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CaptainMarvels May 8 2007 says:

" why is the file called "echo delta" is this even the right file? HELP !"

Military and civilian radio operators use certain code words as letters. The letter corresponds to the first character of the word.

Alpha = A
Bravo= B
Charlie= C

and so on....

So, Echo Delta stands for ED. I'm only 35% done downloading the file, but, I'd be willing to make a wager that ED stands for Eternal Damnation. *******....

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CaptainMarvels May 8 2007 says:

I think a few guns would fit in with the post-apocalyptic theme of this mod. They should however be very few and very, very far between with ammunition almost as rare. Only in the hands of the few powerful raider bosses and village chieftains. You know, Road Warrior style. I'd play this mod regardless because I'm a big fan of the post-apoc genre but I'm also a big fan of guns and a few of them would be an even more incentive.

Please sir, I implore you, I beseech you, put a few guns in this game. Zip guns, revolvers, a blackpowder musket, anything! Hell, I made this account just to ask you to do this. I really love the idea behind this mod and I'd like to see it even better.

Also, do you need any writing staff? I could help out with that in my spare time, should I be necessary. I'm not much good at mapping, designing or scripting, but I can write. I'd also gladly, ****, more than gladly, play test.

Shoot me an email at thedeer_fearme @

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