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I figured I'd stop by and take a look at this game.
Disclaimer; this isn't my kind of game really at all, but it did look a bit interesting.
I'll be doing a different style of reviewing this time, and probably stick to it for other reviews too.
NOTE: I only am able to review the demo, as I can't buy games currently. No cash.~

Art: For a game of this kind, it's relatively nice. Not something that made me cringe, but not something that makes me want to stare at it all day and all night. Though, most games aren't like that.
7/10, it's pretty good for this kind of game.

Characters: They're alright, at times a bit bland. Not the worst I've seen in gaming by far, but definitely not the best. The main character looks pretty cool too, which factors into the art part, but in terms of how they act and what's said in the demo, it's.. decent. But could definitely be better.
6/10. Could use quite a bit of work to be wonderful but as is.. It's alright.

Story: I'll be honest and say that I found the story to be a bit boring, right from the start. There was nothing that REALLY caught my attention immediately, and while I stuck through anyways, as I don't expect ANY game to start off fantastically, the dullness I felt remained throughout the demo gameplay. I can't really recommend anything you could do for this because I go back and revise my games all the time, and always find something to nitpick.
3/10. Too dull for my tastes and could use a lot of work to make it more interesting, though this could just be a problem due to the type of game it is.

Controls: Pretty standard. Nothing to complain about or compliment in this area.

Sound: Definitely the best part of the entire game. Title music and others were wonderful.
8/10, very good.

Overall score is 5/10. With a lot of work this game could be GREAT, but this demo makes it average, but not terrible.
Still, fun to play and I'll be looking out for any other releases of yours.



Game review

While this game isn't exactly original (Because there are many Maze Games), it definitely has potential.
For the first 2 minutes or so, I felt tense, expectant of some kind of monster to nab me.
However, 3 or 4 minutes later, it was pretty obvious nothing was there.
There seemed to be no exit, and if there was it wasn't found by me, and the tenseness and fear I had turned more into annoyance afterwords, considering I was less focused on anything scary (Because there's NOTHING scary in the game so far) and more focused on getting out.
It got boring after about 10 minutes of playtime, and with no real monster at the moment I can't give it anything higher than a 5. It's decent, slightly tense at first, and fun for a few minutes.
The score I give it goes as follows:
No issue running the game: +1
decently fun for at least a bit: +1
Confusing and slightly tense/eerie: +1
Smooth Controls: +1
Nice Maze Design: +1
The rest of the points out of 10 can't be given until there's at least a monster implemented into the game as well as more pressure to hurry out of the maze.
It's got potential, however it's NOT a great game by any standards.
At least, not yet.

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