hello you are read my bio so... how your day? oh my fine be playing game not read this thing

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Dead Pixels

Game review

dead pixels is great zombie game no good sim zombie game but very fun 3 game mode so good sad no muitpalay ok then is lan and need xbox 360 good idea dont buy it on pc but what play this game so badly stop read this buy game


Survival 101

Mod review

of have few hours (move like few min 30) of survival 101 is great thing rest some time love that it hard play one half it were 8 hp then 30 then 25 then 0 think fun little half life 2 mod help you but not hold head all way so that good and not that hard gun lot move power so lost move hp so still way form zombies headcarb **** me off not one hint kill but lot move hard see were no power left or rest get suit back full power sould play it NOW of HL2 of you dont why are you reading this


Half-Life 2

Game review - 2 disagree

have play this in ever but great game play good story but ending is very good but loading fist and maybe last fist time game very slow then go fast but think wont play game 8 time fun to play 3 time or less but not lot gun that form xen not great xen somhow friendly no idea why but headcrab hate still


King Arthur's Gold

Game review

kag is real good game class are baisc as theny can be but lillte thing make move awsome like use bow make labber cimmb tree move fun zombie mode is great craft is real easy builling are fun see then fall to pice thing funny olny thing bit rocks then and have this is still be work on so move can hope put bunny in soon but great game cant give ten lot bugs and fix one new one come


Project Zomboid

Early access game review

zombie at door you have noveing to kill were your dead.projectzomboid fun not like zombie game we have this somthing move like would real zombie wolrd need eat your bean(move food like beer & move) and you need sitll out damn rain must arngry thing look fine outdoor going get foods oh rain sheep zzz.and then pill pain kill lot move help were thing saced are need get sheep or stop bite for you turn in to zombie oh yes can turn to be zombie and no win maybe win stoy but not done yet so you were die fun game move thing **** off and long you live move come eat you live. good luck hope dont die in a day try live at less week not that hard.thx read this :)

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