I'm a Passionate 3D Artist constantly trying to improve my skills & Help others to make amazing Art. I Specialize in Hard Surface Modeling & Prop Creation for Next Gen & Mobile Games. I'm looking for a Full Time Job in Australia & would love to work in a AAA or Mobile Studio. I use Industry Standard tools such as : Maya, Zbrush, Photoshop as well as Games Engines such as Unity, UDK & CryEngine 3.

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CarlK3D Nov 16 2013, 11:33pm replied:

Should be up today Hopefully If not Tomorrow at the latest. waiting on latest build as I didn't get a copy on Friday.

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CarlK3D Aug 18 2013, 3:48am says:

Very nice so far, but dear lord kill those birds

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CarlK3D Aug 6 2013, 8:09am replied:

Hmm...It might be your browser, I just tried it in IE and it works fine for me. Try Clearing Cookies and Cache. or use different browser. i.e Firefox, Chrome

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CarlK3D Jul 19 2013, 11:04pm replied:

go ahead, Its not much of a game but your welcome to!

+1 vote     download: Ninja Attack!
CarlK3D Jul 15 2013, 6:08am replied:

Whist I do agree with you that it is unrealistic. you have to remember using health kits breaks up game-play and doesn't keep the player fully immersed. they are forced to look for health packs if they are low and if they reach an auto-save point and reach a point where they have to push through alot of enemies this could result in many deaths and the user can become frustrated. I remember this happening a few times to me in CoD 1. Having said that though both systems have there pros and cons.
btw I'm not for or against either, I'm looking at this completely on a design basis.
There are other systems out there like what Farcry 3 or the Last of us use such as making your own health kits/ Bandages.

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