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S.T.A.L.K.E.R. - Lost Alpha

Mod review - 31 agree - 9 disagree

So meny CTDs, bugs and other ****, that it's almost unplayable. Also AI is broken, and the game is unoptimized. I think that it's almost unstable as build 1935, hell, stalkersoup is more stable than this. The overall gameplay is not bad, but somehow the Zone seems dead to me and it needs a lot of work. For 7-8 years of work, I expected much more than this. I thought there will be bugs (It's Stalker) but not this game-breaking diarrhea. Looks like the game hasn't been tested at all. Some obvious bugs in main story are not removed (dunno how they missed them), and the game cannot be completed because of that, despite the Dez's statement that the game is gonna at least be completable.
All in all, I'm just waiting till summer for some more patches and fixes and hope it'll be better then, I suggest everyone else to do the same, to avoid stress because of crashes and bugs.