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Petrenko Dec 19 2014, 8:04pm replied:

Thats what i'd like to know, too.

+2 votes   article: Counter-Strike Source Reborn Alpha Three
Petrenko Dec 19 2014, 8:10am says:

love it :D

+1 vote   download: Counter-Strike Source Reborn Alpha Three
Petrenko Dec 19 2014, 8:09am says:

please tell me there will be an easy way to implement new guns. please please please!

+4 votes   media: Counter-Strike Source Reborn.
Petrenko Dec 16 2014, 4:39pm says:


+1 vote   media: infamous Pit-Rush
Petrenko Dec 14 2014, 4:22am says:

No revolt without Kalashnikov, *******!

+5 votes   media: New animations - New weapon
Petrenko Dec 12 2014, 3:38pm says:

hum.... what to eat and what to smoke?

+1 vote   article: Submerge Flora Concepts
Petrenko Dec 11 2014, 2:05pm says:

Love these guys!

+2 votes   media: Chekists
Petrenko Dec 9 2014, 5:35pm says:

Dont't use lowpolystuff man if you don't have to.

+3 votes   media: Counter-Strike Source Reborn.
Petrenko Dec 8 2014, 12:41pm says:

Never heard about TnB but looks worth porting!

+1 vote   media: “Triple Entanglement”
Petrenko Dec 8 2014, 12:40pm says:

port the **** out of it, bro!

+4 votes   media: “Hard Fought”
Petrenko Dec 3 2014, 5:00am says:

if you're adding more classes. will you add more items, too?
and do you plan to integrate the team-deathmatch mod`? (respawn etc)

+1 vote   article: Counter-Strike Source Reborn Alpha
Petrenko Dec 2 2014, 2:33pm says:

much appreciated mod! keep on rocking!

+1 vote   mod: Counter-Strike Source Reborn
Petrenko Dec 1 2014, 4:15am says:

hell of a download. but worth it!

+2 votes   article: Modern Battlefield 2 Mod Download
Petrenko Nov 26 2014, 1:51pm says:

Turkey Day!

+3 votes   article: Happy Thanksgiving / Turkey Day!
Petrenko Nov 25 2014, 7:59am says:

looks like heroquest =)

+2 votes   article: 20 New Objects Added to Dungeon Colony
Petrenko Nov 23 2014, 6:34am says:

Looks promising. Tracking.

+2 votes   game: GODS -Real-Time Action Strategy-
Petrenko Nov 23 2014, 6:31am says:


+1 vote   game: Betelgeuse
Petrenko Nov 22 2014, 7:10am says:

Hell Yes!

+3 votes   article: HK417!
Petrenko Nov 21 2014, 8:57pm says:


+3 votes   article: Continuation
Petrenko Nov 15 2014, 9:22am says:

This sounds to amazing to be not some april fools =P

+2 votes   article: New features!
Petrenko Nov 13 2014, 7:48am replied:

Would love to see some NKVD =D

Great work so far!

+2 votes   mod: The Eastern Front: 1941-1945
Petrenko Nov 11 2014, 9:00pm says:

a lot of mods could use these.

+1 vote   media: bunker
Petrenko Nov 11 2014, 8:59pm says:

new combat animations would be lovely. i'd really like to see animations like blind-firing out of cover etc someday.

+3 votes   media: Soldiers of Russian Imperial Army
Petrenko Nov 9 2014, 8:15pm says:

reminds me so much of notrium. =D

+2 votes   media: Frozen
Petrenko Nov 9 2014, 8:15pm says:

10/10 would chief

+2 votes   media: New marines
Petrenko Nov 5 2014, 6:04pm says:

true dat.

+4 votes   media: Fancy rebel skins.
Petrenko Nov 5 2014, 7:55am says:

now that's something!

+1 vote   media: New gfx
Petrenko Nov 2 2014, 9:42pm says:

I know it annoys you but: Multiplayer, Multiplayer, Multiplayer =D

+1 vote   article: Signs of Life Update v0.43
Petrenko Oct 29 2014, 4:34pm says:

Still in love with this!

+1 vote   article: Recent Alpha Progress
Petrenko Oct 22 2014, 11:23am says:

what about coop by the way?

+1 vote   media: Counter-Life 2.
Petrenko Oct 19 2014, 12:48pm says:

Freddy Mercury?

+2 votes   media: TLP
Petrenko Oct 19 2014, 4:37am says:

is third person going to be an option or just for testing purpose? i really like it!

+1 vote   media: Counter-Life 2.
Petrenko Oct 17 2014, 12:38pm says:

So this is how stronghold should have been?

+1 vote   game: Lords, Castles & bastards
Petrenko Oct 13 2014, 8:42am says:

So you can play this mod always with all vanilla civilisations? awesome!

+2 votes   article: Xù yuē 17 now available!
Petrenko Oct 5 2014, 3:45am says:

Banging gets you xp. Awesome just like in reallife :3

+5 votes   article: Children and Reproduction Tweaking
Petrenko Oct 4 2014, 7:10am says:


+4 votes   article: Of Gods and Mortals - Alpha Release
Petrenko Oct 2 2014, 3:26pm says:

yep... still gonna take it for the red line. crushing defenses with tnt loaded trains like they "did in the movies" =D

+6 votes   media: Screenshot
Petrenko Oct 2 2014, 3:23pm says:

hell of such as: yay!

+1 vote   download: Nihilium - Forgotten World BETA-GameClient
Petrenko Oct 2 2014, 3:22pm says:

you even give away the server too? you are my heroes. where can i donate? tell me. pm or whatever!

+2 votes   download: Nihilium - Forgotten World BETA-GameServer
Petrenko Oct 1 2014, 2:32pm says:

hmm... warcraft :3

+1 vote   game: Wyrmsun
Petrenko Sep 23 2014, 1:44pm says:

perks are always an powersome addition.

+1 vote   media: Perks
Petrenko Sep 23 2014, 8:37am says:

Just bought it. Awesome stuff! I wonder why i haven't found it earlier. Keep on rocking, guys!

+1 vote   article: OGAT - 63 Update - New Zombie, Gadget and SANDBOX/Survival Spoiler!
Petrenko Sep 23 2014, 4:21am says:

bots can ragequit? xD

+4 votes   mod: Bot Warfare
Petrenko Sep 17 2014, 10:11am says:

Sexy Scenery. I wonder if radiation fog / ground fog is possible?

+1 vote   media: Bandit's camp
Petrenko Sep 14 2014, 3:49pm says:

Still rocks.

+1 vote   article: Red Flag! New version is coming!
Petrenko Sep 14 2014, 6:52am says:

Who is number 5?

+1 vote   media: portrait
Petrenko Sep 7 2014, 9:32am says:

Tiberium! Finally Tiberium in a Medieval setting! =P

+1 vote   media: Tool tip test
Petrenko Aug 30 2014, 3:41pm says:

This is so awesomly cute :3

+1 vote   article: (GIF Bomb!) Tons of new floating status icons!
Petrenko Aug 17 2014, 11:24am says:

looks cool. maybe slightly different-coloured shirts?

+1 vote   media: hammer_time
Petrenko Aug 10 2014, 5:55am says:

HELL ******* YEAH!!!

- sorry but that had to be said.

+4 votes   media: High resolution
Petrenko Aug 4 2014, 8:38am says:

oh my ******* god thats gorgeous!

+13 votes   media: Road Network/Highways
Petrenko Jul 10 2014, 1:40pm says:

Hope this gets added to vanilla someday.

+1 vote   download: Rise of the East Yánxù 16
Petrenko Jun 30 2014, 9:24am says:

awesome progress. you developed to ai villages much more quicker then minecraft xD

+2 votes   article: Week #4 - new FOW, and AI villages' development
Petrenko Jun 22 2014, 9:04am says:

i love populous and this reminds me a lot of it. but why are people so tall?

+2 votes   game: Crest
Petrenko Jun 16 2014, 10:49am says:

Always nice to see progress on your project. I hope you have fun doing it.

+1 vote   article: Week #2 - 60fps, map and title screen
Petrenko Jun 13 2014, 4:23pm replied: +1 vote   download: PT-Skinpack
Petrenko Jun 13 2014, 2:55pm says:

Feels like State of Decay.

+8 votes   media: Moody Cabin
Petrenko May 17 2014, 8:49am says:

i got about few dozen games backed and i learned to be patient so don't hurry things. also nice to hear you're greenlit! wish you the best of luck.

+2 votes   article: Greenlight!
Petrenko May 12 2014, 9:49am says:

I want to come with something more then "Yay, Epic - Have my Child"... any suggestions? =)

+2 votes   media: ...
Petrenko Apr 25 2014, 10:51am says:

Man i almost forgot about this. Great to see you guys back in action. Even if there is no Kickstarter i'd pay 30$ for sure.

+2 votes   article: I Shall Remain returns
Petrenko Apr 7 2014, 12:54pm says:

Looks promising. Tracking.

+2 votes   game: Lost Gateways
Petrenko Apr 6 2014, 11:22am says:

new content to play with. great!

+3 votes   download: TPC_beta_v0.8.2_patch
Petrenko Apr 4 2014, 11:42am says:


+7 votes   media: Westminster
Petrenko Apr 3 2014, 12:20am replied:

Copy That.

+2 votes   article: Project Serenity: Finder - News Block #1
Petrenko Mar 29 2014, 9:31am says:

nice how fast updates are coming in. i hope you don't feel under pressure!

+1 vote   download: Towncraft 2 (v0.2.2.3)
Petrenko Mar 19 2014, 11:17am says:

Still in Love with this!

+1 vote   download: Towncraft 2 (Windows)
Petrenko Feb 26 2014, 11:51am says:

counter of what?^^

+2 votes   media: Counter
Petrenko Feb 20 2014, 12:15pm says:

I don't know... it lacks contrast. I first thought it got the iron curtain effecting it.

+3 votes   media: ISU-152 meets Red Alert!
Petrenko Feb 20 2014, 8:12am says:


+3 votes   article: M.A.V. has been Funded and Greenlit
Petrenko Feb 18 2014, 4:08pm says:

got this from sintera?

+1 vote   media: MoW: Wounded animations
Petrenko Feb 16 2014, 3:29am says:

When i first saw this mod i was like "holy **** did they make this engine their bitch" and now look at this: It gets better and better. And they won't stop.

+1 vote   article: big update
Petrenko Feb 14 2014, 10:26pm says:

now we're talking. looks way more dungeonesque.

+3 votes   media: New Tile Types
Petrenko Feb 10 2014, 5:14am says:

Not sure if i'd call someone an idiot if i got my shopping list attached to my helmet. :P

+8 votes   media: We are SPEARMEN! Pierce those nude idiots!
Petrenko Feb 9 2014, 4:07pm says:

love it. storyline, mapping, units. everything is great :3

+1 vote   media: Prepare the Uprising
Petrenko Feb 6 2014, 11:24am says:

Progress :3

+2 votes   media: Russo-balt type C
Petrenko Feb 2 2014, 2:07pm says:

finally a modern-soldier-skin i like :3

do the modern wehrmacht-guys really wear desertboots?

anyway. keep on rocking :3

+1 vote   media: German IDZ soldiers
Petrenko Jan 26 2014, 3:28pm says:

Great to see you on moddb!
Tracking, of course!

+5 votes   mod: Command & Conquer - Tiberian Origins
Petrenko Jan 24 2014, 6:05pm says:


+3 votes   media: New ambushes
Petrenko Jan 22 2014, 9:45am says:

mods only work for me if its infantry looks right. in other words: i'd marry this mod.

+4 votes   media: Lazur Industry Defense
Petrenko Jan 13 2014, 9:40am says:

is this thing new? i used to be a gun-totting girl, so i dont recon it as new =/

+1 vote   media: Sawdisk Shovel
Petrenko Dec 20 2013, 5:29am says:

wow. btw: how big is your team?

+2 votes   media: Phase 1 completed, details are next!
Petrenko Dec 14 2013, 8:39am says:

rocking 'nades you got there. about time to counter that moletov!

for the soldier i'd like to suggest asking sintera-mod for some assets for you to reskin. they got armorparts for every limb and stuff. this would look this guy less fat and more armored.

+1 vote   media: Incendiary grenade
Petrenko Dec 14 2013, 8:37am says:

First of all: W00t! I love classes not to be one-way-roads and the skillicons look superb!

So...even though i'm afraid of getting crucified:

Will you merge parts of "the far east pack I+II" and "Asia Skintones"?

It already works just installing both of them but far east got so much content it might be unbalanced just to load them both.

+3 votes   article: SynergiesMOD Warlock class!
Petrenko Dec 12 2013, 2:42pm says:

Tracking. Wondering where this one here will end?

+1 vote   game: Littlewargame
Petrenko Dec 12 2013, 5:34am says:

reminds me of the fallout 3 supermarket.

+3 votes   media: Progress on the supermarket level
Petrenko Dec 8 2013, 5:34am replied:

underrated? it feels like some conspiracy-theory-like new world order is trying to stop this game from getting well-known. i mean, it truely deserves it! (being well-known)

+9 votes   article: Peek on the biggest RWR update yet
Petrenko Dec 8 2013, 5:30am says:

I'd really like to start modding and make every corpse a ressource-pile, like in "the golden horde" or even add another ressource like "salvaged gear"... hmm...

+2 votes   media: Picking over fresh corpses.
Petrenko Dec 4 2013, 12:44pm says:

I know people will beat me, but i only purchased FarCry 3 for this. :D

+2 votes   media: Escalators
Petrenko Nov 27 2013, 3:25am says:

Love the equipment.

+1 vote   media: PUF checkpoint
Petrenko Nov 24 2013, 4:35am says:

sexy and badass. so much modding for men of war these days.

+2 votes   media: Royal Army.
Petrenko Nov 8 2013, 3:39pm says:

lovely map for a ****** remake. but keep that skill. it really looks awesome.

+1 vote   download: EnvMix V1
Petrenko Nov 6 2013, 7:39am says:

How many rounds did you have to put in that guy?! Is he using medkits? Also nades-usage of the ai in the arena is a nice addition^^
And what gun are you using? SKS?

+1 vote   media: Arena Feature pt 1
Petrenko Nov 4 2013, 10:41am replied:

Couldn't say better.

+5 votes   article: Vox v0.40 Update!
Petrenko Nov 1 2013, 4:40pm says:

whoa can't believe its MOW

+5 votes   media: Chapter: Homecoming (VDNH)
Petrenko Oct 31 2013, 5:55am says:

Thank you so much!

+1 vote   download: [Full] [Manual] Le Royaume des Ombres 2.00
Petrenko Oct 24 2013, 5:48am says:

I'm always like: Jus one more update and i'll start a new char. But now i guess its time to unleash a new warlock.

+1 vote   download: SynergiesMOD V362
Petrenko Oct 24 2013, 5:43am says:

always nice to see progress.

+2 votes   media: Trying to keep warm.
Petrenko Oct 20 2013, 6:39am says:

i'd help with the german-translation. i'm ostpreusse =P

-2 votes   article: Playtest 20131019-5
Petrenko Oct 15 2013, 5:49am says:

10/10 would bang.

+2 votes   media: WIP
Petrenko Oct 14 2013, 3:14pm says:


+2 votes   mod: Le Royaume des Ombres
Petrenko Oct 8 2013, 7:03am says:

Is there a easy-to-handle win8-ta-version?

-1 votes   article: Total Mayhem 6.92 released!
Petrenko Oct 8 2013, 7:03am says:

I think i'm in love.

+3 votes   article: Sneak Peek at STREETS!
Petrenko Oct 8 2013, 7:02am says:

I would rant about other games this thing might be able to kill but i don't want to upset anyone. So: Woohoo! Keep on rocking!

+2 votes   media: Streets Corridor + DE
Petrenko Oct 5 2013, 4:13am says:

Whats the difference?

+1 vote   download: Dead Island Riptide Return of the fiendish Five
Petrenko Oct 5 2013, 4:12am says:

So much genious nowadays. Also always nice to have a look inside the development.

+2 votes   article: The zoning system in action.
Petrenko Sep 27 2013, 8:42am says:

First Riptide now this. Hah! Looks like you keep on rocking. Btw: How did you manage to extract gamefiles? Which software do you use? PM would begreat!

+4 votes   download: George Romero Mod T01
Petrenko Sep 21 2013, 1:56pm says:

you are goddamn geniouses!

+10 votes   media: Underbarrel grenade launchers implemented
Petrenko Sep 20 2013, 2:26pm says:

okay people greenlight this thing. it just takes a few seconds. they will kill bf 3 with features like this!

0 votes   article: [DLG] No Heroes - New Destruction System
Petrenko Sep 16 2013, 1:47pm says:

Crystal Pie Palace? Smells like ponies :3

0 votes   article: Bug Batterin'
Petrenko Sep 14 2013, 1:45pm says:

awesome! hope the forums will be integrated in your website soon.

+4 votes   article: Release 20130915
Petrenko Sep 14 2013, 5:33am says:

This rocks in so many ways! Voted on Greenlight!

+4 votes   article: Hyp 0.2 Prerelease gameplay!
Petrenko Sep 11 2013, 7:35am says:

It's getting better and better. By the way: How hard is it to get new gfx ingame?

+2 votes   media: Create Hero Screen
Petrenko Aug 31 2013, 10:53am says:

You're talented. Keep on doing this stuff!

+2 votes   media: My D-Day map New*
Petrenko Aug 28 2013, 8:56am says:

Stop posting photos and show us some ingame stuff =P

+7 votes   media: Update
Petrenko Aug 24 2013, 11:26am says:

Please continue this great work!

+2 votes   download: LambdaCraft for Minecraft1.5.2
Petrenko Aug 22 2013, 8:41am says:

a thousand times yes! it's beginning...again!

+1 vote   download: SynergiesMOD V193
Petrenko Aug 20 2013, 2:05pm says:

already tried it! bots are very well made!

+1 vote   article: Red Flag! new version available 1335.
Petrenko Aug 19 2013, 8:54am says:

but thats all in the downloadable version of 32 on moddb?

+2 votes   article: v32 Changelog
Petrenko Aug 19 2013, 8:53am says:

Is he some kind of advisor?

+2 votes   media: Recruiting Setroth
Petrenko Aug 16 2013, 6:00am says:

hah hair phsysics^^

my brother was alway really technophob when it came to new graphic-engines and stuff which i respect, since gameplay is usually the main reason to get a game, even for me.

he always trolled: "heh... still no animated hair"

+2 votes   article: Realm Explorer - Terrain Engine Update Preview
Petrenko Aug 14 2013, 5:00am says:


thanks for keeping this uptodate!

+2 votes   download: [BETA] Clear Sky Faction Mod v2.4.2 Patch#1
Petrenko Aug 11 2013, 5:51am says:

I'm so happy right now :3

+1 vote   article: August Update #1
Petrenko Aug 3 2013, 5:44am says:

Nice, mining will be even more efficient now. *Evil Laugh*

+2 votes   article: Red Flag! new version available 1326.
Petrenko Jul 30 2013, 3:42am says:

dragon of course?

+2 votes   media: Hero vs. Dragon
Petrenko Jul 29 2013, 6:20am says:

Thanks a lot!

+2 votes   download: TPC_beta_v0.7.3_patch
Petrenko Jul 29 2013, 3:43am says:

Everybody dance like there's *** in your pants!

+5 votes   media: Pantz
Petrenko Jul 26 2013, 6:14am says:

this adds much potential to the atmosphere and dynamic! also good luck on your own seeds :3

+4 votes   article: Dungeon Colony v0.1.8.170
Petrenko Jul 25 2013, 3:19am says:

love that weapon. also nice scenery! i'd pay 50$ :3

+1 vote   media: VLAS
Petrenko Jul 19 2013, 7:16pm says:

Very sexy interior-fight!

Did you made this?

Is this mod downloadable?

+2 votes   media: Half Life mod Apartments battle.
Petrenko Jul 18 2013, 5:52am says:

Nice! I want to drive-by :3

+1 vote   media: .
Petrenko Jul 15 2013, 3:44pm says:

Nice addition! I wish more people would play this... and comment!

+3 votes   media: Change weather spell
Petrenko Jul 6 2013, 6:08am says:

awesome! thanks a lot!

+1 vote   download: Potania-1.1.1-Windows
Petrenko Jul 2 2013, 5:23pm says:
Mod for this!^^

+1 vote   mod: Balanced Warfare
Petrenko Jun 30 2013, 2:12pm says:

love it!

+3 votes   media: slingers
Petrenko Jun 16 2013, 10:16am says:

Spikes and barbed wire in a trench. Why did i never think of this before? *sigh*

Looks awesome!

+1 vote   media: life in the wasteland
Petrenko Jun 15 2013, 4:47am says:

Make him work like a vehicle so he will not search for cover and just walk straight ahead into battle. That would be awesome!

+6 votes   media: screenshots
Petrenko Jun 12 2013, 3:32am says:

This is starting to get really beautiful. Is it even possible to have a "stone-platform" so the castle is adjusted on one level?

+1 vote   media: Castles
Petrenko Jun 6 2013, 7:22am says:

Finally ammo depots got an own icon! Also the maps looks amazing!

+3 votes   media: Beta 0.89, Al Taboul
Petrenko Jun 3 2013, 6:27am says:

You got my support. I don't understand people who say "its stolen blablabla". You're making a very different game and it looks decent and made with effort. And its still work. Maybe you should tell people how long you worked, even if you copied (which is in fact not stealing/ copying bread is way more sexy then stealing it) one or two things.

Edit: Oh and maybe you could put in some scenery from shogun 2, too?^^

+9 votes   article: The attack on the project on behalf of Anonymous
Petrenko Jun 3 2013, 1:32am says:

I love this graphic-style. 2D units in a 3D environment. Reminds me of populous :3

+1 vote   media: Goblins
Petrenko Jun 3 2013, 1:23am says:

This is what most voxel-like-based-game-editors (whew) lack. Symmetry planes! Thanks for this feature! Hope Voxel and RWR etc. will get those soon, too.

+5 votes   article: StarMade: Symmetrical build tools & better AI
Petrenko Jun 2 2013, 7:28am replied:

Me too!

+2 votes   media: ger_win
Petrenko Jun 2 2013, 5:32am says:

Im in love with those graphics. Im always thinking: "Print it and do some Pen and Paper"

+2 votes   media: Door Kickers Alpha 2 Screenshots
Petrenko Jun 2 2013, 5:26am replied:

"Take this uniform!" / "I'm obergefreiter now? Yay! / "No, the guy before you was."

+1 vote   media: Volksgrenadiers
Petrenko May 28 2013, 9:19am says:

Love it!

+2 votes   media: New chatacters
Petrenko May 27 2013, 3:45pm replied:

Crazy! Making missions with these will be cool. Do you also plan to import scenery like buildings and stuff?

+1 vote   media: screenshots
Petrenko May 27 2013, 9:03am says:

droppods! how do they work ingame?

+1 vote   media: screenshots
Petrenko May 21 2013, 7:11am says:

sexy! how is the chance to just get wounded?

+4 votes   media: Beta 0.88, wounding and medics
Petrenko May 20 2013, 6:22am says:

Oh my gosh... looks incredible. Could be an armor you find in skyrim regarding the detail!

+1 vote   media: Tywins armor
Petrenko May 19 2013, 4:23pm says:

generation like in, random made and filled with mobs and treasure?

+2 votes   media: Castle generation
Petrenko May 16 2013, 6:14pm replied:

Liked the old one, too. But keep on rocking.

+1 vote   article: Realm Explorer Update 5/16/2013
Petrenko May 16 2013, 3:03pm says:

So awesome!
Will we be albe to add stuff via voxeleditor etc?
Also: What will it cost?^^

+1 vote   game: Forge Quest
Petrenko May 15 2013, 6:14am says:

You're faster at making minimaps then minecraft!
(These Minecraft-Puns get old. huh?)
Anyway: Jay!

+3 votes   media: Minimap
Petrenko May 13 2013, 1:04pm replied:

Yeah. To much steam.

+3 votes   article: The Mayhem Bundle
Petrenko May 12 2013, 3:23pm says:

Whoah, that came out of nowhere. Awesome!
Thank you alot good sir, or lady, or thing!

+3 votes   mod: Leetmod
Petrenko May 12 2013, 2:49pm says:

yeah. build up an army! :3

+2 votes   media: NPC behaviours
Petrenko May 11 2013, 3:10pm replied:

Its possible due to an updated engine in .87

+1 vote   media: ThreeFactionWarfare
Petrenko May 10 2013, 11:23am replied:

using hex?

0 votes   download: NOIR's Riptide Mod v0.1
Petrenko May 10 2013, 6:42am says:

How did you manage do double the spawnws?

0 votes   download: NOIR's Riptide Mod v0.1
Petrenko May 10 2013, 6:01am says:

Wow. What a decent changelog!

+2 votes   article: Changelog (very outdated)
Petrenko May 9 2013, 6:23pm says:

very nice.

0 votes   media: Mayor König
Petrenko May 9 2013, 6:19pm replied:

i know. they are a placeholder.

+1 vote   media: ThreeFactionWarfare
Petrenko May 9 2013, 6:18am says:

I'm german and i say thank you to the redarmy and the sovietcitizens for liberating us from fascism! We will always be in your debt!

-2 votes   media: Victory Day, Comrades!
Petrenko May 8 2013, 4:28pm says:

i'm in love *-*

+3 votes   media: 4 Kings Multiplayer map - WIP
Petrenko May 7 2013, 8:30am says:

Lovely Church!

+3 votes   media: Prisi Heights: Church - WIP
Petrenko May 7 2013, 8:30am says:

Where did you get those?

+2 votes   media: new
Petrenko Apr 30 2013, 12:15pm says:

Could you make a wallpaper-version fo this? 1400x990 would be awesome =P

+2 votes   media: Q&A Livestream - Live now!
Petrenko Apr 30 2013, 12:12pm says:

Also known as "the beard to end all beards".

+1 vote   download: BeardMOD V.1.0
Petrenko Apr 25 2013, 4:18pm says:

awesome :3

+2 votes   media: t 50
Petrenko Apr 24 2013, 3:55pm says:

bavarian soviet republic :3

+1 vote   mod: Crisis of Empires
Petrenko Apr 3 2013, 5:43pm says:

Tracking! Looks great!

+3 votes   game: Red March
Petrenko Apr 3 2013, 9:54am says:


Have you thought about a item-creation-competition? So people can contribute all kind of stuff and maybe win to have a unique or so named after them?

Would be cool^^

+3 votes   article: Vox v0.28 is now available!
Petrenko Apr 3 2013, 9:52am says:

Progress! Yay :3

+1 vote   article: Selection in strategy games
Petrenko Apr 2 2013, 10:08am says:


+3 votes   download: Vox v0.28
Petrenko Mar 31 2013, 10:04pm says:

Happy April to you, too! :3
cheating ai would be nice to have harder enemies, though <.<
keep on rocking!

+2 votes   article: Release 20130401
Petrenko Mar 28 2013, 1:15pm says:

The engine is able to do a lot of stuff, huh?
Looks nice!

+4 votes   media: Line of Sight
Petrenko Mar 19 2013, 10:35am says:

One for each element. Great!

+4 votes   media: The new Call Sage spell
Petrenko Mar 19 2013, 10:35am says:

They aren't always around, am i right?

+3 votes   media: Converting and Psychological radius
Petrenko Mar 19 2013, 10:34am says:

Kinda... german.^^

+2 votes   media: Really of War V3.7 Main Menu
Petrenko Mar 19 2013, 10:34am says:

I find it very annoying. Is it always enabled or just when a certain mob is around?

The idea is great, though!

+2 votes   media: Ambient growling test
Petrenko Mar 15 2013, 4:40pm says:


+4 votes   download: TPC_beta_v0.7.1_patch
Petrenko Mar 8 2013, 7:06am says:

Yes! :3
Soon there will be rune-word-swords and armors just like Diablo2 =D

+4 votes   media: Crafting
Petrenko Mar 6 2013, 9:24am says:

I wonder if they were taken seriously o.O

+1 vote   media: version 1.0.4
Petrenko Mar 4 2013, 9:17am says:

sexy as hell!

+6 votes   media: version 1.0.4
Petrenko Feb 12 2013, 1:56pm says:

Looks nice. Really like the theme of your mod. Models are wellmade, too!

+3 votes   article: Unique vehicle in this mod: "Jiefang" CA-10 truck
Petrenko Feb 12 2013, 6:15am replied:

^good one.

+2 votes   article: Dev Log #13: Blood Sucking Frogs
Petrenko Jan 30 2013, 12:59pm says:

cool as hell!

+2 votes   media: Special locations
Petrenko Jan 26 2013, 4:35am says:

Use the tilted one. Oh pleaaaase use the tilted one!

+3 votes   article: The biggest secret of Driftmoon!
Petrenko Jan 20 2013, 1:48pm replied:


+3 votes   media: Maidenpool
Petrenko Jan 9 2013, 9:26am says:

I'm atheist but i must admit: Damn Sexy!

+5 votes   media: Altar
Petrenko Jan 6 2013, 8:50am replied:

Got the same error. Installed properly etc. But thank you for your support. Most modders would let us foreign-language-version-users alone with themselfs!

+2 votes   download: ACW 1.0.2 a(OLD)
Petrenko Jan 4 2013, 10:19am replied:

Thank you for your nice comment. I'll try to keep updating this.

+3 votes   download: TraitedRevolution 03
Petrenko Dec 28 2012, 8:22am says:

Hey thats my map =D Dead in Motion :3
Btw: Are these Shps? Or did you made it to another more friendlier datatype?

+3 votes   media: Lots of stuff
Petrenko Dec 1 2012, 12:55pm says:

Simply amazing! Thank you so much!

+2 votes   download: 5 Seamless Grass Textures (2048²)
Petrenko Nov 23 2012, 3:56am says:


+3 votes   media: RiX Singleplayer #1
Petrenko Oct 24 2012, 10:30am says:

Great idea! They will fear my undead hordes :3

+2 votes   article: Upcoming Feature - Courage
Petrenko Oct 12 2012, 3:33am says:

Nice o.o

+3 votes   download: de_treatment_b3
Petrenko Sep 27 2012, 7:22am says:

This really looks great. My Brother was always a big fan of MechWarrior and when this is released i'll make a boxcover and stuff and got a perfect present^^ Keep on rocking!

+3 votes   media: Dev Diary #6 : The World Map
Petrenko Sep 22 2012, 6:56am says:

Looks great. I'm really looking forward to this! Feels kinda stalker, but with less vegetation^^

+2 votes   media: The 'Smog' Map re-edited!
Petrenko Sep 19 2012, 1:57pm replied:

aww men you ruined the pic for me xD but to be honest: looks fabulous!

+2 votes   media: Swamp Screen
Petrenko Sep 18 2012, 11:08am says:

I don't want to critize you but having at least a few green spots and dirt in the snow-texture might help this to look a bit more random/interesting. The trees look great btw!

+2 votes   media: STALKER Winter edition
Petrenko Sep 18 2012, 11:04am says:

Nice idea!

+2 votes   media: WHAT MONSTROSITY?!
Petrenko Sep 18 2012, 10:50am says:

This game is kinda like spore+minecraft which is just crazy :3
Now even me is able to work with particles! Thank you =)

+3 votes   article: Particle Editor
Petrenko Sep 13 2012, 7:44am says:

When back home, i'm definetly giving this a try!

+3 votes   mod: Warlords Battlecry III - The Fifth Horseman
Petrenko Sep 13 2012, 7:43am says:

Are barricades destructable by the infected?

+2 votes   article: Fortress Mode
Petrenko Sep 13 2012, 7:37am replied:

How did you get the source code? o.o

+2 votes   article: The Swarm
Petrenko Sep 12 2012, 4:17pm replied:

oh, and tracking of course!

+2 votes   article: The Swarm
Petrenko Sep 12 2012, 4:16pm says:

cool! i really love this game and a pity that there is no wbc 4. also a very sexy mod! how did you manage to get 400 items? i thought their was a hardcoded limit?

+2 votes   article: The Swarm
Petrenko Aug 30 2012, 6:11am says:


+2 votes   download: CEP 1.1.0
Petrenko Aug 28 2012, 5:56am says:

Oh and i added the silenced rifle "de lisle carbine"

+2 votes   article: Update
Petrenko Jul 3 2012, 5:42am says:

will you get to the old graphic-style of dungeon keeper or will you make it modern like alien-swarm itself? because invading marines would be cool, as well. but gameplay like dungeon keeper.

-1 votes   article: Swarm Keeper 0.40 Beta released!
Petrenko Jul 1 2012, 2:00pm says:

cool interface. i wonder where this is going... hellgate london? =)

+2 votes   media: In game!
Petrenko Jun 28 2012, 11:15am says:


+3 votes   download: Left 4 Theft Additional Animations DLC
Petrenko Jun 5 2012, 8:57am says:


+8 votes   media: Real Lighting
Petrenko Jun 4 2012, 12:04pm says:

Will there be traders?

+2 votes   media: Merc Base #1
Petrenko Jun 1 2012, 5:04am says:

I'm patient as hell. Better let it take a month or even a year more then produce something unfinished. Also... why don't you try kickstarter?

And now that i think of it: You update pretty fast in comparsion to others.

+3 votes   article: News from the mountains!
Petrenko May 30 2012, 5:17am says:

Great and simple. Fits very well.

+3 votes   media: New Loner Skin
Petrenko May 27 2012, 3:30pm says:

I see my name. I see my name! =)

+4 votes   media: Beta 0.65, 16-player online match with AI
Petrenko May 18 2012, 12:46pm says:

Do villagers and soldier level up, too?

+2 votes   article: Update 1 - No alpha yet, but good news also
Petrenko Jan 12 2012, 5:00pm says:


+3 votes   download: Armory Mod 1.0.2 M.S.O Merge
Petrenko Dec 25 2011, 9:10am says:

Well if you want suggestions:

Make a dialogue to name you're faction when you are the boss.
Make a dialogue to change the skin/ped of your faction.

Hope these weren't already posted.^^

Keep It Up!

+2 votes   article: Mod Concept Final
Petrenko Nov 25 2011, 2:11pm says:

I really like this so far. Especially the dialogue-sytem.

But why do they call themselfs bandits? Doesn't every criminal organisation got a name to differentiate between them and some other marauders?

+2 votes   media: Left 4 Theft Faction System Preview
Petrenko Oct 8 2011, 6:54am replied:

Looks like Diablo2-Ama

+2 votes   media: Republic Mobile Base Structures
Petrenko Oct 2 2011, 7:53am replied:


Now i only need to get my german-version to world-wide-version...

...i hate germany...

+3 votes   article: Release of 2.4.2 and our FB page
Petrenko Oct 2 2011, 7:24am says:

Woohoo a new version!

Also being not on facebook is way cooler.

Is this for 1.0004 or 5 or 6?

+3 votes   article: Release of 2.4.2 and our FB page
Petrenko Sep 22 2011, 5:12am says:


+4 votes   game: Blackreef Pirates
Petrenko Sep 22 2011, 5:03am says:

Still like this! Downloading.
Btw: Is changing the map also possible?

+2 votes   download: Dusk of Glory 1.1.1 full
Petrenko Aug 30 2011, 1:37pm says:

Still the best stalker-soc-mod. Atleast in my opinion. Keep it up.

+7 votes   media: [WIP]Nimble Weapon Ordering
Petrenko Aug 8 2011, 12:46pm says:

go canadian commies, go!

+2 votes   media: wip
Petrenko Aug 1 2011, 6:46am replied:

I'd like a system like "hey i pirated your game, here are fifty bucks, deal with it"

+29 votes   article: Diablo 3 not supporting mods
Petrenko Jul 1 2011, 2:49pm replied:

Don't want to attack the mod or something but this was the best comment i read so far. xD

+5 votes   media: Russian Radioman
Petrenko Jun 25 2011, 2:02pm says:

Nice, testing.

+1 vote   download: OXE BATTLEGROUND
Petrenko Jun 25 2011, 1:53pm says:

Mapping works like hammereditor? or unrealed? or somethin else?

+1 vote   media: New Assault! map AS_Warehouse
Petrenko May 10 2011, 6:37am replied:

I think when you gamble in the arena, you should now bet on the blue guy.

+2 votes   download: Blue team wins
Petrenko Apr 3 2011, 6:34am replied:

I don't want to offend you but it was third person that made this game unique. if you accomplish making a fps out of it, it will be hard to see a difference to close quarter combat or true combat elite. i really like the idea of a third person shooter which is like true combat elite. maybe somebody who reads this can prof me wrong but i don't know any other indieproject like yours. so keep up the good work either it is fps or tps.

-2 votes   article: Assault! Important news
Petrenko Oct 30 2013, 10:28am says:

hi there,

could you upload the mod without installer? i want to install it manualy. Thanks in advance!

+1 vote   mod: Le Royaume des Ombres
Petrenko Oct 25 2013, 12:56pm says:

Hey, i mentioned this sometime and you did it. Thank you!!!
Now i can hunt kkk-fascists like in Django. :3
(If you make a mission be sure to name it ghostbusters =P)

+5 votes   media: Ku Klux Klan
Petrenko Oct 24 2013, 5:45am says:

I wonder how much new scenery-objects one will find. When this is getting released i'll immediatly start mapping :3

+5 votes   media: Yet another map.
Petrenko Oct 16 2013, 2:50pm says:

Love the Gasmask.

+1 vote   download: S.A.S.
Petrenko Oct 15 2013, 11:07am says:

*rant* what the HELL people. Yeah, there are models ported, so what? Half-Life 2 is a great game and universe that deserves to be ported to another engine, which will then create an entirely new game. What should he do instead? Waste all his time making a millionth crate-model so we all can say "Wow, thats a very authenthic own-made crate you got there. I feel much love in this crate". Jesus... What he does is "still" work. And as always in life: "If you don't like it. Don't buy it." *rant*

+5 votes   mod: Absolute pressure
Petrenko Oct 7 2013, 1:04pm says:

He thinks about a fictional third war^^

+4 votes   media: After War
Petrenko Oct 5 2013, 4:16am says:

This is the kind of detail making this a 10/10 mod!

+2 votes   media: Statue of Washington
Petrenko Oct 5 2013, 4:15am says:

Death to US Imperialism!

-4 votes   media: Gen. Vo Nguyen Giap - In Memoriam
Petrenko Sep 26 2013, 9:27am says:

Love it. Also anyone got a tool to unpak the .pak files? 7Zip can open but not extract. Modding seems easy, when we manage to unpak! PM me if you know!

+2 votes   game: State of Decay
Petrenko Sep 25 2013, 8:32am says:

woohoo! nice idea! will support.
also a great alternative to ****** takedown: red sabre. wish i never bought that.

+4 votes   article: SWAT 4 Greenlight
Petrenko Sep 21 2013, 6:21am says:

Yeah. give us the old back :3 Please!

+1 vote   media: More GUI and HUD graphical improvements.
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