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0 comments by captainrip on Nov 14th, 2012

Bionic Marine Command Online

Free-To-Play Sci-Fi Multiplayer Sandbox RPG/MOBA
Platforms:  PC, MAC, Linux
Game Types:  Single player, Multiplayer RPG, Multiplayer Online Battle Arena

Single Player (Online/Offline) and 20 player Co-op multiplayer RPG games (Online only).Each player can take on the role of a combat bionic marine who can choose between four branches of the military.  Players will be able to engage in themed missions based upon the type of gameplay selected, which will be fought across various environments (military/industrial installations, open battlefields, open space & asteroid fields).  The choices include combat ranger, space pilot, mech pilot, or a crafter for the engineering corps.

MOBA - Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (Online only)

This area of the game will feature head to head PvP battles across space, mech battlegrounds and planetside military environments.  Players will be able to battle it out as bionic marine, mech pilot, or by piloting space ships.  Our guild system will enable guild vs guild games also.

To date, we have the following game types:
Game Mode "Survival FFA"
Game Mode "Team Deathmatch"
Game Mode "Capture The Point"
Game Mode “Legendary Battles” **

** Legendary Battles PvE/PvP Friends/Guild head to head battles will be MOBA games with ever increasing waves of mini-boss mobs to eliminate culminating in the spawn of a Legendary boss who will have the chance to drop unique loot items not obtainable anywhere else in the game. These games will offer the highest risk for the highest rewards.Does this sound like enough of a challenge? Well these games will also be head to head Player versus player games that will let groups of friends or guilds challenge other guilds or groups of friends to compete over the killing of the final legendary boss.

Players will be able to join open games or create custom games of their own.  Several open world/space and auction/trade games will perpetually run without the need for players to create them.  The auction system will be accessible across all open games.

What IS the Bionic Marine Command Online?
Bionic Marine Command Online is a Selective Multiplayer game, allowing players to choose how they want to play! Whether in Single-Player Offline mode or any of three online modes. Single and multiplayer RPG games will have main quest lines that will provide countless hours of focused, story driven content augmented with a new book in our novel series released with each expansion.Bionic Marine Command can be played as an offline RPG free solo experience or online, with guild members, friends or open games.Built using the Unity Game Engine and nested on Photon servers, will support Win/Mac/Linux for official launch.Players will have a classless skill system to play the way you want to play.Bionic Marine Command is a “buy-to-play” game that, once purchased, does not require a subscription to play!

The game is in early development and for the most part is using off the shelf art assets. We are opening up much of the art asset creation to our fans. This will give our fans the opportunity to be part of the game forever!
Throughout the development process we will include our fans in all areas of our development. They will be allowed to contribute to all aspects of our game.

Classless character system:Bionic Marine Command Online has 38 different Skills currently in game which determine the capabilities of your Character. You can expend up to 600 points between these however you desire. Each skill has an individual cap of 100 points. In order to improve in a skill you simply carry out the associated actions. For example, if you wish to train in pistol, simply fight Monsters with a pistol equipped. Likewise, casting a Fishing Pole out into the water is all it takes to become a better Fisherman. Each skill is associated with certain Stats, which are trained in the same manner. The Skill Menu can be used to select those you wish to improve in, those you wish to "forget", and those you wish to lock at their current level.
Skills will have abilities associated with them called talents. talents can be purchased by gaining 1 talent point per 10 skill points gained.

(Think Diablo meets Ultima Online.We will offer smaller games with a skill gain system instead of a grind exp system.)

In the year 2517, with an ever-increasing need for raw materials, several of the largest corporations began space programs.  These explorations for resources led to the discovery of three compatible star systems.  Three major corporations emerged centered around these.  Most influential, and closest to Earth, was R.O.M.E (Robotic Off-world Mineral Extractors Inc.).
In 2581, a deadly plague spread throughout the colonies.  The corporations used a propaganda campaign to blame unknown terrorists for the virus and the destruction of colonial life.  In an effort to cleanse the colonies of this virus and make space safe from the terrorists, military robots were activated by the corporations in order to kill any terrorists still inhabiting the colonies.
The plague, however, left behind a legacy.  Those people whose pituitary glands were inactive had survived.  These people were the children, who discover they have been marked for extermination.
Thus began the war of the Space Dwarves.

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