I am an amateur games designer and writer and have founded Dark Craft Studios to house my works within. and mod developer. I am an avid fan of all things horror, occult, philosophical and of course, Lovecraftian. Currently Reading: Thomas Ligotti, Arthur Machen, Robert W. Chambers, Ramsey Campbell.

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Impressively disappointing, been following this for years and the final gameplay experience is nothing like the media releases or interview hypes. For starters the game is ridiculously unbalanced; I say this as a survival horror fanatic who plays them all on Very Hard when available, even for the first playthrough. Health is randomly scattered with no formula; enemies can kill you with a blink of an eye; lighting is pitifully low and I had to boost my monitors brightness to *even see* in the forest. I liked searching for Anita's dolls and the voice acting for Grey could have been better, but was emotionally solid. But problems exist in the immersion department. The level design is static and very convoluted with random spinoffs, loop holes and dead ends that made me very frustrated. Details are low too, in the level design, with most of the texture work and decal decorations being hidden by poor global illumination.

All of the horror is unfortunately jump scares too, with no sense of slow-dripping horror or burning immersion that this team's idols, obviously the makers of Cry of Fear and Afraid of Monsters, had mastered before them. Overall the experience is just dry. It's got unfortunately bad music and production values for the time it took to make and I wouldn't really recommend this mod to anybody at all given the state it is in, but a reimagining/expansion and tons of patches may easily bring this up to an 8/10. We'll see in time.