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█Black/Brunez█ Jun 16 2013 replied:

I think that Ultimate already comes with YR´s last version... just like TFD´s version.

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█Black/Brunez█ Jun 11 2013 replied:

Looks like you can see the vision of any squad leader from your team and certain strategic positions.

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█Black/Brunez█ Jun 10 2013 says:

"Welcome to the green side of the line, baby!"

-Dr. Thrax II

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█Black/Brunez█ Jun 8 2013 says:

So it´s pretty much confirmed that infantry will come in squads like in C&C3?

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█Black/Brunez█ Jun 8 2013 says:

Stop downloading porn. :P

Btw, this remind me that I need more HDs...

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█Black/Brunez█ Jun 7 2013 replied:

He is only using the same nickname, I think.

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█Black/Brunez█ Jun 5 2013 replied:

The last picture was posted about 10 days ago, cool down.

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█Black/Brunez█ Jun 5 2013 says:

thx for the invitation :)

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█Black/Brunez█ May 30 2013 says:

Hey, thx for the recomendation.

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█Black/Brunez█ May 29 2013 says:

Bem vinda ao Moddb :)

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█Black/Brunez█ May 27 2013 says:


nothing to do here...

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█Black/Brunez█ May 24 2013 replied:

Indeed, that was my first though. On Far Cry the enemy and everybody around him actually spend a long time trying to find you if one of their comrades die.

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█Black/Brunez█ May 24 2013 replied:


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█Black/Brunez█ May 24 2013 replied:

and MOABs used on simple "infantry skirmishes"... whithout causing friendly fire or destroying the hole map.

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█Black/Brunez█ May 23 2013 replied:

"We've decided to add Mac support, so with that, some things have taken a bit longer. We ultimately went through a few launcher designs and approaches but we're finally settled on one."

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█Black/Brunez█ May 22 2013 says:

I will still keep my PC atm... but if I had to pick PS4 or Xbox One, I guess that I would pick the PS4, specially because the exclusives and you will not be forced to be connected with the internet all the time even if you don´t want to play offline.

Basically it´s the same thing which would happen if I got a console of the "past" generation. All the Xbox exclusives could be resumed on Halo (which is a series which I don´t really like much, a bit overrated imo), and Gears of War. While this, PS3 got Uncharted, God of War, MGS5, Infamous and even Little Big Planet... Without the need to pay for online gameplay...

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█Black/Brunez█ May 21 2013 replied:

I hope that BF will not become the new CoD, where the only difference is the game title :/

Yet I need to wait the multiplayer trailer anyway...

Oh wait... I´m talking about BF on a C&C group... oh god...

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█Black/Brunez█ May 19 2013 says:


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█Black/Brunez█ May 16 2013 replied:

- Act I will have a total of 36 missions.

- The tech trees are basically done. Maybe there will be a change or two.

- Thank you :)

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█Black/Brunez█ May 15 2013 replied:

Update: act one missions are done. But they require testings to find bugs and inconsistencies.

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█Black/Brunez█ May 15 2013 replied:

Wrong. On our first release, we will give you skirmish and the Act I of the Allied, Sovied and Epsilon campaing. It´s not everything which is done. The creation of many mission is still in progress. We also need to polish more some other stuff.

I don´t think that a version for Ares 0.2. would be possible, since some features, like Attach Effect, became vital.

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█Black/Brunez█ May 13 2013 says:

Hey bro! Indeed we do not chat for a long time!

For the next ME, I just hope what they do not mess up with the story like what they did for ME3´s ending or try to rush up. I´m also curious about how exactly will be this (possible?) next ME. If it´s a sequel, would be too hard to create 3 paralel fully different universes. So I must guess that it will be a prequel on the vision of another person.

Anyway, I´m going fine. When I´m not busy with Mental Omega or real life stuff, like school and friends, I´m mostly busy playing (beated Bioshock Infinite a week ago and I´m still thinking about the ending, on a good way, unlike ME3) and trying to find a job.

And you talking about ME3, you just reminded me about the DLCs... is any of ME3´s DLCs worth getting?

+2 votes   member: Ahrimansiah
█Black/Brunez█ May 13 2013 replied:

Am I the only one who beated the game on hard, though that the game was somewhat easy, and is seriously considering to beat on 1999 difficulty? D:

It´s just a metter of how well you´re using your weapons, vigors, upgrades, guear and infusions.

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█Black/Brunez█ May 11 2013 says:

Oi Brazuka!

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█Black/Brunez█ May 6 2013 says:

Invisible tabble spotted!

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█Black/Brunez█ May 1 2013 replied:

-The problem was an inconsistence between the 2 factions which have air units as their advanced anti-air. It´s not OP
-Simply no other factions around had problem when countering Thors.
-While you glorificated the Thor, the Wolfhound is simply an anti-EVERYTHING chopper. It kills infantry, tanks, structures and aircraft. Without counting that with Industrial Plant you pay only $1275 for every Wolfhound produced. Yes, $1275 for an anti-everything flying unit.
-The Wolfhound, alone, vs any other flying unit, loses only aganist the Thor Gunship and (almost a draw) Norio.
-"adding a Russian T1 AA unit because the T3 AA unit isn't sufficient." Our tests are proving that you´re wrong. The Tsivil is giving real positive results on overall balance.

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█Black/Brunez█ Apr 30 2013 says:

On that sid mission I was hoping to see something like that. But it was just another "artfact" side mission :/

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█Black/Brunez█ Apr 29 2013 replied:

It has a really great range and damage, without counting that it´s the 3th heaviest artillery piece (only losing for the Centurion and Hailstorm). But it can´t fire on the move and have trouble in hitting moving targuets... but when it does... :)

Also, the Scud is now much harder to be destroyed in the air.

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█Black/Brunez█ Apr 28 2013 replied:

Nope, it was late game.

The problem is that both Wolfhound and Thors acted as T3 AA. And in Wolfhound vs Thor battles, the Thors had a great advantage, since they can fire on the move and their machineguns have area of effect damage. It was like one Thor was killed for every 1/3 of the hole Wolfhound group.

Trying to do that with Halftracks? They would die even faster than the Wolfhounds, since Halftracks have light armor. Thors love light armor.

And on EU vs EU, it´s possible to counter Thors using Archons, which have Medium armor (Thors are not effective aganist Medium and Heavy armor). So we have Russia a medium armored vehicle to help to deal with those pests. And yes, we good positive results after that.

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