I am an amateur games designer and writer and have founded Dark Craft Studios to house my works within. and mod developer. I am an avid fan of all things horror, occult, philosophical and of course, Lovecraftian. Currently Reading: Thomas Ligotti, Arthur Machen, Robert W. Chambers, Ramsey Campbell.

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Company of Heroes: Eastern Front

Mod review

Where Is The Cuprite

Mod review

Amusing mod, does its job. Not looking forward to the tons of hate its about to get from Amnesia Mod elitists. It does what it promises, and kills some time.


Dynamic Zombie Sandbox

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This is extremely good but the zombies are dumb as bricks and zig-zag like total trolls on their way to you. They also stand still and wait 6 seconds before slashing you from seemingly 10 feet away. No biting, grabbing, or tackling--very primitive AI, even Ps1 era Resident Evil AI is smarter.

That said, at night time, with friends, during overcast, and fast time off, it is effectively immersive. Arma 2 lends itself well to horror mods, this much has been known for awhile. My friends and I had a scenario that was basically blair witch project. We ran into a cabin and went inside and found a priest in there, my friend was using a priest skin so I thought it was him and sat next to him, then my friend says, "C-zom, where are you?" and I look up at the zombie and it begins to eat me. Scary, unscripted, dynamic stuff.


Elevator: Source

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This chick next to me is extremely hot. Don't look at her *** don't look at her *** don't look at her *** don't look at her ***--

"Excuse me sir, were you looking at my ***?"


This mod has it all. Be sure to install TrackIR so you can awkwardly look away from people if they meet your eye.


Alone (Amnesia: TDD)

Mod review


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One of the smartest, most complete mods around for CoP, which compared to SHOC, is notoriously difficult to find good mods for. Billions of fanpatches and slight tweak mods exist for CoP and barely any of them do what they promise. But MISERY is extremely up to date, providing the best mods available for CoP while introducing some of its own choices.

I love the starting class system, the new weapon mechanics, the swift brutality of combat, the new animations, the atmosphere (no pun intended) tweaks and the grim, foreboding nature of CoP is almost overwhelming with this mod. The new weaponry is really cool, the new UI is a lot better than the bloated vanilla one and you can tell this mod is made with class and style.

It is, however, difficult. I won't even say difficult, I'll say its hellish--to me, this is good. To others? Maybe not. This makes AMK look like Rookie mode on Complete 2009. You're gonna be lucky to have more than 30 rounds for your main weapon. You'll have plenty for your pistol, but your pistol still blows until you can afford a revolver or colt 45. You'll be starving, literally, with the new realistic food system. Every encounter will seem like your last day on earth and everything is soaked in difficulty and immersion.

I have a few complaints that the modder should address, however, to optimize the experience:

1: Jogging takes stamina out way too quickly, end of subject. It's not realistic its bugged.
2: Ten starting bullets for the sniper is silly. Come on now. We're a military agent, not some street urchin who found a gun.
3: Starving while asleep needs to be fixed.


G String

Mod review - 9 agree - 6 disagree

My opinion of this mind lies within the general consensus, and that is that while this is a herculean effort from the sole modder behind this project (Seriously, pat yourself on the back for this and take the weekend off. You deserve it.) it simply suffers from too many issues to be truly immersive, or dare I say, even fun.

For one the level design is stagnant, lifeless, and completely unfriendly to all but the most stubborn players. There is no hint on where to go and even the natural conventions of level design simply do not exist. E.G: Left or right is often not the case, sometimes it's up or down with the tiniest ladder or hole completely out of the way in the corner of the world in an unlighted area.

Secondly the story has narrative issues. It addresses the player in and out of the 4th wall, and does its best to alienate you from knowing what the hell is even going on. Simply, the story is confusing and bizarre. You will not know whats going on for something like 6 hours due to the experimental and often simply weird and macarbe story telling techniques. Flashbacks-in-flashbacks, retro-reality filters and strange characters who all are the same voice actress... it is so surreal and, simply put, it is uncanny valley. I do not feel like a part of this world.

Once we get to the combat, well, it's just standard source affair with insanely shoddy hitboxes and twitchy gunplay. That is about when I started losing complete interest, and had to put it down to keep myself from rage quitting.

Wonderful and titanic effort. Next time though, start smaller, start more polished, and start more focused. This feels like an ant hill that turned into a mountain with only one person doing the terraforming.


DarthMod: Shogun II

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Is Shogun 2 the best Total War out of the box? Absolutely. Does it need Darthmod for veterans? Also a yes.

I am not knocking on CA, they finally got their work together with Shogun 2. You're actually gonna be astonished at how polished it is. Smooth performance, tons of subtle detail (A pack of deers grazing around a bloody, gory battle is wow) and there are no bugs or bad AI to speak of.

But what Darthmod does is improve an already great foundation. It fixes the slow teching, it buffs economy so you're not broke, it makes unit sizes as big as CA promised on IGN interviews (500 man units, finally) it enhances animations and overall just POLISHES the experience. It doesn't change, alter, ruin, experiment or play with anything like the, still great, Darthmod Empire. For Shogun II it's truly like a fan patch.

I fully recommend Darthmod Shogun II to anybody after their full playthrough. It is, essentially, the epitome of how a community can make a great game perfect and it should not be missed out on. I only wish the launcher was a little more convenient, I can't tell if a setting is actually on or off besides from memory (A check box would be nice) and the lack of co-op campaign support stabley is sort of sad, but you can live with it by setting to failsafe default values.

Great mod, great team, great reviews, great base game--get this.



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It's okay. Not bad, not great. It's passable. I liked the "Ending".

Some pointers:

Be more adventurous with level design on a time budget. Would have been cool, for example, had this been a vertical level with stairs and offshoot rooms, rather than horizontal and plain.

Light entities are your friend, so is fog. Try to exploit them next time.

For a 24 hour custom story, it's not horrible and you're on the right track. Try to be more ambitious with your next work and take it to a proper custom story, one that takes a few months to make. I think you'd do much better.


The Stanley Parable

Mod review