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Tday i been looking at the offerts of games in Steam. This is what i found:

- Nba2K13 7.50€
- Formula 1 2012 7.50€
- Farcry 3 17.99€
- Garry's Mod 1.99€
- Saints Row the third ( Full Package ) 14.99€

Wich offerts should i accept guys? :)


It really depends on what you'd rather play, none of these games have much in common with the others.

imo (what _I_ think of these titles):
-NBA 2013: I'm not really into sport games so honestly idk.
-Formula 1: Sounds interesting but with that name sounds like one of 'em merciless racing simulators where even the slightest mistake results in catastrophic failure. And losing the race due to destroyed car. In other words I know nothin' about it.
-Farcry 3: Actually interesting, maybe a bit too easy given you can even see enemies' positions outlined even through walls and such once you spot them. If you use all the tools at your disposal it's difficult to lose even on the hardest difficulty.
- Garry's mod: Potentially infinite fooling around fun with game assets. Oddly enough I've got it and rarely if ever play it.
- Saint Row the 3rd:
On a serious note, it looks stupidly fun. I'd try it out but it'd be almost literally just for teh lulz.

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BrianE3 Author

So, the best idea would be buy Garry's Mod and Farcry3?

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Sakura Matou

NBA 2013.. Not into BB so can't say.

Formula 1. Not really into racing but I hear its a great game.

Farcry 3. Awesome game but get some UI mods to make it harder.

Garry's Mod. A classic. Never really played it much though.

Saints Row the Third. Don't waste your time Buy Saints row 2 instead.

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BrianE3 Author

So, in your case, would be Farcry 3 and Saints Row not the third, but 2

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Sakura Matou

well F1 I hear is amazing just not into racing games.

Saints row 2 is a definite yes.

And yeah Farcry 3 is good.

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BrianE3 Author

CONLUSION 1: For now im buying FarCry 3

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