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0 comments by !!!Breckenridge on Mar 7th, 2009

Basic economics my friend and the result of a vicious rat race. It is called supply and demand. People are always trying to get ahead of the next guy. I see it in life and it is without a doubt prevalent on these message boards. If one young couple is willing to work 60 hours each a week and another does not than the first couple gets ahead in life. Purely, from an real estate in breckenridge economic since. lol how about working 60 hours and earning the same stuff as you can today. Well, turn back the clock and you can ask the same question to folks when the majority of the population lived under single income. As everyone starts to work 60 hours they drive up the cost of goods because their purchasing power increases. Or does it really???? lol, you got it no, you just force everyone to work harder for virtually the same lifestyle. This can be additionally, exemplified with our current situation with the housing boom. If lending gets so cheap that anyone who is willing to take a risk with creative financing can purchase more home than others eventually feel pressured if they too want what their neighbor is getting to where they all drive up the price of homes and no one eventually gets ahead and things get so tight that it all comes crashing down. Obviously, this is example goes much deeper but the basic answer to your question is supply, demand plus a general understanding of purchasing power/vs. currency valuation.

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