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Petrenko Dec 15 2014, 10:09am says:

LOL insurgency-voices. I added them too xD

I also added French GIGN from Cod if you need^^

+2 votes   media: Urban warfare.
Petrenko Nov 19 2014, 11:55am says:

I wonder how many conservative americans might be honestly afraid of this scenario.

+3 votes   media: Darkest Hour
Petrenko Oct 23 2014, 4:36pm says:

correct me but this might be the best-looking spetsnaz around here =)

+5 votes   media: First, unfinished units of Spetsnaz
Petrenko Oct 12 2014, 7:40am says:

So its a pistol combined with a shield so you would be armored and able to shoot? awesome idea!

+1 vote   media: somenew
Petrenko Oct 5 2014, 3:43am says:

what's this?

+2 votes   media: 9 pota
Petrenko Sep 24 2014, 2:00pm replied:

thats ******* hilarious!

+1 vote   mod: Bot Warfare
Petrenko Sep 13 2014, 1:22pm says:

I'd really like to take polis for the red line :3

+6 votes   media: Screenshot
Petrenko Aug 1 2014, 2:35pm says:

whats scp?

+1 vote   media: SCP-049 Gamemode
Petrenko Aug 1 2014, 9:10am says:

i want to start mapping for this so badly... =/

+3 votes   media: Outlands
Petrenko Jul 24 2014, 12:03pm says:

*sigh* i won't be able to kill more then 50 guys and no open levels like stalker *sigh*

+3 votes   article: Everything you’d like to know about NEYA-7
Petrenko Jul 22 2014, 1:44pm says:

i love crafting and customisation even though i always stay with my ak47 su xD

+1 vote   media: Weapon Crafting Prototype
Petrenko Jul 11 2014, 12:33pm says:

i always wondered how hard/easy it is to get new features in. is it just a png you put in and add the dimensions etc in a .txt?

+1 vote   media: Limitless features
Petrenko Jun 22 2014, 9:05am says:

always amazed by mapping-skills like this. also one need to be dedicated and patient as **** for a task that big. i salute you.

+1 vote   media: Landspace
Petrenko Mar 19 2014, 11:18am says:

Take your time. We all know you'll produce something awesome and unique. Sometimes its better to do less, but do it right. Sometimes the audience need to be patient^^

+3 votes   article: Developer diaries: news of development.
Petrenko Mar 8 2014, 11:48am says:

did you raise the squad-size limit? o.O Awesome :3

+1 vote   media: Job over mp
Petrenko Mar 8 2014, 11:47am says:

I love your mod an would never give it a 0/10! I'm more into 10/10^^

+2 votes   download: Resident Evil Alternative Chronicles v1.1
Petrenko Feb 15 2014, 11:25am says:

ah **** look at these props and scenery. i need to start mapping again when this gets released.

+2 votes   media: Fallout teaser - Mercenaries maps.
Petrenko Jan 1 2014, 6:56pm says:

this is also offline singleplayer, right?

+1 vote   article: New Years Day Progress Report
Petrenko Dec 10 2013, 10:43am says:

holy ******* ****... how much troops and cannons?

+1 vote   media: Video test ship.
Petrenko Nov 5 2013, 5:47am replied:

Sorry for sounding a bit retard but how does the steam community ruin things`? I'm asking this serious and would really like to hear about it!

+1 vote   article: It's been a long road...
Petrenko Oct 25 2013, 12:56pm says:

Hey, i mentioned this sometime and you did it. Thank you!!!
Now i can hunt kkk-fascists like in Django. :3
(If you make a mission be sure to name it ghostbusters =P)

+5 votes   media: Ku Klux Klan
Petrenko Oct 7 2013, 1:04pm says:

He thinks about a fictional third war^^

+4 votes   media: After War
Petrenko Sep 25 2013, 8:32am says:

woohoo! nice idea! will support.
also a great alternative to ****** takedown: red sabre. wish i never bought that.

+4 votes   article: SWAT 4 Greenlight
Petrenko Aug 16 2013, 5:56am says:

makes me want to buy it again and again and...

+1 vote   article: Developer Dyox Progress 8-7-2013
Petrenko Aug 4 2013, 1:00pm says:

i cant believe it! xD

+2 votes   media: Sector-C
Petrenko Jul 11 2013, 2:39pm says:

i won't remove any. You'll always hit someone, who loves it. Maybe put them out of spawn or lessen the spawnrange. But why disable a whole weapon?

+1 vote   article: Patch#1 Status Update#2
Petrenko Jun 29 2013, 9:17am says:

i really like you're retextures! added most of them as weapon-variation to my "total faction warfare" installation from smog for clear sky. keep on rocking! altough i don't really see a bigh difference between the standard and survivor i really like the defender! also you colourmods look nice and not to oversaturated!

+1 vote   download: SIG-P220 Re-texture
Petrenko Jun 16 2013, 10:13am says:

Sounds good. You can't always do screenies and vids to show how much is happening for real.

+3 votes   article: 0 A.D. Development Report #12
Petrenko Jun 12 2013, 3:00pm says:

awesome mappack. even works for custom mission etc.

+2 votes   download: Cpt.Alexei's MP Map Pack
Petrenko Jun 11 2013, 5:55am says:

hell yeah. nice inventory. but maybe make the gree less bright, so it would be easier to differentiate the items? i dunno. love it anyways^^

+1 vote   media: Merchant Menu
Petrenko Jun 10 2013, 9:52am says:

Hmm... tracking...

+2 votes   article: The New World Update (Alpha 0.16)
Petrenko May 26 2013, 3:19pm says:

Oh my god. Tracking!!!

+2 votes   game: Master of Organia 2013
Petrenko May 10 2013, 8:16am replied:

So Release10
Still no flamethrower, though!

+4 votes   download: Release12
Petrenko May 9 2013, 5:14pm says:

Its already outdated! Tomorrow will be the 5 faction (maybe 6) version with lots of new content!

+4 votes   download: Release12
Petrenko May 9 2013, 10:42am says:

reminds me a bit of syndicate. hmm... x) Tracking!

+1 vote   game: Black Annex
Petrenko May 9 2013, 6:15am says:

Its amphibian, isn't it? Invading with them will be so nice :3

+2 votes   media: new
Petrenko May 8 2013, 4:29pm says:

Looks really great. Which structures can be entered?

+1 vote   media: 4 Kings Multiplayer map - WIP
Petrenko May 4 2013, 5:56am says:

This is truely amazing!

+2 votes   media: Super-Duper Mart roaming
Petrenko May 3 2013, 3:11pm says:

how are they used ingame?

+2 votes   media: faces
Petrenko Apr 12 2013, 1:41pm says:

this is so awesome :3

+5 votes   article: Upcoming Biome Patch - Progress since initial release
Petrenko Apr 7 2013, 10:06pm says:

Just look at all these cute infantrypeople :3 D'awww!
Amazing job!

+2 votes   media: Infantry Update
Petrenko Apr 7 2013, 10:05pm says:

Thanks a lot for the detailed installation-instructions. I'd love to have this character in some source-games.

+2 votes   download: Bloody Foster (Mr. Foster Killing Floor Skin)
Petrenko Mar 19 2013, 10:32am says:


don't use d2kplus or any of this outdated stuff.

it's got a dune2000 mod already installed and is much easier to mod. Also it got a huge modding-community and it's written in c++!

you can also upload custom units, maps etc here:

Keep on rocking!

-1 votes   mod: Emperor Chronicles The Rise Of Corrino Empire
Petrenko Mar 10 2013, 5:10pm says:

I say it was an inside-job.

+7 votes   media: Trench Run
Petrenko Mar 1 2013, 11:26am says:


is it possible for you to add more AI's of the same Civilisation?
Would be a very nice feature!

Also: Keep on Rocking!

+2 votes   mod: Age of Empires III Improvement Patch
Petrenko Mar 1 2013, 11:24am says:


will there be a way to mod the game in the future?

+5 votes   article: Dev Log #14: Taking from the Rich
Petrenko Feb 12 2013, 6:18am says:

This is an amazing idea! Keep on rocking. Also this will be a reason for me to actually get starcraft. (No offense to starcraft-players!)

+1 vote   mod: Hive Keeper
Petrenko Jan 31 2013, 1:47pm says:

Deserves its name. Great work!

+2 votes   media: Nyrthos Music - March of Sins
Petrenko Jan 17 2013, 6:20pm says:

ja, es ist a weng sexistisch aber manchmal hat man schon so belastungstourette und dann einfach mal "FICKEN" zu schreien ist nicht übel...

+2 votes   media: More countryball stuff
Petrenko Jan 5 2013, 2:50pm replied:

Not working for me. Already tried. I got 86bit (32) and it just shows a blank black screen and goes back to desktop. Nothing else...

+2 votes   game: The Protectors
Petrenko Jan 1 2013, 10:09am says:


do you guys got a workaround for running it on a win7 system?

Thanks in advance :3

+2 votes   game: The Protectors
Petrenko Dec 30 2012, 11:55am says:

yaaaaaaaaay! :3

+3 votes   download: TPC_beta_v0.7_FULL
Petrenko Dec 17 2012, 8:39am says:

Looks great, especially like the hero-limit! Is there a new path-finding system in it? Cause it still got fps-issues, doesn't it?

+2 votes   article: New Release: 0 A.D. Alpha 12 Loucetios
Petrenko Oct 20 2012, 4:26am says:

I am sooooo tracking this :3

+2 votes   game: Hostile Sector
Petrenko Oct 12 2012, 3:31am says:

Derpy Hooves xDDD

+1 vote   media: 0.7 new things
Petrenko Oct 7 2012, 6:14am says:

Hi there,

is there a guide somewhere how to mod new items in it?

Now that there is no more limit i'd like to add some new, too.

+3 votes   mod: Warlords Battlecry III - The Fifth Horseman
Petrenko Oct 7 2012, 5:59am says:

You are a genious!

+4 votes   download: Left 4 Dead 2 Random Map Generator
Petrenko Sep 13 2012, 7:40am says:

This mod is so authentic! Thanks :3

+5 votes   download: The Last Days 3.2 BETA Patch
Petrenko Jul 2 2012, 5:03pm says:

still sexy

+2 votes   media: some athmo weather screens
Petrenko Jul 2 2012, 9:47am says:

watch it. you'll love it.

+2 votes   media: In game!
Petrenko Jul 2 2012, 8:09am says:

i wonder if populous would be possible on this engine, too =P

+2 votes   media: New UI
Petrenko Jul 2 2012, 8:08am says:

^copy that

+4 votes   media: Summer Media Release - 2012
Petrenko Jun 6 2012, 11:02am says:

You're much faster then other projects trying to accomplish this for... years? xD

+2 votes   mod: Swarm Keeper
Petrenko May 26 2012, 3:35pm says:

Your game is like: "Die reallife, die!"
Thaaaaaaaanks :3

+2 votes   media: Picture from version 003a, combat!
Petrenko Feb 1 2012, 5:50pm says:

I'm gonna capture it and kill imperialists :3

+5 votes   media: Duster, the VC buster.
Petrenko Dec 27 2011, 2:33pm says:

like it.

btw: will bandits/military etc get their own traders?

+2 votes   media: Nimble Item Ordering System
Petrenko Oct 14 2011, 2:54pm says:

Why have i bought MOW: Vietnam? Why?!

+11 votes   media: 82-PM-41
Petrenko Aug 10 2011, 11:59am replied:

1. Diversity.
2. Creating them is fun.
3. Because he can.

And probably to troll people with low bandwith^^

+3 votes   media: wip
Petrenko Aug 5 2011, 11:49am replied:

I usually would feel awkward to be the 1000th person which got nothing better to say then "looks great - keep it up!" but dagger made a good point.


looks great - keep it up!

+2 votes   media: options menu better
Petrenko May 17 2011, 8:52am says:

Will there still be duty and freedom in one base?
(Stalkerbase could mean... anything^^)

+2 votes   media: Red forest - stalkers baze
Petrenko May 8 2013, 4:28pm says:

i'm in love *-*

+3 votes   media: 4 Kings Multiplayer map - WIP
Petrenko May 8 2013, 7:05am says:

Will this also involve some modability? Like CS 1.6 which had scripts to enable a variety of over 100 weapons to choose of and additonal skins etc? I really liked that.

+1 vote   mod: Plan Of Attack: Source
Petrenko May 7 2013, 4:05pm says:

Oh my gosh! Just look at that!

+2 votes   media: Screen, просто скрин.
Petrenko May 7 2013, 8:30am says:

Lovely Church!

+3 votes   media: Prisi Heights: Church - WIP
Petrenko May 7 2013, 8:30am says:

Where did you get those?

+2 votes   media: new
Petrenko May 4 2013, 9:54am says:

Hah very nice! Are they any other games where this would make sense? Some Cod3 or WaW? CoH?

+1 vote   download: COD germans quotations
Petrenko May 4 2013, 6:01am says:

Thats hell of a mod! Now i can give people who tell me "CoH got way better graphics" something to chow. (Don't want to offend CoH-Fanboys. Since these are two very different games we play.)

+1 vote   mod: Assault Squad 2.0
Petrenko Apr 30 2013, 1:26pm says:

Whoa, looks nice! Would pay 40€ right away! Tracking!

+3 votes   game: Legends of Aethereus
Petrenko Apr 30 2013, 12:15pm says:

Sounds awesome. Oldschool ftw! Tracking!

+3 votes   game: BLOODCRUSHER II
Petrenko Apr 30 2013, 12:15pm says:

Could you make a wallpaper-version fo this? 1400x990 would be awesome =P

+2 votes   media: Q&A Livestream - Live now!
Petrenko Apr 30 2013, 12:12pm says:

Also known as "the beard to end all beards".

+1 vote   download: BeardMOD V.1.0
Petrenko Apr 30 2013, 12:10pm says:

Tracking! And why do you ask for keys? Are they free? Can i get one, too? With extra cheese?

+2 votes   article: Legends of Aethereus - Beta Keys and Concept Art!
Petrenko Apr 28 2013, 4:11pm says:

Great mod. It's sad that so less mods exist for this game. I also never find a game like this.

+3 votes   mod: Dusk of Glory
Petrenko Apr 28 2013, 4:08pm says:

Great mod! Keep on rocking! I like oldschool-rts style much more.

+2 votes   mod: Warcraft 2.5
Petrenko Apr 27 2013, 12:15pm says:

I'm waiting for somebody to complain this might be ripped from arma II blablabla :3

Looks nice! Can't wait to see it in action! (Even if i'm more into pure-infantry-combat)

+2 votes   media: BM-21 render
Petrenko Apr 26 2013, 3:21pm says:

Like this one better.

+2 votes   media: New main menu for RA (Concept 2)
Petrenko Apr 26 2013, 3:20pm says:

Please please please let this be a real feature of the mod :3

+1 vote   media: Jap Zombies!!
Petrenko Apr 25 2013, 4:18pm says:

awesome :3

+2 votes   media: t 50
Petrenko Apr 24 2013, 3:55pm says:

bavarian soviet republic :3

+1 vote   mod: Crisis of Empires
Petrenko Apr 24 2013, 10:03am replied:

Oh and this guy made a horse which works. Cavallery would be awesome!

+3 votes   mod: Born in the Fire: America
Petrenko Apr 24 2013, 9:10am says:

Still loving this mod. Keep on rocking! I love your innovative features. My Japanese-City rocks :3

+1 vote   mod: Improvement Mod
Petrenko Apr 23 2013, 10:51am says:

Tracking this! Looks awesome! Any plans of the different factions?

+1 vote   mod: Soldiers of Anarchy
Petrenko Apr 23 2013, 8:26am says:

got to say i love your mod, even if i had to watch tarantinos django to get into the right mood to play this^^
So i got one obligatory question:
Will you add some KKK-Scumbags to blow up for us?

+3 votes   mod: Born in the Fire: America
Petrenko Apr 19 2013, 7:35pm says:


where can we send our custom-made items to?

Have you thought about the competition?

+1 vote   game: Vox
Petrenko Apr 16 2013, 9:34pm says:

reminds me of stalker. i love stalker :3

+3 votes   article: NDE- Just a little update
Petrenko Apr 9 2013, 7:56am says:

**** US-Imperialism! Don't like propaganda-games. sorry!

-4 votes   game: Endgame:Syria
Petrenko Oct 15 2014, 3:29pm says:

V2 as hell. Gimme that soldier of fortune feeling. =3

+2 votes   article: VOTE! (GORE)
Petrenko Oct 10 2014, 8:02am says:

Looks like i wanted metro2033 to be. Survival, Random generation and crafting/inventory-system.

Can't wait for it!

Also... price and moddability?^^

Oh and what about greenlight?

+1 vote   game: Subterrain
Petrenko Oct 5 2013, 4:15am says:

Death to US Imperialism!

-4 votes   media: Gen. Vo Nguyen Giap - In Memoriam
Petrenko Jul 27 2013, 2:49am says:

Very sexy!

+2 votes   media: The heavy-infantry. Red Line
Petrenko May 10 2013, 6:16pm says:

yes yesyesyesyesyesyesyes yesyes ! weeeeeee!

+1 vote   article: Playtest 20130510
Petrenko Mar 28 2013, 1:20pm says:

Wow looks amazing.
I wonder though: What elements do you take from Medival Total War 2? Trees and Rocks?
Anyway, i don't give a **** about copyright. Keep on rocking!

+3 votes   mod: 3000 Miles to Tokyo
Petrenko Feb 19 2013, 9:36am says:

Searching for my CD right now! Tracking :3

+2 votes   mod: Conquest: Nemezis Rebellion
Petrenko Feb 12 2013, 6:20am replied:

Would be cool if it even looks a bit like iron storm.

+2 votes   mod: Men of War: 1893-1928
Petrenko Dec 9 2011, 3:25pm says:

Sweet Fancy Moses!

+2 votes   media: Steady as she goes...
Petrenko Aug 18 2011, 11:48am replied:

sorry for the misunderstanding.

(also you got to differentiate between people who call themself commies and people who actually are commies)

+3 votes   media: Railway Crossing
Petrenko Aug 17 2011, 12:52pm replied:

quote of a jewish sociologist:
wagner?! you mean the guy who composed the soundtrack of the holocaust?

But really, why would commies riding bikes fit with anti-semitic music?

+3 votes   media: Railway Crossing
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