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October 06, 2008. This day I was bored and started to search pictures about C&C Generals. Than I saw a picture of a unit which I never saw before. Than I thought? "WTF? This don´t exist on my Generals copy!" So I clicked on the picture an moved out for the link. I was on the middle of the media article. And I saw many awesome looking units out there.

"WOW! I WANT IT!". This was (if I´m not wrong...) the first mod I have ever downloaded. I played it a bit and that was really a WOW! "I must leave a comment here saing thx for the guys who created it!". At this momment I have created my ModDB account.

It´s one of the best mods I have ever played! Really well balanced, pretty well polished, detailed, loads of new units.

You have no idea about how I just love this mod! Without it, maybe, I would never ever know the existence of this site.

Really thx SWR!