Baron Brosephus

has no freakin' idea why he joined

Under heaven and sky doeth one rule reign: all that is united will surely divide, and all that is divided will surely unite.

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Stormclaw is a male Bothan who operates as an infiltrator and assassin for the Mandalorians. While leadership has never been his strong point, he's a master of stealthy operations and is formidable opponent. Equipped with a modified A280 rifle that can alternate between automatic and sniper configurations, this particular weapon has great sentimental value to Stormclaw. Some of his other equipment include a DL-44 pistol, smoke grenades, and a handheld personal cloaking device.

PS: For reasons of balance and gameplay, Stormclaw is unable to command fleets or armies. In fact, he won't be able to command any men at all. However, his advanced training as an assassin and infiltrator means he will be able to conduct a large variety of stealthy operations.

Kyramud - Level III
Beroya - Level II
Solegot - Level I