I am a 17 year old highschool student from Oslo, Norway. I have been modding for five years and has established a indie game company with some friends at school. ActFun is our company, and we are now working on project Tundra. I love the RTS genre, and that's why we make this game, to have fun ;)

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first of all I have played a lot of Company of Heroes.

CoH (Company of Heroes)

Is a very balanced Game where every faction had their own special tactics. In this mod the balance had been turned, and the Whermacht [German Army] is very overpowered with the Nebelwerfer and Tiger Ace & King Tiger. My friend was first of all, burned to death with the Nebelwerfer, and when i sent in one King Tiger he got owned (he played as Americans). He used Tank Destroyers, Anti-tanks and bazooka men... but nothing actually pierced the tank armor. I know the King Tiger in WWII was the strongest tank in the Axis army (without Maus I).

Some tips from a friend:

Balance the Whermacht (set them down, not set up the Allies).

Let one Nebelwerfer barrage cost ca 30 Ammo to use.

Use the T28 tank destroyer (US Army) as the Allies "king tiger"

Rating on the mod as it is today: 6/10

Come on folks, it is worth testing, and if they balance it.. it will be a STARMOD!

Keep on the good work ;D


Nehrim: At Fate's Edge

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This mod is no longer a mod... it is a whole game, made in Oblivion.

I have played allot Elder Scrolls and was very pleased when I saw this perfect mod. Every one could try this mod, I found some few glitches, but they weren't very dangerous for my opinion because the rest is so well made.

Norwegian (Norsk Bokmål)

Dette her er ikke lenger en mod, det er faktisk et helt spill!. det bør virkelig prøves og jeg råder alle til å prøve det!.. Det er noen små feil en gang iblant, men du legger ikke så godt merke til dem. Grafikken er faktisk i bedre enn i Oblivion [HD Ready] og jeg råder spillet på en 32 tommer eller mere. Effektene er enestående og jeg brukte 108timer på en gjennomtenkt og gjennomført hoveddel og det er mange så "mini-quests" også (sånn som i resten av Elder Scrolls).


Story: 10/10 The story is the best I have ever seen in a mod.

Gameplay: 9/10 It is well made, but i felt i needed more "mini-quests"

Textures: 9/10 It is actually better textures than in the real Oblivion (seen with eyes and pixel check [720p]

Effects: 10/10 It is some pretty cool effects all over the game, and very advanced scripts in the story for making these effects

Glitches: 10/10 It is very few glitches, and the only I found was when i "looked for them"

Mod Develop: 10/10 You should really get some awesome price for this Mod, I play RPG maybe 10 times a year, and this was really worth it, thanks for the MOD ;D

Overall: 10/10 please folks try it... It is really worth the time installing, if you don't have Oblivion... buy it and you will get two awesome games for the price of one ;D

(I'm sorry for bad english... I'm Norwegian, thats a good reason)

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