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Game Review on Jun 29th, 2011 - 2 people don't
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Basically EA made one unthinkfull thing: made RA3 somewhat... boring. With that I only had fun for about... 4 days. Not more than this.
I liked were the units. They are awesome, but too much unbalanced. It just kill the skirmish game.
Oh, the new musics are pretty good. I liked most of them
The 3 campaings are really small and don´t really have something which call too much attention (excluding the first mission of the Soviet campaing). Everything just to see EVA, Tatsu or Dasha saying "congratulations commander" or "Well done!"
The Yuriko campaing is interesting. It´s something like a RPG. Yet, it´s also too short.
Also, one of the best things of the games, the multiplayer, is not here... (anyway, with all those ridiculary umbalanced units no one would really like it...)
The cammanders challenge is somewhat interesting, but only really attractive for hardcore players.
Many new skirmish maps, but, as I said before, the gameplay is too much umbalanced.

Particulary I dont recomend. If you only want to see the units, get Upheaval. The musics and some maps you can find on the internetz.

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