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BrotherLaz Jul 18 2006, 9:09am says:

You need to create a new character. Think about it: all the skills are different, all the items are different... so you can't use classic LoD characters, with points into classic skills and using classic items. :tired:

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BrotherLaz Aug 1 2006, 5:49am says:



I don't know who's to blame here - the people who look at 2 screenshots and think they know everything about the game, or the Flagship team for not making it clear enough that this is not a shooter.

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BrotherLaz Jul 16 2006, 7:14am says:

netmanx: well, that one. obviously.
namakemono: fixed in the most recent version.

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BrotherLaz Jul 15 2006, 6:10pm says:

Physics are a minor aspect of many games, and probably not worth their own processor, unless you do crazy things like exploding an object in 10,000 debris or like that termite gun in Hellgate London. I'd rather see an AI processor, because AI is useful in all games. I mean, who really cares about ragdoll physics? Would any game be worse if falling debris were a little less realistic? The Gran Turismo series was eventually sunk by lacking AI, has any game ever failed because you can't knock over a chair?

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BrotherLaz Jul 8 2006, 5:49pm says:

The mod is not in any way related to cdrom checks, it isn't even accessed by D2 until game.exe has passed the cdrom check.

1/ Read the readme. Installation requires replacing *1* file. Also, the readme tells you to make a backup of the original patch_d2.mpq. I hope you did, instead of just unzipping everything into your D2 directory and overwriting the original, otherwise you're stuck with the mod forever.

2/ Did you extract the contents of the optional download packs into your D2 directory, without reading the readme which tells you not to do that? If so, then you overwrote your perfectly good storm.dll with a totally different one. The storm.dll in the optional packs is only to make the patcher work, and is otherwise not a valid file. This could very well cause the game to throw a cdrom check error or just crash with no message. Time to reinstall...

3/ If it's not that, then maybe... your cdrom drive has issues?

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BrotherLaz May 8 2006, 2:44pm says:

'I've played diablo for probably 10 years now, diablo, and diablo ii. I know how the game works'

Well, I still have no idea what you're talking about when you 'pick the middle difficulty level'. Screenshot plz? :)

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BrotherLaz May 1 2006, 3:50pm says:

@BlackAlpha7: that doesn't sound like Diablo 2. In Diablo 2, you can't choose a difficulty when you 'first start the game', only when you've beaten Normal difficulty. Wrong game, mmh?

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BrotherLaz Apr 19 2006, 4:17pm says:

'the fact that people still enjoy playing this game astonishes me'

The fact that people come to this page to mock those of us who still enjoy playing this game astonishes me even more. Besides, we need something to do until Hellgate London is released.

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BrotherLaz Apr 18 2006, 5:48am says:

'i've found a little bug... when i use feral strike while i'm chilled: i'm not able to hit any monster for the duration of the ice! check out...'

I'm aware of that. If you use a too fast weapon, you miss. If you get chilled, you miss.The Blizzard programmer who made 1.10 actually told me that a skill like this would be entirely impossible, so I'm not surprised there are a few 'features' here and there.

'another thing is that raven flight still hit the level walls... like the first phalanx (now works fine!)'

Phalanx actually still hits walls. Phalanx and Raven Flight are outdoors skills (and Phantom Shot and Eagle Flight are indoors skills). If they were capable of going through level walls, you could use them to kill monsters in other rooms with no effort, which would be a bit cheap.

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BrotherLaz Apr 15 2006, 10:34am says:

I've released 50+ patches in a year and a month, sometimes up to 3 patches per week, and it doesn't really work. The problem is that if you patch too often, the players will fall off the train. As long as their copy of the mod runs, they usually can't be bothered to download the whole thing again just to fix some minor problem. Especially balance problems, and especially overpowered content are rarely a good reason to download a patch. After all, when you can blow up everything on the screen in 2 casts of a particular spell, why install a patch to nerf said spell?


Also, I don't know about other games but a problem with Diablo 2 mods is that players try an early, bugged version (or even a beta), find something they don't like and delete the mod forever, regardless of any progress made afterwards. It sucks to have people tell you they don't like your mod because . You better make sure your mod is good right off the bat or you'll lose all your players, get a lot of bad reputation, and your cheery release degenerates into an uphill battle to win back your market share.

A probably very D2-specific problem is that third-party sites will take your bugged beta and mirror it without your permission, then ignore your cease and desist emails. These sites are usually backwater hack sites, but nevertheless often manage to attract more downloads than the official site, ruining your reputation in the process.


The two above problems often come together. People get hold of an early beta, discover something ridiculously imbalanced, and then don't install the patch that fixes said balance issue. Afterwards, they proceed to tell everyone just how imbalanced your mod really is. There go your dreams of popularity.

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BrotherLaz Apr 14 2006, 6:00pm says:

It's called 'ambient lighting' and in early Act 1 it's a dark green glow. Of course, if you turn up your contrast so much that everything is in primary colours, I guess it's bright green. :)

I'm not responsible for white menu screens, black menu screens, lighting being 'nearly nonexistent', lighting being 'too bright' or any other issue caused by one or both of the screen sliders having been set all the way to the end...

And if you are really allergic to green and don't want to turn down the contrast, play in DirectDraw mode. :)

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BrotherLaz Mar 14 2006, 12:32pm says:

IMO, easy 'filler' areas are merely a waste of playing time. Anyone still enjoys Normal and NM in classic LoD? I merely made the difficult parts start in Act 1 Normal instead of somewhere at the end of Hell...

Also, you can just overpower Act 1 using your class innates.
- Amazon: divide and conquer with Blindside.
- Assassin: Rune of Ice is godly in Normal.
- Barbarian: Fortress can kill enemies with no effort.
- Druid: kill one enemy, then use Cold Blood.
- Necromancer: minion wall, Nightmare, and constant healing with Death Coil...
- Paladin: Retribute on left button, Blood Flash on right, pwn.
- Sorceress: the hardest to get started, but Pagan Rites is useful now...

Did you actually pay attention to your defense? This mod is very hard if you don't have a decently low chance to be hit, because everything will just stunlock you.

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BrotherLaz Mar 15 2006, 5:29am says:

You are aware of the fact that in Diablo 2 defense equals zero when you're running? Walk speed is only 1 unit below run speed, so hit that 'R' button! :)

I can't help the fact that the new skills are 'confusing' at first. That's what happens when you have a new skill tree. ;)

Also, I already did make the Blood Moors easier in Median 2006 - if you still have Median 2 SE, please update for this and many other reasons. ;) You actually gain more experience in a full clear of the Blood Moors (due to respawns) than in classic LoD.

Other things to note:
- Sorcs are noticably harder to start out than other characters.
- Don't play on /players 8. ;)
- Fighting melee monsters around ranged monsters is bad; run away, then attack again.

Good luck!

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BrotherLaz Feb 28 2006, 9:44am says:

Since this comment page is used mostly to post 'my game crashes', I thought I'd add a vanity post/vent to break the monotony.


Median 2006 v1.13 is out - the 'final' version. :D Search for 'Median'.


OTI: I don't know what mod you're talking about (there's 30 different ones here) but you screwed up your own game by not reading the instructions that usually tend to come with the mod. For example, using a new character instead of an existing one is typically necessary. Also turn off maphack, then try turning off maphack and if that doesn't help turn off maphack. Lastly, check versions. Many mods are for 1.10 only, and the procedure to revert from 1.11 to 1.10 is dead simple if you just bother to read it.


One of the top frustrations of any D2 modmaker is that the players tend to blame the mod for everything, including their own stupidity. That or they latch on to some insignificant detail and proclaim that the mod sucks because of that. I had people quit on me because topazes no longer give magic find!

When the ' kiddies' get their hands on a mod (any mod), they tear it to pieces. The typical D2 player wants two things, UBAR DMG!!1 and UBAR LOOTZ!!1. If they can't do 500,000 damage, don't get a 50x50 square inventory and/or quill rats don't drop Windforces, they quit and proceed to bash the mod on every D2 forum they can find. The only mods that survive are TFW, Zy-El and ES, precisely because they cater to the kiddie audience.

And this, guys, is why the D2 mod scene isn't getting the popularity it deserves. Mods are associated with cheats because the few mods that are popular are borderline cheats.

Grow up already!

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BrotherLaz Jan 18 2006, 1:22pm says:

Are you serious? The mod comes as all of ONE file, and the installation instructions are in the readme.

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BrotherLaz Jan 10 2006, 2:51pm says:

It depends. You can connect using TCP/IP or open, though you'll both need the same version (and the recent days have been a flurry of updates).

Or, you can take a look at D2 Maniacs, who are hosting a third party realm. It currently supports only M2 1.17 at the time of posting this, but in the very near future, they'll switch to M2 Special Edition 1.02.

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BrotherLaz Dec 11 2005, 5:25pm says:

Try it with Diablo 2 Lord of Destruction 1.10 or 1.11, without no-cd and without maphack... ;)

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BrotherLaz Mar 23 2006, 4:46am says:

1.18 is now out, and among its marvellous achievements (hehe) is the fact that Normal is now a lot easier. As you see, I do listen to my players.


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BrotherLaz Oct 16 2005, 5:28pm says:

I'm on a 10 Gb/month adsl subscription, so every byte is precious to me. Even if a miracle happens and I can download a 5 Gb game without using any bandwidth, I'm definitely not looking forward to a computer that is unusable for two straight days while the download comes trickling in at ~0.5 Mb/s over mega-speed ADSL, not counting the occasional 15 minute lag spike every 15 minutes.

During this time, I can't surf or do anything else for that matter, because I usually have to restart twice a day due to accumulating memory leaks. I could use a download manager to pause and resume the download, but we all know that download managers are 1/ usually hated by the server owners, and 2/ stuffed with spyware. Of course, the bad connection in my ADSL plug disconnects itself after a day and a half anyway.

Then I have the entire archive, and now have to find a way to cram it on a couple of cd-rs in case my hd crashes or Windows drops another lost cluster bomb. Murphy's law dictates that one of the files in the game archive is bound to be 10 Mb larger than the maximum size of a cd-r.

Hopefully, there is no fancy copy protection, so I don't have to spill my computer's guts over the internet to the multibillion dollar megacorporation that owns my favourite cosy little game company, and don't have to buy the game again when I finally decide to replace that ancient video card.

It gets even more stupid if the game is a single player game - case in point, Half-Life 2. I didn't have to play it yet, thank god, but I understand it requires an online registration in order to play the single player campaign. Some people don't have internet access, or have a game pc and a separate internet pc. I don't like the whole tendency towards 'you need an internet connection to use your computer' (see also Windows Vista). I guess this makes me a communist.

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BrotherLaz Oct 3 2005, 10:46am says:

Median_2 1.13 - new mod in town - download now!

Hey, it sucks to have one of the lesser known mods. It is 'different' and most people who downloaded it at the Keep liked it, but hardly anybody downloads it!

The official site got only ~1K downloads in the 2 weeks since the release of 1.13 and nobody bothered to give any useful feedback whatsoever. It is quite hard for me to fix bugs and issues I'm not aware of.

Remember, folks: Zy-El, TFW and ES are not the alpha and the omega. Give other mods a chance too. Thank you.

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BrotherLaz Oct 3 2005, 6:58am says:

May I point out that this mod has been on this site for LESS THAN A WEEK while Eastern Sun has been here for YEARS? Yes, that just might explain why ES has more downloads.

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BrotherLaz Mar 16 2006, 2:18pm says:

' srry 4 triple posting but i am useing that 2006 version the latest 1
quite a good game if u take the time lol'

Usually, when someone says 'the latest one, Median 2006', they have Median 2006 beta 0.02 or some equally outdated patch. Not saying that you do, but from reading a few dozen emails, about 75% of those who claim to have 'the latest version' don't.
In the next patch, I'm giving characters a large flat life bonus to make the early game a little easier.

'is demonic speed a bug??
i die the instand a monster attacked me?'

Travel skill. Get from town to your corpse in 10 seconds, find that damn waypoint in Great Marsh in 20 seconds. In multiplayer, use it to catch up with your teammates instantly. Just be sure to turn it off when you see monsters.

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