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█Black/Brunez█ Mar 21 2013, 4:03pm says:


I hope that they are not fooling us

+1 vote     media: Prepare 4 Battle: Sea
█Black/Brunez█ Mar 17 2013, 12:08pm says:

The Mad Spider.

My villian name is really lame if compared with what other people are getting :/

+1 vote     media: Your Villain Name
█Black/Brunez█ Mar 17 2013, 12:04pm says:

Polemic changes are polemic.

-1 votes     article: Buildings, Part 1
█Black/Brunez█ Mar 11 2013, 5:11pm says:


Man, you have no idea about how much good is to see that you´re back!

+4 votes     article: The bandicoot is not dead and will return soon!
█Black/Brunez█ Mar 10 2013, 11:19pm replied:


If I like the result, I will play. If I don´t, simply nothing in my life will change.

+1 vote     group: C&C Paradise
█Black/Brunez█ Mar 10 2013, 11:14pm says:

Good to see some news

+5 votes     article: Update 15.0: Cutting-edge technology
█Black/Brunez█ Mar 9 2013, 12:40pm replied:

It´s for USA´s Overrated General

+4 votes     media: USA Overrated General's Battle Tank
█Black/Brunez█ Mar 1 2013, 7:45pm says:

B by far. You get a nice long range and a nice short range weapon (without counting that both are silenced), a ******* katana and a Claymore which is exelent to set up traps.

On A I simply don´t understand the huge ammount of short ranged weapons. And as I said on the past, Shotguns are overrated on zombie apocalipses (only effective on short range, slow reload and ******* noize). Maybe it´s only effective aganist other survivors.

E is also a no go because the lack of a real melee weapon. On a emergency you can´t simply take the chainsaw from your pocket and silently eliminate a zombie (without counting that, just like shotguns, chinsaws are ******* noizy)

For D, light machine guns are not really effective, because their lack of precision and for one basic rule: you must not spray bullets on a zombie.

C get a nice primary, but disappointing melee and the molotov (zombies do not feel pain... and it´s much easier to kill a normal zombie than a zombie at flames)

+1 vote     media: Zombies
█Black/Brunez█ Feb 28 2013, 12:00pm says:

I see what you did here...

+7 votes     media: two hearts as one
█Black/Brunez█ Feb 24 2013, 9:29pm says:

00:34: "I ******* LOVE COCAINE!"

+11 votes     media: Inside the Mind of a Spider
█Black/Brunez█ Feb 24 2013, 5:04pm replied:

Aren´t most of SW maps on Rise of the Reds? Did you got the map pack? Moddb.com

+1 vote     mod: Rise of the Reds
█Black/Brunez█ Feb 22 2013, 12:28pm says:

Good to see some news around :)

+1 vote     article: More stuff is comming
█Black/Brunez█ Feb 21 2013, 2:37pm replied:

Wrong. Actually, you simply must not click/move your mouse while whe dog is walking around.

+1 vote     media: Don't Shoot The Puppy
█Black/Brunez█ Feb 18 2013, 4:02pm says:

Man... it really fits well on TS style. Great work!

+3 votes     article: Twisted Insurrection Cinematics: The First Glance
█Black/Brunez█ Feb 13 2013, 8:46pm says:

This guy I will always remember for two things:

*His answer if you ask him "Why pick me" Youtube.com

*For always saying "Hackett out".

+8 votes     media: Hackett Out
█Black/Brunez█ Feb 12 2013, 6:29am replied:

"A ****"


+6 votes     media: LOL?
█Black/Brunez█ Feb 12 2013, 6:22am replied:

Taking another look... That guy/woman in purple is carring a granade? If yes, it would indeed be some kind of Angry Mob, and than the guys with caps would be the "Rebels"

+4 votes     media: Generals 2 GLA
█Black/Brunez█ Feb 11 2013, 9:33pm replied:

Not sure if those are Angy Mobs or just a squad of "Rebels" (think on C&C 3)

+7 votes     media: Generals 2 GLA
█Black/Brunez█ Feb 10 2013, 7:54am says:

the right one by far.

+4 votes     media: Which one is better?
█Black/Brunez█ Feb 9 2013, 7:36pm replied:

When it´s done... oh well... read the news

+3 votes     mod: Mental Omega APYR
█Black/Brunez█ Jan 30 2013, 5:55pm replied:

Thanks for the support man

+7 votes     group: Brazil / Brasil
█Black/Brunez█ Jan 30 2013, 5:49pm says:

Verdade cara

por causa disso criei esse grupo: Moddb.com :P

+3 votes     member: Batguerra
█Black/Brunez█ Jan 30 2013, 4:40pm says:

Hey, imp! :D

+2 votes     member: ImP_RuLz
█Black/Brunez█ Jan 29 2013, 3:12pm replied:

^ This

+7 votes     media: What if...
█Black/Brunez█ Jan 29 2013, 6:56am replied:

We already heard this explaination before :P

+2 votes     media: Not a single thing wrong with DmC
█Black/Brunez█ Jan 26 2013, 7:45pm replied:

The specific date is: When/It´s/Done

+8 votes     mod: Rise of the Reds
█Black/Brunez█ Jan 26 2013, 8:23am replied:

As far as I know, Little Bird will be (re)added on 2.0 for USA and looks like Cobra will be unique to Griffon.

+1 vote     mod: Rise of the Reds
█Black/Brunez█ Jan 25 2013, 7:48am replied:

I see what you did here...

+2 votes     media: GLA Cookie Cannon Quad Cookie Upgrade
█Black/Brunez█ Jan 23 2013, 5:03pm says:

-Standing in a nuclear reactor
-Shooting at the White House
-Drinking molten gold
-Riding the Great White Shark
-Eating McDonald´s everyday.


And all the attention was given to "Insulting Chuck Norris". -_-*

+8 votes     media: Things worse than smoking
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