Currently working on a modified release of SMOD, hopefully as a base for adding in custom scenarios with .lua script. Basically the idea is to extend the average user's ability to customize the game to their liking.

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After an extended hiatus from modding and creative work in general, I've now enrolled in a computer science (programming with some games electives) course for this year in the hope that I'll learn the skills needed to actually contribute meaningfully to modding or indie games dev. My goal for the end of this year is to have made measurable progress toward one of two projects that I'm keen on:

- A single-player Half-Life 2 campaign which runs in vague parallel to HL2's timeline
- A "shmup" game (ie. Tyrian, Raptor: Call of Shadows, etc) of my own design

I've written down a lot of ideas for both of these things and my choice will largely come down to what I'm learning and what I think is a more feasible project as a first "proper" release. My role in either project would be as a programmer, because it's what I'll be learning, what I think I'm best suited for and what appears to be most desired in both my IRL circles and online.

For now, however, I've just reinstalled SMOD and am going to have a crack at re-imagining SMOD:Zenith's scope and certain elements of the design. For now there is nothing to report but I hope to have something interesting to show by the end of the month.

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