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BrotherLaz Jan 4 2009, 6:03am replied:

It was replaced with 1.86 after one day due to a bug in the upload.

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BrotherLaz Jan 4 2009, 6:03am says:


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BrotherLaz Dec 28 2008, 10:42am replied:

'it is like you purposely went out of your way to close source
a naturally open source mod thus preventing anyone from being able to
construct there own playing experience using some or all of the files with there own changes to make it funner'

You mean to say:

I went out of my way to prevent anyone from HACKING THE MOD. Median 2008 was hacker's paradise BECAUSE the txt files were included, meaning any rogue private realm wishing to add their own imbalanced items and any dropmod/godmod maker could easily do so. They then broke it in the process and guess who got the complaints about bugs and balance problems?


The few people who like to tinker with a mod do NOT outweigh the many people who would use the txt files to hack it. Ever been on Hamachi lately? Median 2008 was like that TIMES TEN.

Ps. Mods aren't naturally open source. Median was the ONLY significant mod with included txt files... the other modmakers had less faith in humanity and did not include their txt files for all of the reasons above.

Ps. Your 'changes to make it funnier' almost certainly won't make it harder, rather easier. Which means you're cheating. Cluck cluck chicken.

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BrotherLaz Dec 9 2008, 6:08pm says:

Turn off ad/script/popup blockers.

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BrotherLaz Dec 7 2008, 1:27pm says:

Lol @ walking into Cathedral of Vanity at level 15 or so. :) This is about level 70 in the first difficulty. :)

This 'single lightning bolt' is emitted by a turret that rotates and it pretty much kills you dead, so you have to run around in a circle (past all those monsters you don't want to go near) to stay ahead of the death beam. Of course, Inarius there casts a trap that knocks you back and may pin you into a wall...

Don't worry about it now. You don't need to do it on Normal (Hatred) other than for bragging rights. However, you get to do it for real on HELL difficulty to get an unique charm. Can't wait to see the video of that one. ;)

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BrotherLaz Dec 7 2008, 1:17pm says:

'Right now RPG's are all my rage. All thanks to Median XL, yeah it had that much of an affect on me'

Thanks. :)

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BrotherLaz Dec 7 2008, 12:59pm says:

Median XL lives! :)

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BrotherLaz Dec 7 2008, 12:39pm says:

'Just played this mod and i have to say its very good, however bit disappointed about the Druid not having any summoning skills until the very later levels'

All character roles have been changed around a bit, and in fact EVERY class now has minions of some sort. If you want to summon, there is the necromancer, amazon (level 6), assassin (level 1) and barbarian (level 1, 6, 12). The latter is probably the most similar to the druid tree.

'Also that spell that the druid has where he summmons some monsters to charm... that is a waste of a point if they can end up killing you, like they did to myself... i had no idea that they were hostile when i summoned them. (i summoned them on 10HP in a desperate attempt to kill the horde that was following me)'

They do about as much damage as 1/4 of a regular monster, so they won't really kill you on their own. The charmer druid is an 'unusual' character build for those who like a bit of strategy and doesn't kill as fast as the tens of other builds in Median...

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BrotherLaz Nov 30 2008, 1:44pm says:

Pshhh... Flamefront isn't effective if you scatter the fireballs around like that. Aim at distant targets so they fire close together and hit multiple times.


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BrotherLaz Nov 29 2008, 11:02am says:

Their coverage of Median XL sounded like 'Uh yeah, it does stuff and... does more stuff... I guess it also adds new items and new skills and oh yeah... I hope it's not too hard'. Seems like some people were not Diablo fans. :D

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BrotherLaz Nov 27 2008, 2:27pm says:

'Please Please can someone tell me where i should put this mod to, it LOOKS SO COOL! and i love Diablo 2!'

There are instructions in the readme.

'The spell descriptions are really confusing, and not very descriptive at all. "Melee attack that turns you into a stone." for example. Just something I noticed is all'

They are more descriptive than classic LoD descriptions. ('Creates a field of deadly sparks') The difference is you already know what those do. Also, that is in fact NOT what it says ('Melee attack that briefly turns you into mighty stone') and THAT description is exactly what it does.

'Does this Mod have any support for a higher resolution or anything? I have a 22" screen, I don't want to run a game in 800x600 when my native is just about twice that!'

There are third party addons that do this, but a higher resolution in this (sprite-based) game means everything gets smaller and you see further ahead - in fact, you would see monsters that haven't seen YOU yet, giving you the easiest kills ever. Also, those addons are REALLY bugged. In short: this is not something you can just do easily.

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BrotherLaz Nov 27 2008, 2:27pm says:

'I downloaded, I played, I cried...'

Thanks for this, uh, useful comment.

'The only thing I don't like is that you have to wait so long before you can raise a skill by 1 level (6 character levels between it or something like that)'

This is for balance reasons. Otherwise if you could max a level 1 skill by level 20-something, this skill would either be ridiculously overpowered at this point or completely useless later on. This was a giant mistake by Blizzard and I fixed it.

'Are you also planning to change the terrain/maps or did you already did that with the new version?'

Almost every uberlevel/dungeon uberquest is a new map, sometimes drastically so (Fauztinville is a modern day ghetto, Ureh is a sprawling ruin, Khalimgrad is a part of heaven itself!). The regular maps are not changed because this would be a massive undertaking - several orders of magnitude more complicated than it would be in a shooter. Back to Hellfire is the only mod that got ANYWHERE with replacing maps, and it only has (a few) dungeon levels.

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BrotherLaz Nov 23 2008, 9:44am says:

Median XL is out now. :)

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BrotherLaz Feb 4 2008, 2:37am says:

You can find all places by reading the documentation. Specifically M2008 uberquests.pdf, that is. And if you had done so a bit earlier, you'd have known that you need to do some of the tasks BEFORE a certain level. Start over.

I spent a week or two writing the documentation. If you don't bother to read it (or skim it, or ctrl-F through it), your loss.

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BrotherLaz Feb 4 2008, 2:34am says:


I figured out the Bad [Whatever] issue. It happens when you try to CHEAT and run the mod in a nonstandard way.

Make of that what you will.

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BrotherLaz Feb 3 2008, 9:32am says:

I thought ModDB people were supposed to be smart.

Half of the replies are either completely stupid ('where must I click?') or ask for cheats. Or ask stuff about multiplayer which is IN THE MANUAL. Gah... >.<

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BrotherLaz Feb 3 2008, 9:27am says:

'I've had a problem with one of my characters, in version 1.56 my amazon is fine but in 1.57 i can't make or join any games because it says " Unable to enter game, bad dead bodies" is there a way i can fix that?'

Yes: dump PlugY/any cheats. Character save files are the same > user error.

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BrotherLaz Feb 3 2008, 9:26am replied:

Breaks compatibility?
Are you kidding me??!?

This only happens between major releases (2 > 2006 > 2007 > 2008) ie. four times in about 5 years, and the last time was a year and a half ago.

Unless you mean 'gee, my overpowered skill got nerfed, now my char is useless!' or worse 'I'm using PlugY and I don't know how, and now all my characters don't load'.

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BrotherLaz Dec 22 2007, 8:18pm says:

Great, my post got buried.

Disagreeing has never been so much fun. Instead of having to put forth your own point of view and defend it, you just bury the original poster to shut him up. I love this function.

QUOTE: 'Of course the Mod with the largest following should win - but isn't that the point? What people are trying to achieve is to get profile with their work - and that is represented by their fanbase'

I thought this contest was to reward the best mods, not the ones with the best advertising or the FPS mods with a giant player pool to win over. You promote a Darwinist point of view where it is your own fault if you choose the road less travelled. I thought this was the whole point of mods.

Looks like the message is that all those creative mods and indie games should just switch to the HL2 engine and make a dystopic shooter.

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BrotherLaz Dec 22 2007, 9:40am says:

[i]Rank 27 of 6,828![/i]
Next goal: the Top 25.

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BrotherLaz Dec 22 2007, 9:40am says:

Releasing early will leave a lasting negative impression if your release has significant problems - regardless of you fixing them in the very next patch. This includes beta releases.

You would be surprised how many people don't bother to give mods a second chance, even years later. Some people are still angry with me because my mod did not have very important feature XYZ (in 2006, and it has been implemented 10 patches ago).

Thankfully Diablo 2 is a fairly timeless engine and old wounds heal in time, but a mod project for a recent engine that needs to succeed immediately or face extinction could get buried if something like this happens.

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BrotherLaz Dec 22 2007, 9:06am says:

Is this about the 100 best mods, or about the 100 mods based on the most popular games? The flaw with this voting system is that whoever has the biggest playerbase wins.

And you don't even need this whole ceremony to determine the winner. Just look at page hits and download numbers.

Why not allow people to rate each mod from 0% to 100% and then give the award to the mod with the highest score? That way, people won't just vote for the one mod they happen to have actually played.

But hell, if the point of modding (being individual, unique, creative) is to pick the engine everyone is using, and make a clone of the most popular games and mods...

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BrotherLaz Dec 17 2007, 5:31pm says:

Included with the mod download; it is far too big to convert to html. Looks like I was wrong about the 8 pages of changes; it is actually 10. The total change log since the first Median 2008 release is 46 pages.

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BrotherLaz Dec 16 2007, 5:14pm says:


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BrotherLaz Nov 18 2007, 9:01am says:

1.57 is in development. Wait and see.

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BrotherLaz Oct 17 2007, 6:15am says:

No, file a complaint with Blizzard. This mod has no effect on your (in)ability to connect, provided the others are using the same mod.

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BrotherLaz Oct 2 2007, 3:50pm says:

How about I perfect this version first?

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BrotherLaz Sep 21 2007, 12:48pm says:

Yes, of course. When adding a piece of network hardware is followed by connection problems, it is a good bet that the two are related. Especially when the readme talks about opening ports on your 'firewall, router or proxy server'.

By the way, regular D2 multiplayer won't work either until you dump the router or open some ports on it. Consult the manual on how to do tihs.

If it is any consolation, you are not the first and you won't be the last. People keep accusing me of causing their connection issues (including a negative review because 'this mod does not support multiplayer') and the problem is always on the user's side.

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BrotherLaz Sep 19 2007, 5:25pm says:


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BrotherLaz Sep 16 2007, 2:39pm says:

Yes: get them to switch to 1.56, and if that doesn't work, tell them not to use cd cracks/editors and do everything exactly the same way as you did before.

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