote   game: Jurassic Park
Carnage17 Jul 15 2008, 11:33pm says:

K. Seriously. I am sick of just sitting here, waiting. So, PM me with every single detail I need to model for this game. If you do that, I will model for you. I am pretty skilled at modelling, so do hurry. Just PM me with details, or ur MSN/yahoo messenger and we can talk. Thanks. Cheers.

+1 vote   game: Jurassic Park
Carnage17 Jul 14 2008, 11:21pm says:

What I am about to say is not intended as negativity, but positive.

If you guys release this mod after such a long wait, and then fail to deliver what this mod is built up to be, and after we all waited for so long to get our impatient hands on it, how might you feel about that? If that happened it would be the worst case scenario. Even not releasing is better then that. Just trying to say this...

Do not keep us waiting forever and then deliver something less then we expected. I am actually quite confident in you guys, and I am waiting for this. Just do it right. And btw... who is the actual leader of this mod, the official person? Please PM me with the name or PM me urself. I have serious business to discuss. So, let me know who the leader is. lol, I need to pay more attention. see ya'lls soon.

-1 votes   mod: Cold War Crisis
Carnage17 Jul 14 2008, 9:50pm replied:

Holy ****! I thought you dropped of the face of earth.... Did ya? If not, come back to us. We need someone to pick on... :)

+2 votes   mod: The Art of War
Carnage17 Jul 12 2008, 12:27am says:

Preview video? Damnit.... Seen an update, and I said shut the **** up dom (little brother) and then BAM! video.... Oh well. Me go be a sober cab now. Later.

+1 vote   mod: Cold War Crisis
Carnage17 Jul 9 2008, 12:58am replied:

Honestly... I hope so, but time will tell. I didn't really have a choice tho. I am also going to busy with work. 5 days a week, away from home. I just am not sure...

+1 vote   member: Carnage17
Carnage17 Jul 8 2008, 11:41pm says:

K. Ummm. I need to talk to the leader of this mod. So, I am not sure who it is, but please, please, PM me. I have some very important **** I need to discuss, and it will be in your favour. So, PM me with the info as to who the leader is, and I will talk to him. Thanks. :)

+1 vote   mod: Signal
Carnage17 Jul 5 2008, 4:26pm says:

Just so it does not feel like you favor the GLA, I recommend you add the same stuff for USA and China, like the Mission count and such. And soon some screenies, which even though I gave up moding, I will still help both of my mods. Good luck Aydynbek.

+1 vote   mod: Generals Delta
Carnage17 Jul 3 2008, 9:06am replied:

Thats summer of 2009. So, you and I and everyone else will have to do what all the non-dev. team members do... wait. :)

+1 vote   mod: Vietnam Glory Obscured
Carnage17 Jul 1 2008, 10:32pm says:

I waited and waited, and then just gave gaming and modding ( including my mods) and THEN this mod gets released again. Same for Cold War Crisis, I wont be gaming or modding whenever it releases... Oh well, I like the pics, and the comments reinforce it.

+2 votes   mod: Vietnam Glory Obscured
Carnage17 Jul 1 2008, 9:24pm replied:

Yes, yes it is.

+1 vote   member: Carnage17
Carnage17 Jun 30 2008, 11:51pm replied:

An account? That makes it sound like ya have to pay to join. Just register, and yes, it is free. No mod should make ya pay. lol.

+1 vote   mod: The Art of War
Carnage17 Jun 30 2008, 11:49pm replied:

Ya. i will return, one day, and very happily. :)

+1 vote   mod: Operation: Rolling Thunder
Carnage17 Jun 27 2008, 1:28pm replied:

Well, ummm, yeah. Maybe i will come back. Anyone on my Yahoo or MSN will be able to talk to me, but i do not have time to mod.

+1 vote   mod: Generals Delta
Carnage17 Jun 26 2008, 9:21pm replied:

lol. So many impatient people. But in the end... They will be happy. For a bit, until they find a better game/mod...

+1 vote   mod: CNC Fallout
Carnage17 Jun 26 2008, 11:12am says:

I will try my hardest to come back, but it all depends on her. She likes gaming as I just found out, but stuff like rockband. If I decide to come back, Delta had better be alive for me. Now then, off to wait for my love and my life.

+1 vote   mod: Generals Delta
Carnage17 Aug 10 2008, 7:55pm says:

Good job guys. I love this. Hurry with your release damnit Zeke. Or should i hound you in ES? :D

+1 vote   mod: Generation X
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