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Half Life2 on CNN

Feb 3, 2004 11 comments

Half Life2 on CNN: While still shying away from giving a firm date, Doug Lombardi, Valve's director of marketing, told me the company "is currently targeting...


Water Wars Update

Jan 21, 2004 Water Wars 10 comments

Water Wars for Half-Life is staying wet with life and water these days. This just in the final skins for the latest weapons. Just had to touch them up...

Half Life 2 Interview!

Jan 14, 2004 10 comments

I just received the Half Life 2 Interview from "Rick Ellis". I will post it on moddb soon but wanted to get it up and share with everyone! Once INtense...

Half Life 2 SDK

Jan 10, 2004 12 comments

I had to get the info for myself and the faithful at modDB.com. I emailed Valve and Rick emailed me back stating that the Half Life 2 SDK will be released...

RocketCrowbar 2.0 BETA is here!

Jan 7, 2004 5 comments

RocketCrowbar 2.0 BETA is here! +Steam Graphic Interface +Interface Sounds & Music +8 Custom Maps (thx to Firewater Fischer): ---rc_Moonside ---rc_Inanis...

Top Games To Use To Mod In 2003

Dec 29, 2003 1 comment

We asked and you answered. Thanks for you time and effort into making the poll fun. New question up soon! Top Games To Use To Mod In 2003 52% 136 Votes...


Half-Life Sven Co-op

Dec 7, 2003 Sven Co-op 6 comments

Half-Life Sven Co-op "Officially Steamed". The Sven Co-op Website has details on future plans for this cooperative multiplayer modification for Half-Life...


Household DEATH

Dec 1, 2003 Household DEATH! 2 comments

Household DEATH is the latest mod released in the world and I did a interview to help the mod get the word out! Household DEATH! is a semi-comical, b-movie...

Best Of Mods 2003

Best Of Mods 2003

Nov 8, 2003 2003 Mod of the Year Awards 0 comments

I remember it like yesterday. Mods and mods releasing all around me. Then it hit me Best Of Mods 2002. The article is in our features section and it is...

Moddin Till I Die

Aug 31, 2003 0 comments

HomeLAN Fed has a pair of Q&As up with modification teams: Pirates BF1942 Pirates mod team talking about taking the WW2 shooter back to the days of wooden...

Half Life 2 Interview

Aug 30, 2003 0 comments

Computer & Video Games.com has part 2 ready to read for your Half Life 2 interviews: How have you dealt with health replenishment this time around? Lombardi...

Dream Machines

Aug 25, 2003 0 comments

FragBox Maingear F131 Voodoo F-Class Alienware Area 51m Extreme Dell Dimension XPS FragBox- Also has a wide variety of high-end desktops. But their new...

Make it YOUR Tour of Duty

Make it YOUR Tour of Duty

Aug 22, 2003 Tour of Duty 0 comments

Make it YOUR Tour of Duty is the theme. ToD is one of those mods that leave a great feel or taste in your mouth when your done killing. Good game-play...

Moddin Till I Die

Aug 17, 2003 5 comments

HydroRacers Released Desert Combat Updates Galactic Conquest Screenies Action UT2003 Eye Candy @ PlanetUnreal :) Atlantis Beta Testers Needed Apply Here...

Testing 1.2.3

Aug 17, 2003 11 comments

Please do not adjust your pc or your mouse. If you want to find out if you can play Half Life 2 than click the Half Life 2 PC Test!


GargArena mod for Half Life Interview

Aug 16, 2003 GargArena 2 comments

GargArena mod for Half Life interview is up. Explain how the player classes will work and why I should be one over the other in your opinion: Friendly_Garg...

Mod Tools

Aug 10, 2003 0 comments

Transparency of Blue/Red texture elements in model preview Marking of transparent textures for easy editing Showing of Events (i.e. WAV files played with...

Moddin Till I Die

Aug 9, 2003 0 comments

Quakecon and You Play Games Necrotic League - New RTCW League Like No Other Half-Life 2 Benchmark Tool Coming Soon Resistance and Liberation Update The...

New HL2 Overview @ Jolt!

Aug 7, 2003 0 comments

New HL2 Overview From Jolt! The overview collects together known information about the game (new and old) and presents it in a structured format. You...

Austin Game Conference

Aug 6, 2003 0 comments

Austin Game Conference: The Austin Game Conference September 11 - 12, 2003 at the Austin Convention Center is a two-day event designed to inform and educate...

Moddin Till I Die

Aug 5, 2003 0 comments

Unreal Contest Update The Unreal Technology Website now features an update on the $1,000,000 "Make Something Unreal" contest. The update outlines some...

modDB.com Mod Fest (New Feature)

Aug 3, 2003 1 comment

Hello to you all. Since there wont be a Mod Expo this year I have decided to mix things up on moddb.com. We will be holding a mod expo of sorts. The modDB.com...

Half Life mod Task Force

Aug 3, 2003 4 comments

Half Life mod Task Force has a update and wow these german guys can mod some nice stuff. I'm very impressed so check it out! New Alpha and Media Section...

Moddin Till I Die

Aug 2, 2003 0 comments

ET Pro : The ET Pro Website offers the first version of this Enemy Territory competition mod. The mod fixes bugs and exploits, reduces system requirements...

Moddin Till I Die

Jul 30, 2003 0 comments

Jolt.co.uk's Galactic Conquest Q&A Eve of Destruction Updates HomeLAN Fed's Colosseum Mod Q&A Bounty Hunter Site Launch @ PU Bounty hunter is a new modification...


Underworld: Bloodline Half-Life Mod Interview @ moddb.com

Jul 30, 2003 Underworld: Bloodline 0 comments

The lastest mod to be released for Half Life has been added to the moddb.com data base and I took the time to interview the man behind the mod!

Moddin Till I Die

Jul 30, 2003 1 comment

Half-Life 2 delayed on GameSpot A new version 1.1 of the Monkeystrike Discreet Unveils 3DS Max 6. There's an Introduction to the DirectX 9 High Level...

Moddin Till I Die

Jul 28, 2003 0 comments

The Specialist Interview @ nvmax.com Big Conspiracy in Shadows Update Natural-Selection Official Trailer Fire War Update Last Great War Renders Secret...

Moddin Till I Die

Jul 26, 2003 0 comments

New GtkRadiant Version Available Bringing support for Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory, GtkRadiant 1.3.11 has been released. QuakeCon News Bits QuakeCon 2003...

Moddin Till I Die

Jul 24, 2003 0 comments

Far Cry Interview HomeLAN chats with Christopher Natsuume of Crytek as he talks about Far Cry, their upcoming first person shooter for publisher Ubi Soft...

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