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Five Nights at Freddy's

Game review


Mod review - 4 agree

I only give this an 8 due to the content given thus far, I may change it once the complete product is given. Now as far as what was played thus far, it's quite incredible. There were times I had forgotten it was a mod and the quality of a lot of the environments were nicely created as well. The mood, feel, game play of a lot of aspects always put me on edge, given there were clear inspiration and iterations of several games out there. It's fully voiced and the acting, while not completely spot on all the time, it was still quality, especially with the sheer amount of the good bits. The prologue was not nearly as good as Chapter One level design wise, open areas don't exactly look right and the house, while understandably seemed the right proportions, doesn't feel right with the assets given to it. However, overall it was a great experience and I look forward to the next release. Keep up the good work gents!


C&C4: Tiberian Twilight

Game review

Different game with a slapped on CnC title.

Vehicle designs are outright atrocious, gameplay, while meant to simplify and intensify combat is so dumbed down it feels almost like a child's game.

I mean, I received this game for free, but I'm pretty certain that was due for a damn good reason.

Not even worth picking up.


Black Mesa

Mod review

Absolutely astonishing!

Talk about nostalgia, the Black Mesa team has recreated one of my favorite games of all time, bringing back all the environments and events that happen in the Black Mesa Research facility of the first Half Life but also tweaks it slightly just to keep it refreshing and still fun.

Voice acting is superb, the attention of detail is superb. I could really go on and on about it and I had to edit this post to keep it short.

While it's still missing the very last area of the game, if you loved Half Life or just played the Second one first; this mod makes a Excellent(!) remake for you. A must play!


Nightmare House 2

Mod review

Fantastic work guys.

Nightmare House is what I would call a "lost gem", a mod that while being out for least 2 years is still well presented and contest that of mods today. Although the mod utilizes a lot of the same mechanics and bones as the original game, it is not a bad thing.

Long story short it was a very well presented and executed horror mod, bloody good work fellas! The scares were very well done and at times extremely clever; it is the reason I am keeping my review short so others can enjoy it as I have!

If you're into horror games with a shooter vibe, this is a must try!



Mod review may contain spoilers - 2 agree - 1 disagree

Albeit short Grey provides Silent Hill inspired environments that gives off the restless and horrific vibe you'd expect. Although I had wished I would had been told there was iron-sights you can opt to use it ends up being quite redundant due to the fact the monsters are quite fast.

While the ingame videos are nice, I felt that they tore away from the focus of first person horror -- not in the sense that I can see my character in the environment but the fact that it stopped gameplay for a few seconds in order for me to see my character doing something, which should had only been done just in really important bits - rather than what could had been an awesome scare (I am referring to the ghost like encounters across a hallway) subtle scares like this are far more effective when a player encounters them himself, although I do understand it's hard to do when to trigger them ; I would probably use something in the lines of what Valve had done with doves in order to get the players attention, only in your situation it could be dust, your black myst or several other methods to capture the players attention to these scares instead of stopping gameplay. There were excellent other methods that gave great scares however, and even though most felt like jump scares it was still well done.

I felt there was a lot of redundancy however. The excessive amounts of melee weapons is also nice but none of them were comparable to the pipe, leaving them redundant for the player to use.

I addition I also found; and this may pertain on normal mode at least, that batteries are not only plentiful but I never truly ran out of flashlight power. It did keep me on edge hoping I wouldn't run out but it was something that I never encountered.

Overall it's a great mod, wished it was a bit longer since it was indeed very enjoyable and definitely worth your time, even with my own criticism, to give it a shot!

Excellent work guys!



Mod review

To this day many of my friends have played Contra, and still it retains the wacky nature it once and still does.

Very fun and enjoyable! Give it a shot!


Amnesia: The Dark Descent

Game review

Scariest game I've played in forever. Totally worth it.



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Garry's Mod

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