I'm currently following my dream of being a Indie Game Developer in Seattle, Washington. HouseOgames was an amazing experience and I am in the process of starting my own Indie Studio or finding a position with an existing studio.

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Originally posted on my blog at www.blueworldgaming.com

Even when you’re extremely passionate about achieving something, doubt and frustration can still find a way to invade your mind. The trick is to stay excited about your project and always keep moving towards your goal. Any setbacks or mistakes should be viewed as experiences that prepares us for our next attempt.

I spent the last nine months living with five other game developers as a part of the HouseOgames incubator program in Seattle, Washington. During my time there I gained an invaluable amount of knowledge in regards to game development in Unity as well as how to handle the business aspect of game development. In the process, I was introduced to many awesome people in the industry and made a handful of best friends who I intend to keep in contact with until the end of time. HouseOgames was a life changing experience that has given me the confidence to pursue my dream of starting my own game studio. Where I will be able to hire a few people right out of college to join me in creating many enjoyable titles as well as build a new culture together.

My financial situation is awful right now due to a lack of income, but as debt continues to pile up I keep pushing myself to stick with it. I tell myself, “Keep fighting. Eventually the stress of money will loosen its grip and you will be able to breathe again”. I love what I do and I couldn’t imagine doing anything else. If I can make enough money to pay off my debt and support my family by running a small indie game studio in Dallas – Fort Worth, Texas, then I would be exactly where I want to be.

Welcome to my new journey following an epic HouseOgames adventure. My first step is to make some money to start getting caught up on this debt and stop the bleeding. After I do some work to the website, I will start looking for a freelance job and hopefully something will turn up soon. Until a job is found, I will continue to work on Project PartyTime and filling the website up with more content. I am also in the process of creating a 5 year business plan that will list the first ten games I plan on creating with the team as soon as funding is found for the studio.

I plan to share every detail of everything as well as design a handful of Unity tutorials.

Stay Positive, Act Positive, Inspire Others.

Never Stop Dreaming,

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