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cabbage100 Nov 4 2012 says:

Man I am super impressed with your H.A.W.X modelling skillz with a 'Z'.

I was wondering if you plan on doing any more models in the future, and if so, what sorts of aircraft would you do? I gotta say, if you made a Cowboy Bebop Swordfish I would probably reinstall H.A.W.X just for that XD

Anyway, keep up the good work man.

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cabbage100 Dec 27 2011 says:

I think this is honestly a batter choice than the Fafnir, since it's slightly harder to hit, about 10ks faster and carries almost as much firepower.

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cabbage100 Dec 27 2011 replied:


Also, FML when you hunt something across the map in a medium mech without knowing what it is only for one of these to come stomping over the hill in-game.
I gott say, the Hollander A is a pretty good counter to the Fafnir, with it's comparitively high speed, full torso twist, and HGauss. I managed to best two Fafnirs yesterday with the Hollander A.

+1 vote   media: Inner Sphere Fafnir
cabbage100 Aug 8 2011 says:

Does anyone else think it'd be an awesome idea to have a Dropship for each team in some TC maps?
It could act like a forward command centre and spawn point for mechs, but with enough firepower, could be destroyed to help cripple the enemy battle effort.

Also, once I'm done with this Cert 3 in visual arts this year and move on to the diploma, I'll totally try and join your team as a texture artist. :D

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cabbage100 Aug 7 2011 says:

At first I was thinking "aah cool, they ripped the VO from MW4."

But then, right at the end I noticed he said "MW Living Legends" And I subtly flipped my ****.

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cabbage100 May 31 2011 says:

I'm still trying to comprehend why they didn't actually put Space Corusaunt in the original game.

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cabbage100 May 31 2011 replied:

Melee without lightsabre. . . Arruugh, my brain, it's full of f**k.

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cabbage100 May 12 2011 says:

Awesome mod, I can't wait to play it.

I know this is trivial, but I must point it out because the rest is done so perfectly.
On the poster for the campaign, the lighting of BIll is reversed compared to everyone else, which is the tell that the pictures were just cut and pasted from the official posters. If you swap him out for a pic of Bill with light on the right side thenit'd make it look just that little bit more pro.

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cabbage100 Mar 30 2011 says:

Haven't tried it yet, but I'm looking forard to it.

Can someone tell me tho, can you customize your weapons loadouts? It always irked me in OFP:DR that you couldn't.
If this mod doesn't offer that, does anyone know a mod that does?

+1 vote   mod: OF:Dragon Rising Singleplayer Overhaul Mod
cabbage100 Dec 31 2010 says:

Hey, I've installed this Mod (English version) and the updates to Oblivion and this mod and I have an problem.
I got through the cave and the whole intro part and I just entered the world proper.
So anyway, I had a look around and I decided to change my graphical settings, so I did and I restarted the game like it told me to and now when I load up my save games all I see is grey!
What's going on? Is this happening to anyone else? I know it's not my game freezing up since I can still move about and attack (I can hear it and I can see my HUD) but I can't see anything.
Plz messaghe back, I've really been waiting to play this for ages!

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