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One Finger Death Punch

Game review

I've only played three levels of this, and I can already tell that this is an awesome game. I have a non-Desura version of this, so it won't appear on my list. I'll be doing a giveaway of the Desura key on r/GameKeyDump

It's a simple "auto beat-em up" (that really should be ported to mobile if isn't already) that is reminiscent of Kung Fu from the NES, but taken to an extreme. Use the left mouse to attack enemes in your left zone, and right mouse button for those on your right. (PC version) That's pretty much it! Button spamming will cause you harm, so you must time your attacks correctly. There are also enemies that require you to enter the inputs in a correct order and timing that is much like QTE events from many modern games. It does this with very well animated stick figures with a overly stereotypical and extreme Chinese Kung-Fu Movie personality.

My only argument is that much of the graphical assets have that "cheap flash game look" which is a strange juxtaposition to the well drawn character art in the menus, and the use of textures for stuff like grass, water, etc in the map. There's not alot of unity in the art style, but I can easily deal with it for the game's rock solid gameplay



Game review may contain spoilers

I thouroughly enjoyed this game (despite the lack of controller support, forcing me to use JoyToKey to use a controller) up until the Nueron boss battle, which is among the most annoying boss battles I've ever played. It requires a convoulted process of dropping nearly all your gear, only being able to hit the boss by climbing around the arena, and being forced to pour out and completely loose any health potions you have while he's constantly doing damage to you. Absurdly irritating. Watch a video of this battle or see some reviews before you put money into this.


DLC Quest

Game review

Tobe's Vertical Adventure

Game review

A very solid and slick Sega/SNES inspired platformer. However, this game isn't CRT friendly, so you need a monitor with a resolution more than 1024x768. Game isn't too hard, and some may say a tad easy - it can be beat well within 4-6 hours with few level retries. I personally find this a good thing as are a ton of games in my backlog, so this game did exactly what it needed to do. Minus two points simply because of the resolution issue (wasn't a problem on my laptop) and some may find it too short (though, he price is fair, so maybe 9 is more fitting honestly)


Operation Na Pali

Mod review - 2 disagree

Operation Na Pali is definitely quite a long single player mod with a fair amount of action and mild platforming. I'm sure back in it's original release time, it was great, as you got a complete single player campaign for free. However, the game hasn't aged well and drags on for hours. This was not a problem when it originally released, but the problem is that it's a very linear mod with an OK story/plot at best. You don't really have an interesting character to be invested in and you're not seeing too much new in terms of gameplay (same UT weapons, kill a few monsters, find a code to a door, jump over some games, crouch into vents, continue). And the extremely amatuer voice acting doesn't help the game at all, but it's understandable as a free mod. Cutscenes were good for its time, but are very underwhelming to look at compared to games of 2010-2011. I find myself tired of it at map 16 (I'm sure others would get bored even more quickly) and that's with about 8+ hours of game time. Apparently there are FOURTY Maps. I can't take more of that when I'm not having that much fun. Things get worse if you forget to save and have to finish ENTIRE LEVELS from scratch. There is no Checkpoint system, so either save from the UT interface, or remember that F6 is quicksave. I will give props to the level design - levels look nearly like "official" levels, and not some "basement amateur" crap.

In the scope of all the games and mods that are out there now, I don't think this is worth too much of your time unless you have nothing else to do. There's value in the level design and the extreme longevity (I think it should be shorter), but none of that matters if you aren't having that much fun - though fun is in the opinion of the specific gamer.

I give a 7/10, mostly for effort from a non-official modder/team, perhaps more worth a 6 based from my review, but I'll give some leeway.

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