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calmon70 Dec 8 2012 says:

Is the Dwarf Quest with full Armor/Axe working? I do have all 4 items (Plate, Shield, Helm, Axe) but the quest doesn't end. Some items were bought at smith. Is there a different between normal items and bought items? If yes both should trigger the quest end.

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calmon70 Feb 19 2012 says:

New video from the other guy reviewing coe3 via video:

Just some minutes old, check part 1 and 2 as well. He is focused on demonologist.

To shorten waiting time ;)

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calmon70 Feb 18 2012 replied:

Definitly not the dominions mode. All the random summons are immidiatly handled. So this alone would prevent it (easy cheatable, just think about the domonologist).
So either your option a or b, I would think simultaneous just because the other mode would make MP games really slow. At least when playing with more than 2 players.

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calmon70 Feb 17 2012 replied:

2) Minecraft is far more casual than CoE3.
If you don't believe (I think you agree here) just look into the videos from the guy previewed the different CoE3 classes. He also make Minecraft Videos. Compare the numbers of views.

3) Agree! Thats why it not costs 50$-60$.

I agree, its not perfect to sell a game for the same price in the whole world because of different incomes. But I think its the way the world move, all goes more global.

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calmon70 Feb 17 2012 replied:

Thanks Johan!

Sadly this is the night sunday/monday. Any chance to release it earlier so we are able to play it this weekend? In all this videos going around I didn't note any show stopper.

Are this 2 more days really needed?

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calmon70 Feb 17 2012 replied:

That's just not the case and brain stupid.

If they can all make more games by selling complex games for 5$ why nobody is doing it?

Check matrixgames with their wargames. They all sell it for 50-60$ even after years!

What you say its just not true! It may be the case for indy casual games but not for high-time-intensive deep games. World isn't TBS and you need to have a high prize to get something out in this niches.

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calmon70 Feb 12 2012 replied:

deep games -> usually not for common casual gamer
casual game not involved -> higher price

Thats always the case. Just check all the wargames coming out (matrixgames for example). They are usual prized at 50-60$ and needs to be that high to get something out for the developers.

CoE3 is at 20$, it has bad UI meaning 90% will not even take a look into because of the graphics. I read a lot comments when something like Hearts of Iron came out.

Dominions 3 was and is still at a high prize even its out for ages and there is a good reason. CoE3 is 40% of dominions prize. Very OK for me.

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