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C3Butthead420 Oct 9 2009, 1:21pm says:

Dumbest video preview I've ever seen.

+2 votes   media: Title Menu Teaser
C3Butthead420 Aug 9 2009, 7:30pm says:

I can't seem to find the version 4 patch for PK:OD. Where can I get it please???

+2 votes   game: Painkiller
C3Butthead420 Jul 24 2009, 11:16pm says:

How long has this game been a "TBD" for now??? I really would like to play this game.

+1 vote   media: This is the background :D
C3Butthead420 Jul 24 2009, 2:37pm says:

I just bought the cd, net payment and wow!!! All the tracks are awesome. I've also got the client install DLing atm so I can't wait to play after hearing the kewl *** music and seeing the videos. Keep up the good work Ed and the rest of the Neotokyo dev team.

+1 vote   media: NEOTOKYO┬░ OST
C3Butthead420 Sep 9 2008, 5:33am says:

This game is the bomb. The monsters I swear are so nuts with their A.I. Chasing after you and all kinds of ****. I like the extra guns though and the new look for the grenades. I was stuck at the beginning for a sec though at where your supposed to get saved by Alex. For some reason I was invincible and I didn't have any weapons I may or may not have found if I was supposed to so I skipped ahead to part 2 and now I'm in the RavenHolm area at the elevator scene and I'm getting ****** up.

+1 vote   mod: SMOD OUTBREAK
C3Butthead420 Aug 22 2008, 3:32am says:

This game rock. I remember playing it when it was just a wee one and the servers use to crash all the time. It's so much better now. WTG Team MC.

+2 votes   download: Modular Combat v1.50
C3Butthead420 Jul 1 2008, 5:20am says:

Maybe this woulda been better if it was in source????

+2 votes   mod: Kleiner's Adventures
C3Butthead420 Jul 1 2008, 5:17am says:

How much work is being done by this guy Dave??? Like all the coding,mapping and pretty much all the things needed to make a mod??? Sounds like a one man mod team to me.

+1 vote   news: Goodbye for a while...
C3Butthead420 Jun 21 2008, 4:31pm says:

I like this mod alot too. I had fun testing it when it was in beta and playing now.

+1 vote   download: Modular Combat v1.04
C3Butthead420 Jun 3 2008, 9:19am says:

This was a good game for it's time and kicked ***. There should have been a source version put out. I know that would kewl.

+2 votes   mod: The Wastes
C3Butthead420 Jun 3 2008, 8:58am says:

This was a good game for it's time and kicked ***. There should have been a source version put out. I know that would kewl.

+2 votes   mod: The Wastes
C3Butthead420 May 30 2008, 2:24pm says:

This does look pretty good and I'm down to play it when it's released.

+1 vote   news: June 2008 Update
C3Butthead420 May 29 2008, 12:31am says:

I can't to play it yo.

0 votes   news: Eternal Silence Dated. Trailer.
C3Butthead420 May 21 2008, 8:37pm says:

Looks pretty trippy. I don't think I'll mind giving it a shot.

+2 votes   news: Project Berimbau Vagrant Feature
C3Butthead420 May 19 2008, 6:58pm says:

How do you know it needs a lot of work when there's only 3 real pictures of it released??? Yea, those screenies aren't much to look at but alot can come from something that isn't much atm. I'd say give it some time and you never know, it might be really good. I know when it's released I'm gonna down it because I loved the original.

+1 vote   mod: Portal: The Aftermath
C3Butthead420 May 16 2008, 3:37pm says:

Yea, when exactly is that new version coming out because I want to play it???

+1 vote   news: Eternal Silence: Pics!
C3Butthead420 May 14 2008, 11:22pm says:

Update from my original post: I uninstalled GT Mod and just ran SA and I still got that media error I was getting b4 with GT mod and this is the 2nd time I installed SA just to make sire it wasn't anything to do with what I might have done when trying the 1st time around to install GT Mod.

0 votes   mod: GT mod
C3Butthead420 May 14 2008, 10:00pm says:

I got this mod all installed correctly but I'm having loading problems. When I got load a new game the music plays but the load bar gets stuck at 1/2%. Also on 1st load of SA I get a "Haali Media Splitter" Error: Can't open file: Unspecified Error. I'm using the SA Mod installer v1.1 and had it install the GT Mod via RAR file. Has any1 gotten those proglems b4??? PM me if you can help please. Would having Vista as my OS matter at all because I'm using Vista Ultimate.

+1 vote   mod: GT mod
C3Butthead420 May 14 2008, 8:18pm says:

I kind of don't follow what this thing is say. I've got the GTA:SA mod installer. Is that the same thing as the IMG Tool 2.0 but with a better looking GUI. could some, give me a lil help please??? I've got the mods I want to install I'm just having probs getting them set up.

0 votes   tutorial: How to install MODS in GTA:SA
C3Butthead420 May 14 2008, 6:12pm says:

No images of the in game at all to report??? I'd like to see some b4 I go downing this mod.

+1 vote   download: Vegeta San Andreas
C3Butthead420 May 14 2008, 5:39pm says:

Looks pretty good, can't wait to be roaming around it killing.

+2 votes   media: Progress Screenshot - Water & Skybox
C3Butthead420 May 12 2008, 1:23am says:

Yea, this mod seems good and I'm tracking it as well,I hope it comes out soon.

+2 votes   mod: SnowBall: Source
C3Butthead420 May 9 2008, 10:23pm says:

I think this game has some promise to it and I'm gonna down it and try it out, but it just seems to a 2nd generation of HL Rally with the source engine behind it.

+1 vote   news: Hypersonic Source Raceway Media Update!
C3Butthead420 May 7 2008, 8:19pm says:

I 2nd that emotion. I really wanna try this game when it's released. Can't wait.

+1 vote   news: Eternal Silence: Spilling the Beans
C3Butthead420 May 6 2008, 5:58pm says:

Where do these people come from and what is history with gaming and web related items??? I'd like to know more please.

+1 vote   mod: Pirate Lore
C3Butthead420 May 6 2008, 5:31pm says:

same here. I at least would like to see some character mods or rough drafts of what your doing.

+1 vote   media: User Interface Development
C3Butthead420 May 2 2008, 7:05am says:

Looks good as alwayz, keep up the great work Team Dystopia. You guys Rock.

+2 votes   news: Dystopia: In April, we show new maps!
C3Butthead420 May 1 2008, 2:57am says:

This is one of my favorite mods. I play it just about every day. Grenade Launcher being my weapon of choice. keep up the good work Team Dystopia.

+1 vote   media: Trailer
C3Butthead420 May 1 2008, 2:47am says:

It looks pretty good. I've played any of the stargate mods b4 so I'm interested in this. I'm telling my clan members about this.

+3 votes   media: StargateTC 2 - Preteaser
C3Butthead420 Apr 24 2008, 6:14am says:

Looks really good. I like the bullet time and the tarantulas. Damn creepy. Tons of action and constant craziness. can't wait to play.

+1 vote   mod: Get a Life
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