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Haunted Memories

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This review is solely based off of the first episode.
I'll be frank and say I was highly disappointed.
I went into this game expecting a fun, scary experience -
It wasn't fun, or scary.
The slender figure I only saw 2 times, the 2nd of which I ran at him, because I was so bored from the gameplay.
The figure was not scary, and in several areas I actually got stuck and had to start all the way over.
The only notable feature that I can say is that the graphics are pretty nice.
Not the best graphics I've ever seen ever, but pretty good.
Other than that, it's just Slender.
If other episodes are different then good, but frankly I don't want to give my money to this series if they're all like this - It's boring and to be quite honest, unoriginal.
Kudos for graphics, that's it.
Of course, I only speak of episode 1.
If I see gameplay of later episodes and they happen to be actually decent I may consider buying them, but for now this game gets a 3/10 because it has good graphics and I like the character movement and camera movement, but other than that it's rather poor.
That's just me, though.

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