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boucher99 Dec 23 2011 says:

is this game still being made?

+1 vote   game: Warriors Enters Battlefield
boucher99 Dec 22 2011 says:

this game looks like its gonna rock :)

+1 vote   game: Dragonball: The Saga Begins
boucher99 Dec 22 2011 says:

hey when is this game going to be playable from the looks and sounds of it its going to be amazing plz email me @ thank you :) im dying to see gameplay, it sounds too good to be true

+2 votes   mod: DragonBall Z RTS ( Prototype)
boucher99 Dec 22 2011 says:

hey wanted to thank you for the dbz game, hope all goes well because i know it can be amazing if u ever need a tester just let me know because this kinda game is what i always wanted, and i wanna help as much as possible and i dont want any credit i just want to play a fun dragon ball game where i feel powerful :P lol grew up to the show now its time to play a good game

+3 votes   member: Xatoku
boucher99 Dec 22 2011 says:

hey i really love your game it has sooo much potential, this is what i have been waiting for, i have been looking and looking and looking and i found one i wanted it thank you sooo much for this game, i cant wait for it to be final, because honestly if it was what i think it can be i'd pay to play and i know millions of dbz fans would.
speed, i have noticed when playing i zoom through in a fight and get lost alot i dont know if i downloaded the best version but i downloaded 2 atm
txt- the text speed is way to slow i hate to sound like a nagger but it takes forever to see what they are saying and loses some intress in the story

flight- its fun but sometimes hard to hit the enemy i think its time to add 2 buttons one to make you go up one to make u go down sounds lame but will help alot like the scroll ball on the mouse change that from changing ur attacks to height of flight and make the buttons 1-0 your attacks and that will make it much easier to play

more levels- i dont know how much levels you have atm but its amazing so far specially for one guy but maybe get pplz to help so you can get more done but still its your game :) i believe in you and want you to get this game out their because i know atleast 50 people if i showed this to they would love it

+1 vote   game: Z Warrior Chronicles
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