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Game Review on Jan 7th, 2014

I remember giving this game a go some time ago, and I've tried it recently as well.
It has fluid and smooth movement, and is somewhat complex to beat. I know it took me a bit of time to figure out some areas.
The game also has very nice graphics, and does not lag too much on good quality even on lower end PCs.
The concept of the game is actually very nice, and the gameplay is done well.
Overall the game is a 9/10. Nearly nothing is wrong with this game, though sometimes I had problems in levels.
That's simply my own intelligence, I suppose.
Test the demo, guys, and if you like it, then get the full game.
Give this game your money, it's well worth it. And it's $4, you can't go wrong.

Cube World
9 Review

Game Review on Dec 26th, 2013

This game is rather fantastic.
At first it's difficult but as you familiarize yourself with the controls, it becomes much easier and funner.
Having major capabilities in terms of customization is a very good aspect of the game, and exploration is very addicting, which is good considering it's a big part of the game.
The character is fluid and fast, and the animation is nice for MOST parts of gameplay.
The monsters are quite a challenge, and the classes all vary with different strengths and weaknesses.
The pets are helpful in combat the stronger they get, as they should be.
Gliding in the air is so much fun and a very nice touch to the game as well.
The only major problem I have with this game is this;
You need a good computer to run it remotely decently, let alone at all.
However, that's expected as it's merely in Alpha and hasn't received a new update quite yet.
I recommend the game highly, but be wary of the requirements.
Be sure your Computer can handle it and test the demo screen first before giving this game your purchase, unless you feel like giving your money regardless, as I did at first.

9 Review

Game Review on Aug 21st, 2013

I've never been big on Simulation games. I saw this, thought "hey, this looks nice", and then saw the video for it. I liked it so much that I got it and gave it a go. It's pretty good at simulating - It's definitely not easy to ride so fast down a hill, or curves, for that matter. I think it was very well done and the music was nice. I didn't like how the other character, which seemed to be your Ghost, would actually cause you to wipe out if hit, and I thought about other features, and think that some could be implemented to make the game better. Overall, it's nicely made, and entertaining. Graphics are very well done too.

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