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bontanel Jul 10 2015, 4:00pm says:


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bontanel Jul 9 2015, 3:26pm replied:

More Toilet Seats!

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bontanel Jun 6 2015, 3:33am says:

Nope. Is it controversial? Yes. Is it violent? Yes. Is it obscene? Yes. Is it as violent, obscene and controversial as Manhunt or Postal? No. I think it's reputation comes solely that it involves killing people for no apparent reason. Something like Comlumbine or Sandyhook which always stirs controversy. Othe than that the game doesn't have much controversy to offer.

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bontanel Jun 2 2015, 3:01am replied:

"This place is for actual debate, debate between different ideas which includes religions and atheism but you and that idiot Apone have always wanted to ban them simply because you cannot stand real debate or criticism of anything you hold to be true (you're still proving that)."
It that a way of saying you admit you have been an prick who tries to be offensive for attention?

"As for your links, what have they proven? That some of the images I've posted are provocative (like many in your own group) but actually contain CONSTRUCTIVE ARGUMENTS. So what's has that proved? None contain your examples about me talking about fedoras and autism (something you just made up). Or are you arguing that my images somehow make my arguments invalid? lel"
I wasn't aware "LOL FEDORAFAG" was a real argument but have it your way.

"There's no soul crushing irony in me turning your own imgur image back on you."
I accuse you of using fedora jokes to dismiss criticism and you dismiss my criticism with a fedora joke. Noice.

"Seeing as you have no intention of debating the subject, why don't you go back to your circle jerk group that doesn't debate and is next to dead?"
Aren't you the guy who killed this group in the first place and then made posts accusing the group of favoring atheists and the opposing side of trolling because you couldn't have it your way?

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bontanel May 23 2015, 2:47am replied:

Have I ever call you a troll? Have I ever insulted you? You know, this place was for actual debate before you started making threads like that. The other place we have is good for most of us because we kept clear of such topics and for good reason. You won't see us making threads: "LEL are Christfags BRAINWUSHD?"
As for your first statement, I'll just leave those here:

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bontanel May 21 2015, 5:22am says:


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bontanel May 20 2015, 12:45pm replied:

I'm not sure you are the proper man to tell us this since your whole contribution to this community can be summed up in this:

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bontanel May 19 2015, 3:39pm replied:

Add freelancer and you'll have my eternal loyalty

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bontanel May 19 2015, 2:15am replied:

Are you new on the internet?

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bontanel May 19 2015, 2:12am replied:

What would that be?

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bontanel May 18 2015, 3:28pm replied:

Seems not to work for undeveloped countries or the millions of people in the industry or people who just don't give a **** about animals.

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bontanel May 18 2015, 3:15pm replied:

Guess you haven't realized that's not gonna work for most of us.

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bontanel May 18 2015, 3:09pm replied:

I didn't realize you could go without food.

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bontanel May 18 2015, 3:08pm replied:

What scientists? This is so basic that you can find it browsing wikipedia or asking any veterinary or any man with a grasp of high school zoology.
I was actually talking about the generic troll since I can't explain where exactly are those ideas coming from?
Obviously atheism lacks moral authority! Who would define morality in Atheism? The Atheist Pope, the Atheist Bible? Was anyone trying to prove to you that? Talk about being trolled a little more than one could handle.

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bontanel May 18 2015, 2:55pm replied:

Animal rights: Harm doesn't refer only to physical damage. Most scientists agree that animals don't feel that comfortable when they are molested and that is harming them on the long term.
Pedophilia: CONSENT(not happening before adulthood)
I'm not sure what you believe. I personally believe that you've been trolled a little more than you can handle.
Do you notice a pattern here?
I don't condemn any of this things because of atheism.
If there is any point to be made here is that atheists claim to be good without god and not specifically because of a lack of god.

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bontanel May 18 2015, 2:29pm says:

On another actually serious note:
INB4 λpone the phisically pleasing
That's pretty much it. I'm pretty sure the diversity in what counts as right or wrong in any religion definite proof for me that morality is subjective. We claim something is evil according to our own standards. Yes, Hitler believed he was a good man and whether I'm calling him evil because of my own beliefs or you're calling him evil because of yours(which are derived from Christianity) is irrelevant. There are people who think Hitler was right and people who think he was wrong. I personally believe he was wrong because I think killing is wrong because I think humans deserve to be treated good because I feel empathy towards my fellow man. I find it very difficult to witness others experience pain or misery. Some people don't but I am not them.
As far as necrophilia is concerned: I'm sure you and me find it disgusting but obviously there are people who don't. As long as their is consent(as in someone agreeing to offer their dead bodies) I'm afraid you and me can't have a say in this.
As far as "beastilty" is concerned: animal rights
As far as pedophilia is concerned: you know better than to bring this up

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bontanel May 7 2015, 1:06am says:

Played it. I think the game was took off steam because of it's (non-existent) quality. All this is, is a stupid little game. It's so over-the-top that no sane people will ever look at it and see anything but a joke. It's not even a good joke(and that's mostly because it's a very lame as far as content goes game). As far as political correctness goes, let me point you to this:
There will obviously be oversensitive people(SJWs, uberprogressives, feminists) that will take this far too seriously. The game is meant to be offensive and inflammatory and if it can start a discussion on the line between freedom of speech/expression and censorship then i think more was attained than lost.

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bontanel Apr 18 2015, 11:25am says:

Will you add new daemons like the ones of Tzeench or Slaanesh?

+3 votes   media: Let us dawn this update in BLOOD!
bontanel Apr 10 2015, 4:22pm replied:

Feels bad to read ant posts, man...

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bontanel Mar 20 2015, 4:10am replied:

My god... speechless. Will you be doing something with the buildings?

+1 vote   media: New Models
bontanel Mar 18 2015, 2:12pm says:

Also, are you gonna bring the mod back on moddb(not just archived)? Start a new mod?

+3 votes   news: Ultimate Rebooted
bontanel Mar 18 2015, 3:45am says:

Made my day!

+3 votes   news: Ultimate Rebooted
bontanel Mar 13 2015, 2:29am says:

Why do we have to fix it? Hasn't Iran told us time and time again that they have no nuke, nor do they desire one? Haven't they told us they don't want it because they fear that the west will do what they did the last time(topple the democratically elected ruler(Mohammad Mosaddegh) and replace him with a puppet(Fazlollah Zahedi))? What is Iran? Our client state? Our protectorate?

+2 votes   media: 'Stop Trying To Fix Things'
bontanel Feb 18 2015, 2:17am says:

Epic Win.

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bontanel Feb 6 2015, 3:48pm says:

OVER 9000!

+5 votes   media: How many people has Communism killed?
bontanel Jan 19 2015, 7:43am says:

In what era is the mod set in?

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bontanel Jan 14 2015, 3:41pm says:

Can't understand something? Destroy it!

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bontanel Jan 9 2015, 4:11pm says:

An extremely loud yet small demographic. Gained extreme popularity during the economical crisis as an alternative to the big classic ineffectual parties. Now that that is over it only get's worse for them(e.g.Golden Dawn) with their popularity plummeting down. They are a symptom of the strange time we live in. They hate the "leftards"(by which they mean San Francisco liberals) so much yet they don't realize they're pretty much the same kind of thing just preaching the opposite message. It's not Patriarchy/Misogyny/Racism, it's Degeneracy/"cultural marxism"/'em kikes

+5 votes   media: Rise of Far Right Groups in EU
bontanel Jan 2 2015, 8:13am replied:

Sorry knight but you're the guy who posted this:
If it comes to the question "who is to blame for trolling" i think the guy responsible for the near death of this group is the man to go to.

0 votes   media: American Atheists atheist monument vandalized
bontanel Jan 2 2015, 4:55am says:

Knight is at it again. Internet atheists beware!

+1 vote   media: American Atheists atheist monument vandalized
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